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Rob Jones looks like he got the best deal with the shortest trip.

Lots of refs heading to London

Darren England gets the short straw from Doncaster to Southampton

Not as short (or long, in miles) as Jeremy Simpson and Oliver Langford to stand between the dugouts!
Nothing like a good ride out and about on a bank holiday weekend.

Think i will give up on my ambitions of being appointment secretary.
A few good appointments, some not so favourable.
Not keen on Coote at Villa Park hope he proves me wrong, but more so hope he manages to complete the full game in the middle.
Good game for Andre and sadly as some have said looks like it maybe a swansong.
Tierney left out of the limelight along with Pawson, Kavanagh and A Madley.
Deserved high profile games for Hooper and Brooks with Jones getting the spiky Man Utd v Fulham game though most of the formers first eleven will probably be having a rest.
Oliver as var after refereeing the championship play off final the day before as expected.
With regards Scott, he certainly doesnt seem to have the confidence of his employers.

Swarbrick is VAR on the League Two playoff final so logistically don't think he can do a final day game. Suspect a SG2 referee or even a left field appointment like Barrott will do the Palace v Forest game.

Rebecca Welch would be an outside bet….

Var for rebecca is an option as she has that duty in the womens european cup final and will probably have had that duty in other womens FIFA/UEFA competitions in the past.

Rebecca Welch is fourth official in that Champions League final. It is probably more appropriate for a promotion to SG1 candidate to gain some experience if they have trained for the role.
Memo to self dont rely on memory at my age check appts before writing.
Thanks suffolkref for correcting me.

Swarbrick is VAR on the League Two playoff final so logistically don't think he can do a final day game. Suspect a SG2 referee or even a left field appointment like Barrott will do the Palace v Forest game.

Rebecca Welch would be an outside bet….

Var for rebecca is an option as she has that duty in the womens european cup final and will probably have had that duty in other womens FIFA/UEFA competitions in the past.

Also, corners where the ball has a distant relationship with the arc!!!   Perhaps the law should require themajority of the ball should be inside the arc.
Has any senior referee ever permitted the same positioning of the ball in respect to the penalty spot?
What are penalty spots i hear coming from the dorset area.

At a guess:

Taylor at Leeds
Pawson at Everton
Attwell at Leicester
Kavanagh at Villa Park
Coote at Brentford

Marriner at Palace or Southampton.

Oliver on var duties.

General Discussion / Re: J BROOKS: LIVERPOOL V VILLA
« on: Mon 22 May 2023 18:18 »
I just watched the disallowed goal again.

If the Villa defender had used his arm in the same way as he used his leg in that situation it would be a penalty kick. I know it’s not what applies to offside but he has made his silhouette bigger to make contact with the ball. I don’t understand how that can be considered not deliberate.

My understanding is that an unintended touch off a defender doesn’t reset the phase of play but in my opinion the defender in this situation has deliberately played the ball to stop it going across the goal as would any defender in that position.

IFAB updated the guidance last summer but kept the phrasing as deliberate play so as not to actually amend the wording of LOTG, which I'm not sure was terribly helpful. A player might have deliberately tried to touch the ball but that doesn't necessarily make it a deliberate play by them. A deliberate play requires the defender to have control of the ball with the possibility of passing to a teammate, gaining possession or making a clearance.
I see dermot on ref watch advised the disallowing of the goal was correct in law.

International Appointments / Re: UEFA Europa League 2022/2023
« on: Mon 22 May 2023 18:09 »
Congratulations to Anthony Taylor and the whole team appointed.

International Appointments / Re: Women's Champions League
« on: Mon 22 May 2023 18:08 »
2023 UEFA Women’s Champions League Final refereeing team
Referee: Cheryl Foster (WAL)
Assistants: Michelle O’Neill (IRL) and Franca Overtoom (NED)
4th Official: Rebecca Welch (ENG)
Reserve AR: Natalie Anne Aspinall (ENG)
VAR: Massimiliano Irrati (ITA)
Assistant VAR: Sian Massey-Ellis (ENG)
VAR Support: Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi (ITA)

Congrats to all
Congratulations to all appointed.

“And where it left play”. We are lucky if it is within five yards,,,I’ve seen fast bowlers take shorter run-ups. The current thinking seems to be “start your run from where it went out of play.”
Another example of ruining the game I used to love.

Sorry, I cannot agree. In my 60 years of watching FL and PL football, one of my pet hates has always been referees pulling up players for moving forwards (or back) by a few yards at a throw in. Yes OK, if a throw is likely to end up in the goal mouth, it needs to be taken from the correct spot, but not otherwise. And how often now do you see throw-ins going backwards. Same with short free kicks which seem to be the norm now. Let's keep the game moving I say!
I would argue that you can keep the game moving and still have free kicks and throw ins taken from the correct place, what we have now is just players getting away with whatever they want to and not just throw ins or free kicks, reminds me of the school playground games without a referee.

General Discussion / Re: J BROOKS: LIVERPOOL V VILLA
« on: Sun 21 May 2023 13:16 »
Liverpool vs Villa has seen some dreadful referee performances in the last few seasons.

Moss @Villa Park Last Season
Attwell @Anfield Last Year
Atkinson and Tierney both had poor performances in 2020 too

Its one of those games like Spurs vs Chelsea and Liverpool vs Spurs.

