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Saw it on replay so knew the decision for the RC - has all the hallmarks of a red card challenge and certainly 'justifiable' - was just a pity (though noy wanting anyone to get hurt) there wasn't an 'impact' on the fouled player with the leg that comes over the top, then there would have been no debate

General Discussion / Re: A SOARES DIAS: RMA V MCI
« on: Wed 10 May 2023 08:56 »
I think we all use RTR differently. For me I only log in whilst I'm in the office at work, usually check first thing in the morning and today was looking forward to a post of glowing praise for a referee in a big game managing the match well and putting in a really good performance.

Football is a spectator sport and for enjoyment, if you are looking for 'sanctions from minute one' then we could all referee it to the harshest level. It is the skill of top referees to maange situations, appease players and calm things down.

The Carvajal/Grealish situation on half time was just brilliant, Carvajal had already given away a couple of soft free kicks, he gives Grealish a **** towards the board, Grealish reacts, then similar happened 30 seconds later - many referees would hav ejust gone yellow yelllow, instead he makes a show of force, and ensures that Grealish comes to him, tells them both to use their heads and calm down.

Did he get every deceision right, probably not - but no refereee does, but overall for the status of the match and the teams in it - he should be happy with hsi performance

An unfortuate situation, but as pthers have said not one that officials can take any action on, and as not the last game of the season not sure that they should.

Going back into the past I remember back in 2008 Man U and Chelsea on the last day both going for the title, John Terry got a head injury in the first half so long delay, so at Wigan v Man U they had a 25 minute half time - due to somthing happenign 100 miles away -  so both matches kicked off second half at same time

General Discussion / Re: C Kavanagh- Man Utd vs Fulham
« on: Mon 20 Mar 2023 11:02 »
First of all, to echo the majority of the other posts - all three cards correct, Mitrovic actions scandalous and big ban due and on the whole, referee handled the situation well.

But just a couple of points, firstly from the wide angle you can see that when CK gets to the monitor and Silva first approaches him the assitant on the side is drinking from a bottle, so when CK gets his red card out you see him quickly drop the bottle and 'sitch back on' - just an example to all that at no point should you switch off during the match -= even when you thnk the action will be dead

Secondly - and to reiterate, the reaction is ridiculous, but why was CK so quick to get the red out fot Willian? As soon as he walks back to the pitch, when he is 80 yards from the penalty spot and 50 yards from Willian he points for the penalty and waves the red card in Willians direction while stood next to Mitrovic. Now I know the non-league style of bringing the player to one side, confiming the name etc. wouldn't happen - but I still think getting closer to the player may have helped. We are all headed up to that penalty area for the penalty - so just get the card out when you are there.

General Discussion / Re: Wroxham v Hashtag
« on: Thu 02 Feb 2023 13:34 »
Watched this last night, as you say some interesting decisions.

First red card (2 yellows for left back in first 10 mins) both in isolation are probably cautions at that level, one slide in late and one shirt pull. Its one of those as the ref where though we deal with whats in front of us, you probably wouldn't want that in the first 10 mins of a game you are reffing that you know being filmed. Only slight issue with ref (though it may be editing) is he seemed to take a long time to get cards out which makes it look like he was reacting to the calls for a red, rather than working it out for himself.

Now I have no idea, but the 15 is an ex PL player, who Hashtag bring on after the first red card and with no evidence, I think they bring on to kill the game, sit in centre mid and potentially 'manage' the ref a little, and ends up getting 2 soft yellows - for dissent and simulation in his own third. The commentators argue that it was unfair but I think more he just kept on at the ref, was trying to ref the game itself and then the ref finds an excuse to get rid of him. Not saying right or wrong, but probably understandable.

Late penalty was a funny one, i think striker is already on the way down and defender falls on top of him - actually not as clear cut as some may think - but as it ends with defender lyign on top of striker, so penalty was correct.

Overall i think management of the game would have been hard after giving 2 yellows/red in first 10, as then every slide in and shirt pull became a yellow, thus leading to dissent and a bit of a farce. Potential answer would have been to manage the situation in the first 10 mins rather than give 2 yellows (potentially manage the first one), but also see if someone dives in after 3 mins giving yellow is fine, but you would hope that would calm the player down

General Discussion / Re: Pgmo come out and say ÖÖ
« on: Tue 31 Jan 2023 09:06 »
Brilliant this is exactly the kind of transparency that the PL has badly needed.  It is a shame ( unless I missed it ) that they didnít clarify the Rashford goal in the Manchester derby but nonetheless this a small step in the right direction what Webb is trying to do is still a work in progress but after this Iím more convinced than ever Webbs plan that he is beginning to implement is going to be a major success

Well personally I'm still happy with the Rashford decision (both as a Utd fan and a referee), so no clarification needed...

But unfortuanately in this modern world we live, I think though the intention is good, don't expect anything monumental. Confirming a player should have been sent off in a cup tie his team lost is one thing, but giving/not giving a goal for a team that goes onto be relegated/win the league is probably opening up themselves to some kind of liability, and possible legal action (however unlikely to succeed it is). Same arguments as to why refs don't talk after games.

Only solution to this would be to get all clubs to agree (legally) to some sort of no complaint procedue that let refs (or PGMOL) talk openly without fear of ramifications

First visit to Old trafford for myself in 4 years, and first for my 6 year old ever - so wasn't fully focused on the referee, but overall a solid performance.

From in the stadium as a few others said free kicks were a little random first half (though included in this was -from our view up 10 flights of stairs - a very soft yellow, that on TV viewing shows to be correct) but certainly there was a couple where very little contac twas made and free kick given, followed by a hefty tackle ignored.

