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So Tempest now comes into the mix too. Good to see appointments being spread all round.

Nice appointment for Foley (his first). I have to say, something has happened where Craig Maxwell Keys isn't featuring at all. I thought that would change under Tony Spreadbury who seemed IMO to rate him in the Premiership. I feel for him!!
Trianini with a second appointment - seemingly being pushed along with Brousett.
Adamson, Raynal & Brace I believe are the ones that have had appointments in every round.

Expected appointments really with no surprises IMHO

First appointment for Trianini in the competition which is great for him and 2nd for Ridley establishing himself nicely.
All the big guns out (bar Carley). Adamson continues to get plum appointments in Europe!!

Non Footy Appointments / Re: SIX NATIONS 2022
« on: Sun 09 Jan 2022 11:00 »
Yep, we certainly would have the appointments by now!
It's going to be an interesting situation as actually hosting in England would make sense due to the relaxed restrictions in place - also meaning that SH officials could well come over without issues.
Of course the preferred option would be to host in each union's country with fans and a relaxed approach.
Regarding SH officials - I tend to agree with comments above, we may not see them until week 3.

Yep agree thought Barnes & Brace were fab and Evans if he carries on will surely be a contender for the WC.

Non Footy Appointments / Re: New RFU Head of Match Officials
« on: Sat 11 Dec 2021 10:05 »
Yep it's an interesting one. I tend to agree with you RCG, I think some exposure at the top level in refereeing would be advantageous. I guess it will depend on who he has around him. I think the NRL did something similar a few years ago.

Non Footy Appointments / New RFU Head of Match Officials
« on: Fri 10 Dec 2021 17:49 »
Well - Didn't expect this appointment!!
Interesting that it seems Wayne Barnes was involved in some way with this appointment.
Congrats to Paul and he has a great group of match officials to work with.

Non Footy Appointments / Re: New URC Referees Manager
« on: Fri 10 Dec 2021 09:43 »
No , I didn't realise either!
It would make sense for him to take the next step which would be the RFU.

Non Footy Appointments / New URC Referees Manager
« on: Thu 09 Dec 2021 17:08 »
So, Tappe Hennig gets the post, taking over from Greg Garner.
I'm actually not sure what Greg is doing now (someone can enlighten us perhaps) If nothing, leading the way to perhaps take over form Tony Spreadbury?

Agree Pearce was pretty inconsistent Saturday and Tempest was decent!!

Congrats to Hollie on her appointment, If I'm correct - her debut in Europe in the middle!

Debuts for Ridley & Trianini I think, which is good to see.
Once again, Adamson being tested with another top clash!

Again - expected appointments with clarity to who are on the second tier in their respective countries with
Ridley, Murphy, Gnechhi, Grove-White

All the big guns out this round!
Adamson probably has the biggest game potentially of the round with nice games for Poite, Evans & Brousett.
Good to see Piardi & Amashukeli getting in the mix too.

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