I just don't see how Konsa didn't deliberately play it, he clearly moves his leg

That is an absolutely brilliant on field call to give Villa a penalty. My whole house watching and the whole of Anfield thought Konate won the ball but he hadn't. Great work!
In my seat at Anfield I and everybody around me knew it was a penalty and our only complaint was Konate’s poor positioning which caused him to make a rash challenge.

When did referees start going to the monitor to check offsides? I must have missed that update.

When it isn't black and white and there has to be a subjective decision made as to whether the player had interfered with play or an opponent.  Has happened a few times.
As I was at the game I’ll see what the television shows me. I’d be interested to see what excuse was concocted for the SFP by Mings.

I hope Mr. Webb is going to instruct his charges to deal with timewasting properly as well. Not quite as bad as Newcastle but atrocious nonetheless. The Villa goalkeeper was wasting time from the start, why wait 76 minutes to apply Law? The blizzard of late yellows for Villa was pointless-do it earlier.

They Yellow Card for Martinez was pointless. He was never going to get a second yellow no longer how much time he took.

He’d still have been criticised for not booking him though.
The late, token caution for time wasting is 100% ineffective - mostly because everyone (including the time-waster) knows that no referee is going to make the headlines by issuing a second yellow card for the same time-wasting, however justified.

There needs to be a different sanction - one that impacts the team wasting time at the time that it happens.

On a similar theme, no referee is going to penalise a goal-keeper for exceeding the permitted six seconds while holding the ball.  Part of the reason for this (which I get) is that organising an indirect free-kick in the defending penalty area is a nightmare and to be avoided at all costs.  But when we see goal-keepers "using" upwards of 25 seconds before releasing the ball into play something really does need to be done as 25 seconds is 0.5% of a full 90 minutes ..... do that four times in a game and you have chopped off 2% out of the game.  Perhaps if fans were given a 2% refund on their admission fees and (more significantly) TV companies given a 2% refund on their fees it might motivate the teams, leagues and governing bodies to do something about it.

(EDIT- I presume this was meant to be your comment, please make sure you use the quote box correctly)
Sin bins ie 10 mins off the field of play could be an idea to stop time wasting, but then the poor referee would be accused of favouring one side i guess.

General Discussion / Chris Kavanagh - AFCB v Man Utd
« on: Sat 20 May 2023 22:51 »
Sat 20th May 2023
AFC Bournemouth (First Team) v Manchester United FC (First Team)
Premier League
Referee: Kavanagh, Christopher
Assistant Referee: Perry, Marc
Assistant Referee: Meredith, Steven
Fourth Official: Whitestone, Dean
Video Assistant Referee: Pawson, Craig
Additional Video Assistant Referee: Aspinall, Natalie

Completely missed the fact that there were no penalty spots marked on the pitch!   Not that we actually need them - zero penalties all season!


Wore blue. No complaints.

Dean Whitestone is very handsome. Just saying!
At least the referee got the main thing correct No Yellow Shirt.
Saved a few quid on the whitewash !!
Maybe Salah wished there werent any marked a few months ago lol.
Does missy bmb have a liking for handsome policemen?

Select Group - Premier League / Re: FL PlayOff 2023
« on: Sat 20 May 2023 22:45 »
Congratulations to Tim and his team, hope all goes well for them.
Perhaps end of season promotions for all on field appointees ?

I like Whistleblower reckon Rebecca Welch name may be on the league two final appointments and a promotion to follow if all goes well for her.

To help She has the Manchester derby in the WSL sun 21 May.

General Discussion / Re: J BROOKS: LIVERPOOL V VILLA
« on: Sat 20 May 2023 22:31 »
Having watched brief highlights Brooks made a brilliant decision to give Villa a penalty in the first half, great positioning.
I was surprised Mings didnt see red for his challenge on Gakpo, can only think lack of force in the challenge was the team ref reasoning.
Having watched Brooks referee recently, he like many referees nowadays tend to let quite a bit go and allow the game to flow.
Brooks has been getting good appointments of recent and well deserved.
As for the time wasting and game management aspects which have crept in to the Villa game plan since Emery took over, i am not in favour of.
Martinez must be the most cautioned player for time wasting this season in the premier league. Perhaps Brooks should have started cautioning earlier for delaying restarts as Anthony Taylor did towards the end of the first half in the Nottm F v Arsenal game.
I guess red tinted glasses maybe a reason for blaming team ref for Liverpool not winning today.

General Discussion / Re: Ben Toner : Stockport vs Salford
« on: Sat 20 May 2023 22:20 »
As a neutral I watched this match and so far 87 mins in and I’m not impressed at all with offerings from Ben Toner nor the AR on the far side of the dugout ,  il start with the referee , far to card happy especially to Stockport players , nearly every challenge was a foul and YC in the referees eyes and his foul detection was poor , he has no sense of the occasion

The AR on the far side from the dugout was poor aswell to many late flags for throw ins he  seemed to wait for the referee to make the decision for him on far to many occasions

Five minutes to go till the end of extra time and to be fair to Ben Toner and his far side AR they have been much better since extra time began
I wouldnt blame the Assistant for waiting for the referee to make decisions on which way throw ins are without knowing the instructions given to assistant by the referee pre match.

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