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General Discussion / Re: Scott Duncan
« on: Mon 05 Jul 2021 13:53 »
Good luck to Scott in his new appointment and thanks for your service in the past.

General Discussion / Re: Promotion 2021
« on: Mon 21 Jun 2021 15:53 »
Congratulations to them all and good luck in the future.

Non-League / Re: National League Premier - 2020/21
« on: Sun 20 Jun 2021 17:08 »
Well done to Hartlepool and commiserations to Torquay.
It was a good game for the neutral and both teams gaver their all to achieve League status once again. Extra time after the Torquay keeper scored an equaliser in added time. Went to penalties and the first 4 were all missed and it went to sudden death with Hartlepool winning through.

I suppose that I will have to watch the elite players falling over now in the Euros!

Have you not watched the Premier League for the past two seasons?  Assistants are told to keep their flag down until the attack breaks down, that way if the offside is wrong it doesn't incorrectly deny a goal.

Being given a lifetime punishment of supporting Sunderland AFC I am afraid as a mere underling the Premier League at present holds little interest to me at all and of the odd occasions I have watched MOTD or whatever I cannot remember a goal being disallowed for the reasons I have queried.I  have to live with the fact that good and honest Gentlemen and Ladies who have probably been at their work anything up to twenty four hours earlier before travelling to wherever we are playing make on the spot decisions based on what they have [ or think they have] seen.
 Sometimes they are right and sometimes they make a total rick of things so sadly from the standard I watch and given the same circumstances either the AR would raise his flag as soon as the player takes control of the ball or it just gets let go and rightly or wrongly the goal is allowed. Hence why I titled the thread the way that I did.

 Football wasn't formed in 1992 and it goes a lot deeper than the Premier League but thank you for your response.

robbieg --just to simplify things for those of us who watch football away from the 'elite levels'.
Football at the 'elite levels' exists with a totally different interpretation of The Laws of the Game in the quest to achieve a game of football that will always be 100% correct.
Just be grateful that you can watch a game at the Stadium of Light with teams giving it what they have got and  team of officials who may not be the best, however, they will be doing their best not to spoil the game and will give their decisions instantly from what they see and the game will continue regardlless. 

General Discussion / Re: Promotion Interviews 2021
« on: Tue 08 Jun 2021 15:36 »
Who will be the first 60-y-o to take a Premier game, I wonder.

Mike Dean!

I predict that Mike will retire before then because he will be hacked off with the technology having taken over from the human element. Time will tell!

It is clearly the fault neither of Mr Kruashvili nor of UEFA, but I have distinctly mixed feelings about this appointment.  It is an unmistakable sign that one is becoming old when a European final is allocated to someone whose grandfather one has seen in action (refereeing a Soviet league match in the early 1970s). 

In the event Mr Kruashvili (grandson) performed well, handling the game in a manner which would, I think, have gained the approval of Ashington 46.

Certainly no complaints from me. It was a decent game to watch and Mr Kruashvili certainly added to my enjoyment of the game.
Two teams going hard at it, just the odd bit of nonsense which was quickly sorted and a good goal scored to win it. Some good young talent on view from all three teams!

International Appointments / Re: international friendlies?
« on: Sun 06 Jun 2021 23:12 »
I assume Tiago Martins did not have the benefit of VAR at the Riverside this evening. England's 1st penalty, from which they scored to win the match, was very soft, even I suggest lamentably soft, Grealish falling over at the slightest touch. The second penalty was more clear cut, but memo to Southgate, do not let Jordan Henderson anywhere near the line up to take penalties during the Euros. Played 59, goals 0, and that was never likely to alter, even with a goalie who kept his hands behind his back until the kick was taken. Southgate was apparently not amused.

Wow -- Grealish falling over at the slightest touch --that must have been a real shock, surely he doesn't usually do this, it certainly must have been a foul because he has had plenty this season for exactly the same thing.
A very good player who does everything in his power to draw fouls and manages to get them, however, some defender will mark his card and will ensure that he isn't just playing at it.

