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Messages - Wollongong Ref

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Nemisis I agree so what, but Matt Messias might disagree.....

May I add another thought that is from left field. The referee showed the GK the yellow card twice! Remembering referees have previously been sanctioned for this.
Please discuss........

General Discussion / Re: M OLIVER: PSG V BAYERN UCL
« on: Tue 14 Feb 2023 23:30 »
IMHO Mr Oliver is a much better referee than the one who took charge of the Champions League semifinal a few years back. More mature, calm and confident. All referees can learn from this.

Great appointment for Anthony and team. Congratulations to all.

In NSW some of our rugby league referees wear GoPros during games. Really sad it has come to that.

General Discussion / Re: 2023 FIFA List Nominations
« on: Wed 04 Jan 2023 23:44 »
Gillett has now committed, what in Australia is almost treason, Jarred now represents England.
Alireza now represents Australia. Will be interesting at the next WC with him and Beath will AFC allow them both to be picked.

Personally I am over the defence of "it is only one or two fans" or a "handful of fans". While we accept this, there will be no improvement. When points are deducted then the silent majority might stand up for their team and do something. As a referee who has been verbally and physically abused, including being verbally abused when I have gone to watch a game, I am over the people with the attitude of I have paid my money so I am entitled to say what I want. In the end it was the amount of abuse that caused me to leave the field and I left at a decent level here in Australia.

General Discussion / Re: Player and ref injured
« on: Sun 18 Dec 2022 11:38 »
If you watch on YouTube.   you will see the ref Alex King try to protect the player. 
Disgraceful and embarrassing scenes.  In the highly competitive Australian market football always seems to give itself a black eye.  We just took a step forward after the World Cup and now this.

General Discussion / Disappointing Reaction
« on: Fri 16 Dec 2022 00:52 »
I am really disappointed by the reaction of so many player who's team has been put out of the competition in the knockout level especially from the quarter finals only. The amount of referee bashing is ridiculous and out of hand. I guess everyone needs a scape goat and the referee is the easiest option. The fact that a strong defense has not been mounted is equally disappointing. 

Cricket Australia has made public the appointment for the Australia v South Africa Test series.
1st Test On Field: Gaffney and Tucker 3rd Kettleborough
2nd Test On Field: Kettleborough and Rieffel 3rd Gaffney
3rd Test On Field Gaffney and Rieffel 3rd Kettleborough


Other than the amount of officials in the VAR booth.... this version has seen dedicated 4th officials in the same list as the referees eg Mr I Vad was only at the World Cup as a 4th official. as was Ma Ning and the others from Concacaf and Comenbol

General Discussion / Re: A trivial (but pertinent) question
« on: Sun 11 Dec 2022 10:24 »
Whether their fathers refereed at a World Cup Finals, Benito Archundia and Cuynet Cakir are both the sons of FIFA referees.

Non Footy Appointments / Re: Rugby League World Cup
« on: Sat 19 Nov 2022 02:31 »
Hi Can anyone provide a link as the BBC is geoblocked  here in Australia. And clearly it is not on the official highlights from the RLWC

General Discussion / Re: world cup break
« on: Fri 18 Nov 2022 11:40 »
One does not simply pop from the Ulk to Australia lol

General Discussion / Re: world cup break
« on: Thu 17 Nov 2022 23:31 »
Funny you mention his name. Jarred Gillett along with two English Assistant Referees will be refereeing Everton v Celtic on Saturday night in Sydney.

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