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Referee Appointments / Re: Group Stage - Matchday 2- Day 1
« on: Fri 25 Nov 2022 10:36 »
Wouldn't be at all surprised to see Frappert get a dead rubber from the third round of group games if there is one that a UEFA referee could be eligible for?

I know I’ll probably be shouted down for this but my guess would be that someone had “a word” with the VAR after not referring the early Maguire  incident, and after that word, the VAR was on the lookout for anything he could possibly refer the referee to the monitor for and lo and behold he just about found it, at 6-1 and well into added time.

I’d be willing to bet my house that he absolutely would not have referred that had it been at 0-0 after 89 mins.

A quick word on Darren Drysdale in the Walsall v Crawley game on Saturday which saw IMO one of the best refereeing performances I’ve seen in a while in L2 , albeit in not the most difficult game you’d ever get, but there was two of the most unusual things I have seen a referee do, especially at EFL level...

He got the Crawley sending off spot  on for two absolutely certain YCs, co-operation with assistants, foul detection, and general game management very good.

Now the unusual...late in the game and clearly getting as annoyed as the home crowd with Crawley’s timewasting (can’t blame them with 10 men since the 35th min and away from home trying to hang on for a draw) Drysdale ran around 30-40 yards from the centre circle to roughly 10 yards from the corner flag and directly in front of the AR on that side, to kick the ball back to the Crawley GK for him to take a goal kick after the GK showed no sign of getting the ball and no other player of either side coming back from the half way line, where they were set for the goal kick, to pass it back. The easy/usual option would be a referee pointing to the watch or generally gesturing in the direction of the GK to speed things up however neither of these ever actually have much of an effect, so at least you could argue he made an active effort to get the game going again!!

Secondly, well into the added time, and after he gave Crawley a free kick in the centre circle, to the confusion of everyone he picked the ball up and held on to it for at least 30 seconds for no obvious reason while talking to the Crawley GK who was waiting to be able to take the free kick.  Definitely was no player being cautioned and there was no player down injured. It was that long, many in the crowd thought he had actually blew for full time! Then he just puts ball down and signals for the Crawley GK to take the free kick.

Cup Appointments / Re: EPL Papa Johns Trophy – 2022/2023
« on: Fri 18 Nov 2022 11:58 »
...and also features Wolves v Man United...another sign of change and why this competition is now being deserted by many lower league teams supporters when it was hardly the best attended before those changes.

On the point of travelling long distances to officiate there a cut off distance (say for example 150 miles?) where anything over that officials can stay overnight before a game?

Or are they expected to travel on the day regardless of distance, weather and other factors?

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Sat 12th NOV 2022
« on: Fri 11 Nov 2022 12:27 »
Cambridge United FC (First Team) v Bolton Wanderers FC (First Team)
Football League 1    
Referee: Drysdale, Darren
Assistant Referee: Finch, Stephen
Assistant Referee: O'Shea, Declan
Fourth Official: Jackson, Scott

Interesting piece around the 4 officials being members of the Armed Forces and officiating a match on Remembrance Weekend...

Cup Appointments / Re: EPL Papa Johns Trophy – 2022/2023
« on: Wed 19 Oct 2022 14:06 »

Walsall FC (First Team) v Milton Keynes Dons FC (First Team)
EFL Trophy    
Referee: Tallis, Scott
Assistant Referee: Ward, Christopher Rushton, Steven
Assistant Referee: Morris, Kevin
Fourth Official: Watson, Dean Mather, Simon

Solid trial game for Scott Tallis.

Only potential KMI was a possible penalty shout very early on for MK Dons which on live viewing I thought was one, however the only player who appealed was the player 'fouled' so I'd give the referee the benefit of the doubt on that one.

One first half YC, clear cut for a pull of the shirt in midfield.

Second half he seemed to become a little card happy in the last 10 mins although all 3 were justifiable. They were 50/50 calls of the sort where an experience referee in the context of this particular game would have maybe let them go, however a trial referee possibly felt compelled to give assessor-pleasing YCs?

Seemed to have a good rapport with the players. One point I'd note is when talking to players he would occasionally use the names off the back of their shirts. For example, a couple of times when a player was walking away from him to take a throw in, he would say "where you are please xxx"...with xxx being the players surname. This may be common place but I've never heard a referee do that.

All in all he can be pleased with his night's work and expect to see Mr Tallis at an EFL ground near you in the not too distant future!

Under what law can a captain be YCd for an offence committed by one of his players? Wouldn't that be appealable?

He could appeal for mistaken identity

Taking this scenario further and assuming the appeal was successful, would the captain's "mistaken identity" YC simply transfer to the already cautioned defender, resulting in a suspension anyway for the offender?

Yes, let's have an independent timekeeper, a sound goes to make everyone aware time is up and then the full time whistle gets blown next time the ball is legitimately put out of play for a goal kick, corner or throw in.

How hard can it be to implement something like that? it seems to work well in Rugby.

Why not use a lesser competition as something of a trial for it....EFL Trophy perhaps?

Non-League / Re: Pre season friendlies 2022/23
« on: Wed 20 Jul 2022 16:31 »
Walsall v Coventry City - Ollie Yates

Select Group 2 / Re: Playoffs 2021/22
« on: Wed 11 May 2022 17:01 »
Wouldn't it need all 4 stadiums to be set up for VAR with all the cameras, pitchside monitors etc, which is highly unlikely as they start on Friday.

