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Messages - charlieboy

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A polite reminder that the dumb emoji is not to be used , dislike or disagree by all means but dumb is offensive and provocative. Neither of which is welcome on the forum .
Thankyou for your cooperation.


Whether we like the current application or not, these are being given every week in the PL, Champions League, and major European leagues, so although we may be minded to dislike it, it isnít a novel or atypical decision.
Absolutely correct,  however that doesn't prevent it being plain carp.the game I knew and fell in love with is dying infact it's on life support , it's played by people now who struggle to stand up , refereed by robots and administered by people interested only in viewing figures and the money that makes . The fun has gone out of it . My team has just got to the championship, am I dreaming of the Premier league? Not a bit of it that would be a nightmare. I pray this sanitised game realises what's happening before its too late .

Sadly Grealish invents / maximises contact again. Tierney falls for it and AWB picks up a caution which is SO wrong
barely even correct to call it a foul , very poor decision.

Locked until the outcome is known , we will then of course reopen the topic .

The fouled player was on his feet pretty much before the card came outÖÖ.. and the consequence does not make the card, the TACKLE does. Look at the tackle against the SFP markers. Itís a red card.

As for no intervention from VAR how can it be clear and obvious if people on here canít even agree on it.

What was clear and obvious though was the clear and obvious foulbfor the not given penalty kick to Barnsley. No excuse for that . I accept your point re the red card as it seems 50/50 opinion which is not clear and obvious.

I thought he was supposed to be one of the best sg2 officials? Well that's worrying.

It's OK Howard will be typing out his apology text as we speak , clear pen earlier too , I feel for Barnsley.

General Discussion / Re: S ATTWELL - Everton v Bournemouth
« on: Sun 28 May 2023 21:42 »
Thought he was fine 1st half very accurate decision making without looking overly confident, the second period after Evertonís Worldy goal he seemed to go downhill, I thought AFCB were on the rough end of many decisions and he seemed a little to pally with the Everton players, I donít doubt his integrity in any way but in such an important match for 3 clubs it wasnít a good look and was Ill advised. I was also disappointed with the caution for the afcb manager when Jordan Pickford gets a yellow a smile and a pat on the back for initiating head to head contact with a afcb player after having been fouled. All in all I felt it was a disappointingly weak display.

General Discussion / Re: D COOTE - Middlesbrough v Coventry
« on: Thu 18 May 2023 13:32 »
I couldn't disagree more I think Tim Wood has been one of the best assistants this season. Maybe a mistake in that game but overall he's had a good season including a cup final

He had a shocker in an fa cup game at Oxford if I remember correctly. I remember the Aston Villa vs Liverpool match last year where he was 30 yards behind play and missed two players stood miles offside
30 yards ????? When one exaggerates one very quickly loses one's argument.

Cup Appointments / Re: Emirates FA Cup - 2022/2023
« on: Wed 17 May 2023 13:21 »
So it seems cup finals which always were appointed on merit are now subject to other criteria. As without a shadow of doubt Simon hooper has been our 3rd best referee this season by a long way , the top 2 have already received this appointment so Simon clearly should have been appointed. What possible plausible reason could have caused this clear and obvious error. I think this appointment should go to var for a review.

I thought he was outstanding, he referees with the minimum of fuss , is very good at ignoring minimal contact but maintained a good grip on proceedings. Second time Iíve seen him and both times just as good .

Another awful referee in Europe for West Ham....
Agreed , not competent for a European semi final. Decisions should not be given on a lottery basis.

General Discussion / Re: A SOARES DIAS: RMA V MCI
« on: Tue 09 May 2023 22:11 »
So did he have a good game or not? Itís really hard to tell

General Discussion / Re: Referee Promotions to the EFL
« on: Tue 09 May 2023 19:17 »
Having seen Lewis smith who was very good and ed duckworth who was struggling to be very bad there was an absolute chasm between the two, Iím actually surprised that mr duckworth gets near to  national premier tbh .they certainly shouldnít both be mentioned in the same breath.

Select Group 2 / Re: Final League Matches Ė Mon 8th MAY 2023
« on: Tue 02 May 2023 23:46 »
Lewis smith refereed Argyles promotion clincher vs burton last weekend, he was very good better than most , calm assured , accurate and had good player management in a high stress environment. If I didnít know otherwise I would have easily said heíd been refereeing in league one for years .

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