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General Discussion / Re: Promotions 2022
« on: Tue 31 May 2022 16:33 »
 I observed Ruby Sykes this season best referee i have seen this season has very good movement around the field of play and confident in her decision making and portrays confidence when dealing with offending players and is surely destined for great things and one to watch out for.

I think Jon Moss has been very fortunate to referee in the Premier League he never looks convincing when i have seen him, and after Yesterdays performance i think to retire is a wise move.

 Yes one could say Paul Tierney let him down with regards the second penalty, but that sums him up, Paul has had a disappointing season yet Mr Riley still appointed him to a lot of important games whether at the top or bottom of the league and he made some very poor decisions on numerous occasions.

Lets hope he has a good break and comes back refreshed and up to the expected standard next season

Non-League / Re: Playoffs 2021/22
« on: Thu 26 May 2022 19:36 »
Tom Kirk is an excellent referee and has a great future in front of him, i observed him when he was a level 4 and his performance  showed great promise then. With him being appointed to the Play-Off semi-final on Sunday after only a few games in the National league it shows that he  must be one doing very well so  good luck to him.

Anthony has become a good referee but  mentioned  previously always has one bad decision in his performance, of which there have been a few this season, But to be fair there are other Premier League referees who have not identified  red card offences. Looking at the season  in general i think there  has been some poor performances overall and the standard has deteriorated. Thou i am sure Mike Riley would disagree.

Select Group - Premier League / Re: Sat 2nd Wed 6th APR 2022
« on: Mon 28 Mar 2022 19:01 »
 I think Rob Jones must have a season ticket at Leeds, always seems to be there

General Discussion / Re: Andy Haines, Crewe v MK Dons
« on: Mon 01 Nov 2021 20:02 »
I would agree with all comments made about  his performance and would suggest that this may be his last season, he was very picky regards throw-ins with him allowing MK Dons taking them from anywhere but insisting Crewe took there's from the correct place. His performance didn't effect the result as Crewe were poor.
Its the FA Cup on Saturday with a visit from every bodies favourite Ref  Trevor Kettle, something to look forward to.

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Sat 30th OCT Tue 2nd NOV 2021
« on: Tue 26 Oct 2021 16:32 »
A key game at the foot of L1 for newbie Simon Mather, Crewe v Doncaster.

Appears to like dishing out the cards 12 yellows and 1 red in his last two games. Could be interesting

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Sat 21st Tue 24th AUG 2021
« on: Sun 22 Aug 2021 12:14 »

Crewe Alexandra FC (First Team) v Accrington Stanley FC (First Team)
Football League 1    
Referee: Drysdale, Darren
Assistant Referee: Moore, Anthony
Assistant Referee: Morris, Richard
Fourth Official: Taylor, Grant

Was at the Crewe v Accrington game yesterday to witness a very inconsistent performance from Darren Drysdale, he ended up with 10 cautions plus a second yellow  for the Crewe defender which no one could complain about. If he had recognised offences better in the first half the flurry of cards in the second half could have been avoided. There were offences in the first half which were worthy of a caution which he failed to even recognise as fouls and irritated both teams, but second half he came out and started  dishing cards out due to his poor first half performance, he appears to be arrogant in his appearance, and could not get off the pitch quick enough, i am sure he would have had some interesting visitors in his dressing room after the game.

Edited to fix the quote thingamajigga, bmb

Seems Rob Jones was promoted to hold up the board as 4th Official this season, how will he improve when the favourites are always out for Mr Riley, time Mike retired as he has made some poor appointment this season.  It is time some of those SG1 referees are moved on to give the likes of Rob Jones and others the games they need to gain more experience.

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Fri 2nd Tue 6th APR 2021
« on: Wed 07 Apr 2021 18:56 »
 I think James Adcock must be close to being removed  from the list with constant injury problems.

No Dean, Atkinson or Taylor in the middle? Wonder when the last time was that happened!

Taylor has a CL game tomorrow but no middle at weekend as you say.  Oliver on the other hand has a long trip to Kiev for the EL game Thursday and then back for the North London derby Sunday.  Not ideal I would have thought.  He showed signs of tiredness earlier in the season but has refereed well recently. Not checked Dean or Atkinson's recent appointments with Arsenal or Spurs and whether one of them could maybe have been at the Emirates instead of Oliver.

Like AT, I don't understand why Jones is so lacking in appointments

It make you wonder why they have promoted Rob Jones, as he his not getting much opportunity to referee, there are to many favourites with Mike Riley, as his appointments show every week, and it his about time the appointments were evenly made. (edited to fix qoute-hertsref)

Cup Appointments / Re: 202021 EFL Trophy
« on: Thu 18 Feb 2021 19:34 »
I'm not sure whether Darren Drysdale has refereed the Final before, but I imagine he has blown any chance of refereeing this year's Final following the goings-on at Ipswich last night.

I  would imagine that Darren Drysdale, may well have be given  a few game suspension, or even removed from the EFL list, because if he can do that during a game  who is to say it wont happen again.

I think it is about time Rob Jones was appointed to another Premier league game, what's the point in promoting him, he is only getting fourth official appointments, and appointed  to Stoke v Luton on Saturday that is a really great appointment for him. It seems Mike Riley looks after his favourites with appointments, they need to be appointing  the younger referees to give them the experience they need , for in the future there will be some on the present list who will need to be removed if anything to go by as witnessed on television on recent weeks.

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Sat 13th Tue 16th FEB 2021
« on: Fri 12 Feb 2021 15:22 »
 To be fair to Neil Hair it was Tom Nield who had a blinder in the Plymouth v Crewe game last season.

He is still doing Cup match but has asked not  to be appointed to Premier League fixtures due to  comments and death threats, sad state of affairs, when this happens may have made a couple of incorrect decisions but neither players or match officials should be abused as is going on at the moment.

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