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Select Group 2 / Re: Fri 15th Wed 20th SEP 2023
« on: Wed 20 Sep 2023 23:30 »
Bond has gone off at Huddersfield after 29 mins with a reported hamstring issue - Reeves on to replace.

Thought Reeves looked alright. All four cautions were justified. Think I'm right in saying that Bond didn't give a FK for a foul in the 23 minutes he was on for - only offsides. Hopefully, went off as a precaution with what looked like a hamstring problem - a few games on VAR should do the trick.

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Sat 2nd Mon 4th SEP 2023
« on: Tue 29 Aug 2023 17:49 »
Did I miss any news about Alan Young at the end of last season? Not a name I've seen banded around yet this time around but listed on the NL match officials list.

General Discussion / Re: Brooks - Newcastle v Liverpool
« on: Sun 27 Aug 2023 17:25 »
As many have said - thought it was a foul by Gordon on Alexander-Arnold for the first caution, so Brooks has put himself under pressure when the foul happens moments later.

Think Brooks have been sloppy and inconsistent. Joelinton lucky to escape a caution - caught a Liverpool late when he played an advantage, Joelinton commits another foul, when he speaks to him, only for a third foul a minute or so later.

All for referees clamping down on things with the new directives, but get the basics right first.

General Discussion / Re: New directives - so far?
« on: Sun 13 Aug 2023 21:36 »
What are people's general opinions on the directives and there implementation so far? I was at Stoke v Rotherham last weekend and John Busby seemed very quick to dish cards out for very little when it came to "delaying the restart". One could say he lacked feel for the game.

And from the few games I've watched on TV this weekend, there's been examples of PL players not being sanctioned for similar offences. In the Championship game I refer to above, both Brown and Bramall - the latter a two-yard toe bunt that trickled at snails pace - saw yellows for kicking the ball away. Yet I've seen Alvarez (Man City) and others do similar, if not worse, without a card.

One further point - what did people make of the challenges by Konate on Jackson, then Gallagher on Mac Allister that saw the pair upended booked for waving imaginary yellows? Thought Gallagher was extremely fortunate not to be cautioned but Taylor too busy dealing with the directives rather than dealing with the foul.

So far, plenty of petty cautions with referees inconsistent in their sanctions.

General Discussion / Re: Stoke v West Brom - Andy Woolmer
« on: Tue 18 Apr 2023 23:21 »
I think the second Pearson card was for dissent. Furlong let the ball hit him twice, Woolmer spoke to Pearson, so Furlong trudged to the halfway line, then strolled back to take the throw - while Pearson gave Woolmer another ear bashing resulting in the second yellow & red - all a bit of a farce. Could have been handled so much better by a stronger, more proactive ref.

Select Group 2 / Re: Fri 14th Wed 19th APR 2023
« on: Sun 16 Apr 2023 12:35 »
A shame to see Tom Nield go off in his game yesterday, was looking forward to seeing a fresh face. I presume David Webb will step up from 4O to refereeing duties for Stoke v Wigan on Tuesday?

General Discussion / Stoke v West Brom - Andy Woolmer
« on: Sat 15 Apr 2023 23:00 »
A game that needed a strong referee, got one who struggled throughout - random foul detection & sanctions, no control/authority and it ended up with players taking it into their own hands.

In the first 10 mins, he gave a corner wrongly to Stoke when 10-15 yards from play, only for an assistant to tell him to reverse his decision to the correct one from the other side of the pitch. That set the tone.

Too many times West Brom players nudged or backed into a Stoke player when they were in mid air. This resulted in an injury to Hoever, which looked like a winding from a heavy landing, soon ran it off. But there was a serious injury to Ben Wilmot, who landed on his neck/head. Wilmot down but Woolmer strolled over casually before waving the medical team on - a few mins later they were gesturing for a stretcher for Woolmer to be wagging his finger at them. The stretcher was eventually allowed on and Wilmot carried off with oxygen. Still waiting for assessment at hospital.

Woolmer lost the plot from there giving soft free-kicks for minimal contact then missing obvious heavy challenges. And did very little about the time-wasting that saw him decide to show Ben Pearson a second yellow for a) taking it into his own hands by throwing the ball at Furlong twice, who just let it hit him and bounce back to delay the restart - no sanctions for Furlong's actions & b) dissent.

It's the third time I've seen him this year and they've all been below par but this one was seriously concerning as he was endangering the safety of the players with some of his decision making, or at times, lack of it. He struggles to get around the pitch and is too far from incidents.

