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Two other possible penalty shouts in this game;
The possible handball in the Denmark penalty area, where Peter Walton surprised Mr Ramos wasn't called over to the monitor. The player's arm in an unnatural position, although seemed to be trying to pull it out of the way and close to where the ball was struck.
One on the edge of the Tunisia penalty box, where the referee judged the ball had gone out of play first. The replay cast some doubt on that, though whether the challenge enough for a penalty is arguable.

How much discussion goes on between the referee and the VAR in these situations, short of a call to the monitor? No strong views on either possible, just curious. I thought Mr Ramos handled the game well and hope to see him in action again.

General Discussion / Re: Unusual sending off.
« on: Sun 20 Nov 2022 11:20 »
I had to google David Spain…

Does anyone know or has seen Ben Robinson, yesterday’s match referee in action? It sounded like quite a feisty game with 2 more orthodox red cards as well.

Cup Appointments / Re: EPL Papa Johns Trophy – 2022/2023
« on: Sat 19 Nov 2022 19:15 »
Given what’s been said about Mr Parsons sounds like the ideal official to dish out TRFCs  third red card in consecutive games…

I've been critical of him in the past, but Carl Boyeson had a good game at Prenton Park yesterday, all key decisions including a penalty and two YCs looked correct and a good balance between keeping a grip and trying to let the game flow. Sadly TRFC were nowhere near Mr Boyeson's standard.

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Fri 9th – Tue 13th SEP 2022
« on: Mon 05 Sep 2022 21:35 »
Won't be present at either game sadly, but two officials who've not been in the middle at Prenton Park before.
Bobby Madden hasn't had the best of starts since moving south of the border, while I haven't seen much on how Adam Herczeg has done since stepping up from NL.

General Discussion / Re: Paul Marsden
« on: Tue 30 Aug 2022 21:56 »
Mr Marsden was 4O in the TRFC v Boreham Wood NL play-off final, so he must have had decent marks that season and he was also promoted to the FL list. It was a bit of a surprise on what I'd read about him that he had done so well. Only saw him in the middle for a couple of Rovers games and he didn't stand out either way.

Very depressing. I'm looking forward to seeing Ms Welsh in the middle for the first time at a live game this Saturday.

I think Hemmings was lucky to escape a red card; while an attacker is entitled to go for the ball in that situation as it wasn't in the keepers control, not in the way that he did with studs showing. There were some other incidents where many referees would have brought out a card, but Mr Backhouse chose not to. However, with my Tranmere hat on, think there is some validity in the point Mellon made about Byrne being blocked off in the build-up to the Newcastle equaliser. Howe was quite evasive when asked about it post-match, so reckon he does too...

First viewing of Tom Kirk in action, albeit on IFollow rather than in person. He seemed rather whistle-happy at the start and his first YC for Rovers' Turnbull seemed very harsh when the free-kick and foul arguably should have gone the other way. A couple of YCs later in the first half could on another day have been reds, while later on he didn't blow for a couple of fouls which were far worse than things he'd been blowing up for earlier on in the game. He seemed to settle down and had a more low key second half, where he was rarely noticed. Mr Kirk has attracted some positive comment on here, so assume that he was not at his best on a Tuesday night in Hartlepool.

Interesting fourth official at Tranmere on Saturday? Tea at Mike Dean's house after?
Please can you explain the connection.

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Sat 30th JULY 2022
« on: Sun 31 Jul 2022 02:59 »
From Celtic v Rangers to Bradford v Doncaster!  Weird to see his name written as Robert, but great to see Bobby in the English leagues.  Hope he gets off to a good start.

A couple of reds, one of which is doing the rounds on social media for a very early contender for one of the silliest incidents of the season.

There seems to have been plenty of reds in the EFL today….
There ought to have been another, Jeremy Simpson deeming List’s lunge at Robinson after the referee hadn’t given a decision his way only worth a YC.

Haven’t seen it but sounds like Mr Moss should have given a penalty for Huddersfield and VAR didn’t bale him out?

Darren Drysdale late replacement at Prenton Park. Some very strange decisions, none game-changing, but I did find Mr Drysdale's body language aggressive; he seemed to be bristling throughout the game.

Club chat / Re: Ronaldo
« on: Wed 13 Apr 2022 23:17 »
There have been incidents like Carragher throwing a coin back into the crowd or Hazard's tussle with the Swansea ball boy, which were during a match and sanctioned by the referee at the time. Ronaldo's behaviour here was just after the match had finished, but it would seem fair to consider an equivalent ban as if he had been sent off. It's very sad for the youngster, hope the experience doesn't put him off going to football for good.

TRFC's faltering promotion campaign likely to come to a complete stop at it's about 12 years and 18 games since we last won when Carl Boyeson was refereeing our game.

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