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Messages - Wollongong Ref

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General Discussion / S Vincic Rangers v Frankfurt UEL Final
« on: Thu 19 May 2022 01:20 »
Overall, i thought Vincic's style added to the game as a spectacle and made it far more enjoyable. Only stopped when he had to. Played some impressive advantages and worked with the players. The Lundstrom tackle however, was his only blemish. Yellow at a minimum and some will argue red. If the same tackle was made in the 84th minute we might have had a different outcome. After this game no one will be talking about him, except referees, which is the mark of a good performance.

I do not get the anger or disappointment directed to Turpin. The final is never about the best referee getting the game very few if any referees have had multiple UCL finals. No one is complaining that Collina or Merk didn’t get 3 each.

General Discussion / Re: Celtic vs. Rangers, John Beaton
« on: Mon 02 May 2022 05:50 »
i say this as a Ranger supporter. John Beaton had no influence on the result. For me he had a good game, which meant it was under control at all times. When he needed to he brought the game back with FKs and then when he was happy with the tempo let it go again. This was his best performance in an Old Firm match.

General Discussion / Re: First Sighting
« on: Sun 01 May 2022 07:59 »
Slightly off track but I remember watching Phil Don referee Liverpool v Man Utd in Jan 94. It was the first time I had watched a game and actually took notice of the referee and simply went WOW. Utd went up 3-0 at Anfield for the final result to be 3-3. I thought Don was refereeing perfection on that game.

General Discussion / Re: Atkinson and Moss
« on: Sat 30 Apr 2022 05:28 »
I would say Phil Sharp is the best English AR of all time. Discuss…..

Non-Footy Board / Re: What am I watching?
« on: Sat 09 Apr 2022 05:33 »
It is indeed Australian rules.
3 Field umpires
4 Boundary Umpires and 2 goal umpires. Goal umpires will be in long pants.
They have increased the umpires from 2 to 3 and boundary umpires from 2 to 4 to reflect the increased speed of the match and wanting officials to be  closer to the action. Similar to Gaelic football albeit the field shape, every know and then there is an international series match between the AFL and GAA. Now that is bonkers as it is played on a GAA field.
Play on a cricket oval. the SCG is the smallest ground the AFL is played on.
Legalised thuggery is harsh.

General Discussion / Re: Darren Cann on the TV!
« on: Wed 09 Mar 2022 01:50 »
Dallas was also at France in 98.

For a referee aficionado there a lot of options
Football Referee Mark Shield. Not eddie Lennie incase one of the 100 are a into Scottish Immigration to Australia involving football referees
Cricket Umpire Steve Davis. Would avoid Darrell Hair in case anyone remembers that test involving Pakistan
Rugby union referee- K Fitzgerald 87 Final referee and 91 semi between Eng v Scot, sadly passed away from a heart attack while still very much at the top of his game.

Three pointless answers involving Aussie representation.
As a quiz show I really like Pointless but it doesn't rate well with the Australian psyche.

General Discussion / Re: Cüneyt Çakır
« on: Wed 09 Mar 2022 01:38 »
....or the Australian A League like Alireza Faghani did

General Discussion / Re: Swansea v Fulham - Jarred Gillett
« on: Wed 09 Mar 2022 01:36 »
ajb- The pic shows
Black player is off the ground and possibly jumping.
White player sliding in foot also off the ground
White player's leg is straight and braced
Point of contact is studs to the ankle.  Force here is not a factor due to contact point.

This is a red card in football today. This is what football expects.

General Discussion / Re: Jarred Gillet
« on: Fri 11 Feb 2022 04:45 »
and the irony is the number two Ref from Queensland who was behind Jared in Australia is about to referee the Club World Cup Final after doing the Olympic Final. Funny how things work.

General Discussion / Re: Club world Cup final
« on: Fri 11 Feb 2022 04:43 »
C'mon ACTRef, Beath has done the last two A-League Grand Finals, hardly being panned or ignored at home by FA.

General Discussion / Re: Club world Cup final
« on: Thu 10 Feb 2022 20:23 »
Whistleblower, Chris Beath also refereed the Olympic Final this year and was ranked by the IFFHS as Asia's best male referee. Not a bad last 12 months for him.

General Discussion / Re: Aberdeen v Rangers- K Clancy
« on: Wed 19 Jan 2022 11:11 »
Hey GingerRef,  Where the difference is, the McGregor Pen/No Pen is a judgement call. Clancy is wrong in Law.  what happens after that point, the second caution is fruit of the poison tree.

General Discussion / Aberdeen v Rangers- K Clancy
« on: Wed 19 Jan 2022 01:41 »
Two talking points to come from this match
Aberdeen Penalty to equalise. It is a clear penalty. But as the Aberdeen player takes the penalty the ball moves backwards about 10-15cm.
Ryan Kent is sent off. Second Yellow looks incredibly soft.

Surely Mr Clancy will look at the replay and wish he had killed the shot and ordered a retake. If we are to rate Mr Clancys performance it must surely be low as his lack of knowledge of the LOTG has led to the result being affected.
In New South Wales an error in law like this has the potential to see the game annulled, restarted with the penalty kick again and then the last 17mins replayed. That would mean Kent does not get his second YC. The scenario of errors in Law being replayed has happened three times when video evidence has been presented.

Trivia & Humour / Re: One-hit wonders?
« on: Mon 03 Jan 2022 01:29 »
Doggie Smith for booking Gazza after he dropped the YC, Gazza picked it up and before giving it to Mr Smith showed him the YC. Smith quickly then booked Gazza for Dissent by Action
Bobby Tait asking for his final match to be at Ibrox, he is a Rangers fan

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