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General Discussion / Re: Jon Mosa
« on: Fri 24 Sep 2021 22:58 »
I watched the Man United v West Ham game last night and felt he missed one definite penalty and also a red card. I also felt he missed a few yellow cards - which I think in almost every game I watch him officiate. I would also agree that he doesn't exactly scream enthusiasm and while I'm sure he is very fit I don't think his positioning at all reflects this.

Saying all that though, I think, ignoring last night, he generally gets the big calls correct. I think it was Hendo who made that point and I have to agree, last season I can't recall very many big mistakes that he made and on the whole he had good season.

I don't think he will ever be a top referee who buzzes around the pitch putting in a huge effort to manage players and always be in the best position etc. However he is now an extremely experienced EPL referee and I think probably on the whole deserving of his place - just about!

It was me who said that and I stick by it still. He isn’t the most mobile or awe inspiring referee but he does his job very satisfactorily in the main without too much fuss or plaudits. A good, solid and reliable referee who is definitely deserving of his place on the PL. I think some posters on this site seem unable to cut him a bit of slack however well he performs sadly

General Discussion / Re: James Linington - West Brom v QPR
« on: Fri 24 Sep 2021 22:52 »
Your final statement  “whether he could deal with a Premier League match is a moot point” is a question which I constantly wrestled with during the careers of Lee Mason, Roger East, Barry Knight and Mike Riley.
I never did reach a satisfying conclusion in any of their cases! 

General Discussion / Re: L DOUGHTY - Stoke v Barnsley
« on: Fri 17 Sep 2021 19:40 »
And do you know what p****s me off just as much is the fans applauding folk getting sent off as if they are some sort of cult heroes. Pathetic

General Discussion / Re: Anthony Taylor - Kiev v Benfica
« on: Wed 15 Sep 2021 20:43 »
Messy and he looked flustered. Poor from Taylor

Select Group 2 / Re: Sat 18th SEP 2021
« on: Tue 14 Sep 2021 11:02 »
Might need a lot of SG1 support as, looking at this weeks fixtures, seems both Langford and Linington out injured. Can anyone shed any light?
Also still no sign of Darren Bond after only 1 game this season. Rumours were that his absence was Covid related but seems to have been some time.

Select Group 2 / Re: Fri 11th – Wed 15th SEP 2021
« on: Tue 14 Sep 2021 10:58 »
Langford and Linington both injured?

There was talk of the Test being carried forward into next summer when the Indians are here for a T20/ODI series, including Old Trafford.
Whether a 5 day Test can be fitted in I'm not sure.

Just to cancel today's Test would seem unfair on England, and there have been suggestions (partly denied) that India were more concerned about being covid free for the start of the IPL given the short interval between.

They may have denied it but I think there will be strong suspicion that this is the main reason.

Fifth test forfeited by India due to corona.
England’s best performance of the series 🤪

These appointments are once again disappointing.  The PGMO has promoted four referees and a month into the season we have not seen any of them.  To be honest, you could also add Darren England, Rob Jones, Simon Hooper, Graham Scott, and Andrew Madley, this means that nine of the 22 referees are hardly being used.

When Mike Riley was promoted, along with Graham Barber to the premier league in 1996 he refereed 22 games.  His debut was on matchday 2 and then refereed in match days 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, and 15.  He refereed Arsenal in his third game – away at Aston Villa (at the time was 2nd v 5th).  Throughout that season he refereed Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle, and Everton.   It’s time that Gillett, Harrington, Brook, and Salisbury are given a chance, having the same referees on a regular basis is doing nothing for the development of referees in this country.  When Mike was a young referee he was given great opportunities and developed, it is time now he did the same for others.

And to add injury to insult, most or all of these refs are far better than Riley who was vastly overrated and very lucky to get where he did. In fact most of the time he was 💩

General Discussion / Re: Cüneyt Çakır - Hungary v England
« on: Thu 02 Sep 2021 19:03 »
Might as well start it now!