I would think the final should use VAR but whether it will ....

Appreciate that is the risk of VAR in some game(s)s and not others, which is the complaint made during earlier rounds of the FA Cup but imagine if VAR rules on a decision in the final, but was not used in the semi final for say an identical incident? Or even used in the Championship final and not in the L1 or L2 finals?

Part of me thinks the easiest thing for the EFL to do and say is to have no VAR at all in the play offs saying something along the lines of it hasn't been used at all in the Championship this season so not in the play offs either, probably trotting out the 'maintaining the integrity of the competition' line they seem to like when it suits them!

Sam Barrott is one of the very best I’ve seen in a long time

And a very decent game he had in the Walsall v Swindon game on Saturday, in potentially difficult circumstances, and just about held his team of officials together.

Pitch invasions and flares on the pitch after after the 3 Swindon goals, at least 2 objects thrown towards/very near the assistant on the side in front of the Swindon fans. That assistant's focus/confidence/bottle appeared to go from that point onwards as literally everything in that quarter of the pitch seemed to be flagged for Swindon.

The only real KMI  of note was the Swindon penalty, correctly given from seemingly well up with play following a run from the other half. On live viewing you could make a case for the Walsall defender receiving a red card as at the time I didnt think he was that near to the ball, however a yellow was certainly justifiable.

A couple of minor quibbles an assessor may well have noted would be the Swindon number 20 Williams received a yellow for persistent fouling when he probably should have had it for the first one, which was a blatant 'tactical' foul and for there to only be 2 mins injury time in the second half when there was 6 second half substitutions and a few injuries which led to those substitutions. At that point I assume they just wanted to make it off the pitch before being swamped in the last-day-of-the-season pitch invasion, as good natured as it was!

To be fair to Mr Barrott though, neither of those quibbles had any bearing on the actual result as the game had been won by half time!

Edited to fix the quote thingamajigga, bmb.

Sat 30th Apr 2022
Carlisle United (First Team) v Stevenage FC (First Team)
Football League 2    
Referee: Drysdale, Darren
Assistant Referee: Newhouse, Paul
Assistant Referee: Williams, Darren
Fourth Official: Woodward, Richard

Colchester United FC (First Team) v Walsall FC (First Team)
Football League 2    

Crawley Town (First Team) v Leyton Orient FC (First Team)
Football League 2    
Referee: Howard, Paul
Assistant Referee: Brown, Stephen
Assistant Referee: Shaw, Simon
Fourth Official: Wilson, Marc

Forest Green Rovers (First Team) v Harrogate Town FC (First Team)
Football League 2    
Referee: Wright, Peter
Assistant Referee: Webb, Michael
Assistant Referee: Aylott, Andrew
Fourth Official: Amey, Justin

Northampton Town FC (First Team) v Exeter City FC (First Team)
Football League 2    
Referee: Mather, Simon
Assistant Referee: Maskell, Garry
Assistant Referee: Bennett, Andy
Fourth Official: Plane, Steven

Rochdale AFC (First Team) v Bristol Rovers (First Team)
Football League 2    
Referee: Joyce, Ross
Assistant Referee: Fyvie, Graeme
Assistant Referee: Avent, David
Fourth Official: Graham, Paul

Scunthorpe United FC (First Team) v Hartlepool United FC (First Team)
Football League 2    
Referee: Finnie, Will
Assistant Referee: Moore, Anthony
Assistant Referee: Bartlett, Richard
Fourth Official: Russell, Geoffrey

Sutton United FC (First Team) v Bradford City FC (First Team)
Football League 2    
Referee: Bourne, Declan
Assistant Referee: Ogles, Samuel
Assistant Referee: Stokes, Joseph
Fourth Official: Evans, Paul

Swindon Town FC (First Team) v Barrow AFC (First Team)
Football League 2    
Referee: Lewis, Robert
Assistant Referee: Crowhurst, Leigh
Assistant Referee: Cooper, Nicholas
Fourth Official: Gratton, Danny

Tranmere Rovers FC (First Team) v Oldham Athletic FC (First Team)
Football League 2    
Referee: Hair, Neil
Assistant Referee: Taylor, Grant
Assistant Referee: Stonier, Paul
Fourth Official: Woods, Martin

Mon 2nd May 2022
Port Vale FC (First Team) v Newport County AFC (First Team)
Football League 2    
Referee: Brook, Carl
Assistant Referee: Cheosiaua, Ravel
Assistant Referee: Brown, Conor
Fourth Official: Drysdale, Darren

Salford City FC (First Team) v Mansfield Town F.C. (First Team)
Football League 2    
Referee: Stockbridge, Sebastian
Assistant Referee: Williams, Ollie
Assistant Referee: Newhouse, Paul
Fourth Official: Welch, Rebecca

Why does the dead rubber of Colchester v Walsall require (most probably) SG2?

Or another Walsall game for a trial referee? To be fair the two Walsall have had so far (Adam Herczeg and Martin Woods) have been at the top end of the range of referee's performances I have seen this season in League 2 and would be worthy additions to the National List IMO.

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Fri 4th – Tue 8th MAR 2022
« on: Tue 01 Mar 2022 11:50 »
Any reason why there are no appointments yet for the games at Wigan, Barrow and Northampton?

Exeter v Barrow is the first (of possibly many) to fall victim to Storm Eunice.

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