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Messages - Wollongong Ref

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Interesting to note that FIFA have put out a letter/memo stating that due to Covid-19, there [i can't remember correct wording as I have it third hand but its similiar to] need not or should not be any changes to the FIFA panels for 2021.

In every game here in NSW each official must keep a full record of the game. Not good enough at that level.

For me it was 1993 Kim Milton Nielsen when he refereed at the World Youth Cup in Sydney.
On tv it was Jan 1994 Phil Don refereeing MUFC vs LFC
Both games were a masterclass

General Discussion / Re: Out of the archives
« on: Mon 11 May 2020 05:41 »
Interesting to see Uriah Rennie mentioned. I concur with my learned colleague. He was outstanding when he started on the Premier League but fell away. i do not know if you remember but he used 'alternate' Lineman/assistant referee running pattern. When he got his FIFA badge he had a year away from the Premier League and when he came back he used the traditional running pattern that is now universal. After that Uriah was never the same in my humble opinion as he had to now concentrate too much on his running and positioning and this often saw him in the wrong position.

Looking at the Liverpool v Leeds 1974 clip above. Why isn't the referee showing the Yellow card???

General Discussion / Re: In need of a football fix!
« on: Wed 18 Mar 2020 23:25 »
The Australian A-League is still going ahead albeit with no crowd and the minimum amount of people actually at the game.

Feghani is representing Iran although living in Australia. He is being appointed to AFC games.
My be;lief is that he is a shoe-in to go.
Interestingly though at the recent AFC U23 tournament he did not get any knockout games due to, I am led to believe,  geo-political reasons

Not sure if this is already posted.


Not sure how accurate this list is.

If it is correct then the UEFA refs look fairly inexperienced compared to the last 3 or 4 editions of the World Cup. If it is correct then the referees are going to have a busy 2 years coming up.

General Discussion / Re: VAR stands for......
« on: Wed 29 Jan 2020 23:10 »
Acme what are the boxes that need to be ticked for handball??

I reckon Jarred Gillett will need another year.

Scottish Appointments / Re: Old Firm 29/12
« on: Sat 28 Dec 2019 06:28 »
Kevin CLANCY is the Ref
McGeachie and Potte are the ARs
Nick Walsh is the 4th.

General Discussion / Re: New FIFA referee from England
« on: Sat 07 Dec 2019 23:33 »

Published the new FIFA referees for UEFA.
England have 2 Madley and Coote as well as 2 new female referees. New referees from Scotland and Northern Ireland too.

Mr Rocchi has made life hard for himself in the Chelsea v Ajax match. Imagine if he didn't play advantage and stopped the game, awarded the free kick and gave Blind the 2nd yellow card. Personally I thought it was a foul that gave Chelsea the ball but happy to be wrong there.

Both Gillett and Feghani are FIFA listed referees. They are nominated to FIFA who either accept the nomination for 12 months. Thee referee as are all FIFA referees are entitled to wear their FIFA badge during that time. Interestingly Feghani did not wear his in his first game in Australia. AFC will not want to lose one of their best refs before they have to.

General Discussion / Re: A Madley/L Mason Brighton v Everton
« on: Mon 28 Oct 2019 02:16 »
I have not seen the incidents. But in Australia where we are 3 or so seasons down the track we saw a spike in the number of penalties being given for minor offences like what is being described.
One thing we FFA did was use VAR on as many preseason games a possible between our first and second season and really strictly interpret the LOTG in the Penalty area. I remember seeing a pen given in Wellington vs a touring Chinese team for a minor hold on a player who was not getting the ball and who had no chance to get it. You will need to give the VAR 18 months or so for everyone to 'get it'.

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