General Discussion / Re: Promotion Interviews 2021
« on: Sun 06 Jun 2021 15:32 »
It has been said numerous times on these boards that one game does not define/decide a season, so why should 1 decision (in 1 game) define/decide a season or promotion???
It sort of did define morecombe and Newport’s season/promotion.

Possibly could be said that Joss Labadie blazing over the bar from a couple of yards out in extra time also was the defining moment, however, this was just one match and Cheltenham, Cambridge and Bolton had their defining moments during 46 matches when Newport were not good enough.
Had they been good enough they would not have had to rely on three extra matches and a referee's decision and we would not be discussing whether or not that one decision should affect the promotion of an official.

General Discussion / Re: PL referee of the season 2020-21
« on: Tue 01 Jun 2021 23:07 »

I asked Hackett about this game on Twitter once, but he just said he couldn't remember it. I told him that was understandable after all these years, but that I had got a photographic memory of it if he wanted me to fill in the details. He didn't reply!

I often think about this game when he's slagging off other officials on Twitter! Maybe I'll mention it to him again...

He never remembers these things. When you do point out mistakes he made or simply disagree with him he either ignores you (if you're lucky) or launches into his he alone was perfect, introduced every positive thing into refereeing since time began (he's even claimed VAR as his idea...), how rosy it was under his management, how strict it was in his day, etc and how dare some no name sunday league ref question the almighty FIFA ref who has never erred ever. It's one of the reasons I have no time for him or anything he says anymore. It's actually a shame to see really.

Why do I keep thinking about the old saying "Tha' can allus tell a Yorkshireman but tha' can't tell 'im much" ----it must be the Lancastrian in my blood!

How many times do we see a penalty given for the goalkeeper missing the ball and punching the attacker in the head?

I can’t remember any...

Certainly not in the way that this actually played out. Keeper was committed and it did not affect the header which the attacker got in.
It is an imposiibilty for a player to stop when he is in mid air as the keeper was.
I suppose that the next thing IFAB can bring in will be that a keeper is not allowed to punch a ball because it constitutes a danger to an opponent ----oh I forgot ------and it might hurt the ball.

It is interesting that the clamour for VAR comes about when it isn't there, however, the clamour to get rid of it is consistently mentioned when it is there!

The penalty Mr Madley did award appeared to be as a result of contact outside the area and wasn't convinced at first glance there was enough to justify any foul. I also felt the YC for Newport's Demetriou seemed harsh two players seemed to be jumping for the ball and contact made in the context of cards he didn't issue elsewhere. Overall I'd agree with Charlieboy's assessment and after the plaudits for his handling of the L1 semi-final definitely a step backwards today.

Sadly, this is the way the modern game has been going for a few seasons with players 'feeling contact' and going down which is exactly what happened with the penalty. Minimal contact which was made just outside the box, however, I can understand how it looked a foul from the referee's positioning which was behind the players.
I think that Demetriou was cautioned for something he said because the Morecambe player stayed down and Demetriou definitely said something to the referee and that was when the card was produced.
Newport will feel aggrieved, however, they missed chances to win the game and Morecambe grabbed their opportunity when it was presented.
League One teams will be able to go to the seaside in Lancashire having thought that they had missed out with Blackpool's promotion.

Good to see that he has lost his PL hat and is refereeing a proper game of football instead of the sterile game which is played at the elite level.

Trivia & Humour / Re: Oh I do like to be ... Part 2
« on: Mon 31 May 2021 13:03 »
Thank you JCFC for keeping my brain active, even if I did give you even more to think about.
Strangely enough, I got the Workington one last night, using my musical career and working on various works! I didn't have my computer on so Microscopist took the laurels ---perhaps consolation for his team's disappointing performance on Saturday night ----I doubt it though! lol

Thanks once again.

Trivia & Humour / Re: Oh I do like to be ... Part 2
« on: Sun 30 May 2021 00:15 »
8.  Weston-super-Mare

According to the Swansea manager they did not get the breaks from the officials! Fulton would never have done what he did intentionally etc., etc.
They had 57% possession without 1 shot on target but it was the officials' fault! The mind boggles

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