Again, it is not a hot topic at that level, but I would like to see everything a bit stricter on dissent, Maupay (who BTW on that performance is stealing a living as a footballer) was giving his opinion on everything, from tryign to get Shaw booked for a push, to havign a go at the assistant around a throw in, culminating in giving the 4O a spray as he was subbed off. As I say I know theere is less cards for dissent at the top level, but some still do need to be given

Cup Appointments / Re: Emirates FA Cup - 2022/2023
« on: Thu 10 Nov 2022 12:39 »
I'm pleased to see Ruebyn Ricardo with an appointment. Does this mean he is now a 2A level referee ?

Nope but sign of midseason promotion imminent

Two mid-seasons in a little over 12 months ?  Someone must like him a lot.

As I have never seen him referee I am in no position to comment on whether he is deserving of these promotions. I believe JCFC has seen him and may offer a more informative opinion. From meeting young Mr Ricardo once when we were both fellow guests of match officials, I can report that a more pleasant, respectful, focused yet modest young man would be hard to find and so for that reason alone I am pleased to note his progress.

Apologies to move away from appointments to talk about one person, but I was fortunate to assist to Reubyn around 5 years ago on the MFL (where I still reside on the line but he has long surpassed), when he was around 20 years old. In a nothing Tuesday night game he was impressive, in fitness, decision making and just general conduct both on and off the pitch.  He then came to our RA a couple of years later after a number of promotions and I warned him then that I had my hopes pinned on him that in not too many years I 'd be seeing him on MOTD and I'd be telling everyone I worked with him once - I still think I may well be making that claim very soon.

Watched it this morning, only watched from 88+ plus knowing what was to come so can't comment on iother timewasting before- From the moment Pope went down to the time play restatrted was 85 seconds, and apart from that additional time ran smooth, for me the time for the final whistle was when Liverpool brought the ball clear from their own penalty area when stopping the Newcastle attack, middle of the pitch at about 96:40 - for whatever reason he allows Liverpool to break back, win the corner and then score from it. Small error with big consequences

Haven't Marriner and Liverpool got previous for late goals? Sure it was he who gave them the late penalty at the Emirates that was scored in 102nd minute  - and I'm pretty sure the board for that one was definitly less than 12

Why is the push in Nunez by Anderson not considered a penalty?

On this, I didn't see the incident live or in full, so if ive misinterpretted the incident then please ignore me. But I notice that whilst Nunez got a red in the 57' Anderson also got a yellow in the 57'. So my assumption is he was cautined for the push/AAA, and then Nunes obv. sent off for VC.

Therefore IF the ball had stayed in play (maybe was still running towards the touchline) and the players acted in the same manner, then by law (if not common sense) then the first action (that the referee saw and took action on) was the Anderson push and therefore play would have been restartd with a penalty? or at least a LFC IDK - on the grounds that the game stopped to show cards and restartes with a IFK?

Go on then, I'll keep biting, I can see the other POV but just don't fully agree

As per the pictures

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]
As Grealish plays the ball (top image) the defender about 8-10 yards ahead has to stretch to make contact with the ball (bottom image) as if he doesn't the ball will go through to the attacker behind him.

The ball then deflects and fall to Kane who IMO has gained an advantage by being in this offside position when Grealish played the ball and is therfore offside

One comment of 'The defender has ample time to consider playing the ball, and unfortunately plays the ball to Kane.  The quality of the play, or the intention is not relevant.' To me 8 yards from Grealish fizzing a pass isn't 'ample time' and you can see from his stretch he's not in a natural position to play the ball so this is a deflection/block not a deliberate playing of the ball.

To add a further note of confusion what would the decision have been if the player (apologies can;t see from image who - but in inside left channel) who the pass was attempted to had also been in an offside position? Would we still say no offside? Because to me trying to pass to someone who is in an offside postition, and then it deflacts to someone else who is should definitly see a flag go up - but I feel not all wouldd agree.

Personally I don't interpret the offside law in the same way as some here

Coming so soon after the decision in the CL final when 2 opposing players slide in to tackle the ball, both make separate contact with the ball but is deemed 'non deliberate', we now have a situation where 1 player stretches to intercept, makes slight contact diverting the ball not where he intended and it is deemed 'deliberate'

To me both needed to be treated the same way, the word 'deliberate' causing as much confusion as 'clear and obvious'. I can see a re-writing to say any contact from an opponent re-sets the offside to stop this confusion moving forwards

General Discussion / Re: A Madrid v m City
« on: Thu 14 Apr 2022 11:53 »
I promise this is the only time I will bring his name into this forum, but on the radio this morning Neil Warnock said ' the last 15 minutes were un-refereeable (sic.) and actually the lad did quite a good job.'

And rather annonyingly I think I agree with Colin

And as a further note, according to SportBible (so served with a pinch of salt) in the final 30 minutes the ball was in play 11 mins 19secs. To add only 4 minutes was quite frankly scandalous - time to take time control off the referee? Surely a 4O or VAR can take this responibility?

General Discussion / Re: Club world Cup final
« on: Tue 15 Feb 2022 16:37 »
Having just seen the highlights - but does anyone know how the 'powers that be' would see the decisions in the game?

To confirm 2 of the goals were penalties, both for handball - neither given on the pitch but VAR alerted the ref, who went to the reveiw area, studied the video and gave both. Then red card for DOGSO in the last seconds, again not seen on the pitch but given after VAR review.

From my opinion the two handballs being missed were understandable both in crowded penalty areas with a lot going on, and VAR noticing them and bringing to attention just shows VAR working. Probably should have got the red at the end, but I can see defender was close to the ball and so maybe could have grazed it.

But to my initial question - technically the refereee has missed 3 KMIs in the match, at a lower level this would lead to a poor mark and no prominent games for a while, but is this the case here - or is the fact the 'team' got the decision in the end mean there is no black mark against the ref?

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