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Non Footy Appointments / Re: Rugby League World Cup
« on: Fri 04 Nov 2022 10:19 »
Based on appointments to the final series of the NRL Grant Atkinson is our number two. 
But referees arenít appointed by the NRL at this comp so I hope they are appointing on merit.   We will be in trouble though if it is a Austral vEnand final and they go with neutrals

Non Footy Appointments / Re: Rugby League World Cup
« on: Fri 04 Nov 2022 00:38 »
Gerard Sutton is not in our top two referees. HE is ranked third in the NRL

Can someone please enlighten me if possible, why Rob Jones and Team wore the light blue shirt when Leicester were at home and wearing Blue? Yes a different shade but surely there were better options for the referee to wear.

General Discussion / Re: 2023 FIFA List Nominations
« on: Sun 25 Sep 2022 04:19 »
Probably Paul, Matt conger has gone back to the USA from NZ but i believe he is still listed as being from NZ. Alireza Faghani while living in Australia and refereeing  in Australia is still on the international panel from Iran and gets games representing Iran. 

Not a lot of appointments for British or Irish officials at all. Quite surprising. Scotland really need Nick Walsh to progress through the ranks quickly.

General Discussion / Re: Celtic v Rangers - Nick Walsh
« on: Sun 04 Sep 2022 10:03 »
Impressive performance from Nick Walsh. At 31 he has a big future as a referee on the international stage.

General Discussion / Re: Current Referee Names (Upton Format)
« on: Thu 25 Aug 2022 01:01 »
My understanding is Mr Madden is living in Carlisle

The player who was sent for timewasting really didn't do anything wrong, it was his mate. A poor decision especially for a second YC.
The send off of the keeper had terrible mechanics about it. I would say that the AR was tipped him off, and if that is the case it is poor from the referee as that part of the field is really his. I would say and I realise I only say a 6 min clip but that the referee lacked presence and authority. THis referee can add a lot to his game.

Well Rebecca Welch has been given a quarter final so UEFA are happy with her performances this far, who are we to argue??
But Mr Kavanagh???

Non Footy Appointments / Re: Andrew Cole RIP
« on: Tue 12 Jul 2022 07:25 »
Shocking to hear of this. Andrew was a top international referee and to see how good he was, he was the referee no one saw. everyone who worked with him or were coached with him had nothing but the highest regards for him.
Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

General Discussion / Re: England v Hungary - Clement Turpin
« on: Fri 17 Jun 2022 00:50 »
The irony of thi is in Australia we do not have separated crowds at any level. There might be sporadic issues but nothing to make an issue of. There was an issue at a Rugby League match where one or two members of the crowd made noises during a Minutes silence at the ANZAC Day match in Brisbane. The culprit and I do not endorse these actions was punched several times by members by fans of both teams. In Australia Anthems and minutes of silence are sacred.

General Discussion / Re: England v Hungary - Clement Turpin
« on: Thu 16 Jun 2022 04:33 »
A clear shot at me BMB? The behaviour of the English fans is equally appalling and certainly two wrongs do not make a right. Just 2 wrongs

As for Turpin, I have never had trust in him. You always get teh feeling that he is a decision to have a brain explosion and make a poor call. Kuipers, Rosetti Merk Collina and the best of the Elite do not have that trait imho.

General Discussion / Re: Artur Dias - Hungary v England
« on: Sun 05 Jun 2022 04:47 »
In relation to the penalty, as is said in Australia... a soft boiled egg is still a boiled egg.
The booing by the Hungarian children is disgraceful but sadly not unexpected in eastern Europe where racism appears to be alive and virulent. 

In meeting both Beath and Faghani they are both highly competent referees and very modest and unassuming. Both gentlemen. I would suggest that if an AFC ref is to get the final then Faghani is favourite albeit before a ball is kicked. If it it a UEFA referee then my favourite is clearly Orsato since Italy isnít there.
When looking at the list a second time I did think it curious that Roldan from Columbia And Tobar from Chile are not there. Their careers and experience mean theyíre very unlucky. 

Congratulations to all selected. i did pick both English referees in an earlier post and yes there are some surprises. Well done to the Australian Officials and our adopted Aussie A Faghani who is going to represent t Iran
Can I just take a moment to recognise Tevita Makasini Assistant Rerferee from  Tonga who will be going to his 4th straight World Cup finals. 2010 with M Hester NZ 2014 OíLeary NZ 2018 and 2022 Conger NZ. I am sure in the years to come this will be a trivia question amongst referees. An amazing achievement considering the level of football he officiates week in and week out.
Again well done to all those who were selected and commiserations to those who missed out.

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