The fact the managers described him as the pantomime villain and Alex Neil saying "one of the worst refereeing performances in senior football" summed up it.

Good luck to the Exeter and Derby players on Tuesday night, you'll need it if he's as inept as he was today.

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Fri 7th - Mon 10th APR 2023
« on: Sun 09 Apr 2023 11:47 »
Has anybody seen if there's been a replacement to Northampton v Gillingham tomorrow after Scott Oldham limped off on Good Friday?

Select Group 2 / Re: Fri 7th - Mon 10th APR 2023
« on: Mon 03 Apr 2023 22:21 »
Was half expecting one of Stoke's two matches this Easter to be used as a trial game given they both look to be mid-table dead rubbers alas.

Seen Whitestone on 4O duties a lot lately, but doesn't seem to have had a middle for a few weeks. Everything alright with him? One of the safer pair of hands at this level.

General Discussion / Re: C Pawson - Middlesbrough V Stoke
« on: Tue 14 Mar 2023 22:41 »
Respectfully disagree. If you didn't know he was SG1, you'd think he was in with the usual SG2 (Edited insult not necessary or welcome)

Was disappointed by the inconsistency in his decisions that seemed to go one way and not the other. And as you say 'let the players decide the outcome' far too often, especially by missing cautions for cynical or late fouls in the second half.

First half, a case for a penalty not given. Ramsey puts in a clumsy tackle and catches Laurent, getting none of the ball - seen penalties given for far less. Also, Pawson seemed unsure on when to actually stop play to allow treatment for head injuries. This happened on multiple occasions, including the Boro goal.

Boro's best chance of the second half fell to Paddy McNair who blazed over from an offside position that saw no flag.

I only saw this first half of this but didn't see what all the Sunderland fans social media fuss was about. Roberts went down far too easily in the box, could have easily been booked for simulation. Good spot from Whitestone not to give it.

Then for the Diallo card referenced above, Whitestone allows him to continue his run towards the area until he's upended by Eccles. That trip gets a reaction from Diallo and several Sunderland players - mainly defenders charging 25+ yards to get involved rather unnecessarily. Eccles rightly booked for the foul, Diallo booked for his reaction. Overall, seemed a very tetchy first 45 minutes, mainly due to poor player behaviour rather than the referee's performance.

Would imagine there'll be an FA charge on it's way to Sunderland for failing to control their players.

Select Group 2 / Re: Fri 17th Tue 21st FEB 2023
« on: Mon 13 Feb 2023 22:09 »
So, after Woolmer does Stoke 0-0 Hull on Saturday (11/02), he's got Stoke's trip to Swansea - second time in four games, and the third since the Championship returned after the World Cup break.

For balance, the likes of Robinson, Simpson & Busby yet to do a Stoke game this season. Surely there can be a better spread of officials to take charge of these games?

Select Group 2 / Re: Fri 3rd - Tue 7th FEB 2023
« on: Sat 04 Feb 2023 21:53 »
Sorry if this has been mentioned/discussed elsewhere: Does anybody know what's happened to Ollie Langford? Haven't seen his name for a few weeks. Seems like his last outing was Swansea v Burnley (02/01/23).

Also, has there been an update about Andy Davies after his injury in Wigan v Blackpool?

General Discussion / Stoke v Stevenage - D Webb
« on: Sun 29 Jan 2023 22:12 »
A poor afternoon from Webb, who I've always thought was one of the better SG2 refs, but he's had a stinker.

His assistants did little to help with some strange calls, giving clear throw-ins the wrong way. The biggest howler of the lot was the decision to penalise the Stevenage defender for a decent challenge on Brown in the box. Stoke dispatched the penalty to put the tie to bed, but from Row 34 inside the stadium you could tell it was a fair and clean tackle. Having seen a replay from Webb's view, I'm not quite sure what he's seen. I'm sure his ears will still be ringing from a post-match verbal volley from Steve Evans!

The Stevenage equaliser is questionable for offside as well. Very tight! If we had VAR, it would probably have been chalked off. Not a great day for the officials, sadly.

General Discussion / Re: Charlton v Bolton The Babbling Brook
« on: Sun 29 Jan 2023 22:06 »
I saw Carl at Crewe Alex earlier in the season and thought he was very good, and a considerably better performance from him than from SG2 David Webb who also came to Gresty Road earlier in the season.

Saw parts of this game and liked Brook's style of refereeing, which kept a lid on things. As you mention Webb, who I've seen today, wait until you see his howler of a penalty decision! I say howler despite it massively favouring my team.

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