Waiting for the fan march to arrive, I'm not allowed to join in! Mr bmb is a grumpy old man and a spoilsport! They're starting at Hősök tere, the pyros and noise is immense already. Our Federation president, manager, players & even the capo from the Carpathian Brigade ultras have all begged the fans in the press/on social media/on TV to not boo the England players taking the knee. Mr Csányi has said anyone found to do so will be banned for life. There is a suggestion to sing himnusz during it. Hopefully the ultras will be well placed around the ground and will ensure that is all that can be heard, all the ultra groups are in on this and normally if the Carpathian Brigade ultras demand it, it happens, no-one wants to argue with them. I've seen suggestions they will remove anyone booing themselves and hand them over to the Rendőrség...

As the majority of you are England fans, enjoy the game but don't be too disappointed with the 2-1 defeat - Szalai, Szoboszlai with a screamer for the winner and a Kane consolation goal on 90+4!

Hopefully in a few hours time we will be discussing a superb game, well refereed in a fantastic, very loud atmosphere.

Hajrá Magyarok! Csak együtt! Ria Ria Hungaria!

Kane penalty too, after he “collapses” in the area when the nearest defender gets close to him

Non Footy Appointments / Georges Domercq
« on: Sat 28 Aug 2021 21:28 »
Just seen that Mr Domercq sadly died last year. Must confess I had completely missed this until now
One of Frances best RU refs in the 70s and early 80s who will be forever remembered as referee for the wonderful Barbarians v All Blacks games in 1973, often described as the match of the century. “This is Gareth Edwards, a dramatic start….what a score!”

General Discussion / Re: Missing Officials
« on: Fri 27 Aug 2021 22:30 »
I think had that been rigorously enforced then the likes of Steve Dunn, Paul Durkin etc would have been fixtureless, yet they passed fitness tests both nationally and internationally, both capable of reading games and being there or there abouts when needed.
Quite a hard thing to shift quickly, are we not at risk of causing referees to have eating disorders or worse?

…..not forgetting Mr Blobby himself, Phil Dowd

Non Footy Appointments / Steve OShaughnessy
« on: Sun 22 Aug 2021 14:04 »
Just noticed that Steve was involved in all finals over the last few days - on field in the Royal London final and Women’s 100 final and 4th umpire in the Men’s 100 final.
Well done him. A sign of things to come maybe?

General Discussion / CITY and KANE - Jamie Carragher
« on: Sat 21 Aug 2021 17:18 »
Ridiculous article in today’s Telegraph from Carragher about the stand off between City and Spurs over Kane. Carragher says that as well as being annoyed with Levy for his refusal to sell for less than £150m Kane should be annoyed at City for not upping their offer.
In Carraghers eyes Kane is worth that much and City should realise that and be prepared to pay up; many of us would not agree, myself among them. If City had simply given in and stumped up the £150m I have no doubt there would have been the usual outcry about silly money and buying the league etc.
I think City have come out of this, so far, with far more credit than Carragher gives them. They have put their own value on Kane and are not prepared to go beyond what they feel he is worth. Good. As a City fan I would be the first to admit that they have benefitted from a financial backing which gives the power to pay high prices for almost anyone they want, with some purchases being overly excessive. However in Kane’s case they are sticking with their maximum value of what he is worth. Kane, and probably Levy, no doubt expected City to come to the table offering more. This has backfired on them; Kane’s petulance and “missing from training” hasn’t worked and it looks like the overrated Kane will continue his trophy-less career at Spurs.
And after another big win today without what the press term “ a recognised striker” do we really need Kane?

19th August 2021


Glamorgan Vs Durham (Trent Bridge)
Umpires: Neil Mallender and Steve O’Shaughnessy
Third Umpire: Mike Burns
Match Referee: Dean Cosker

Oh b****y hell, Mallender again! I am sure there are other umpires quite capable of performing in Finals but this seems lost on the ECB sadly

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