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Messages - Wollongong Ref

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...and still not a Scottish female referee appointed. Not good at all.

Scottish newspaper is saying Tello and crew are heading home.  Make of that what you will.

Not a Scottish referee appointed. Willie Collum has a big job.

Euros 2024 / Germany 2024 Referees.
« on: Tue 23 Apr 2024 10:58 »
See the link

No real surprises. 19 referees and their assistants inc an Argentina Tello. 
No Frapport though. 

This will be a loss. Marais is an example of an umpire/referee always having the ability to improve. He started off as a shaky umpire but retires as the best umpire of the last 5 years. Congratulations to him on a great career.

... imagine staying down that long because a referee accidently hit you. One tough hombre there.

General Discussion / Re: C KAVANAGH - Palace v Everton (FA)
« on: Fri 05 Jan 2024 00:26 »
Referee in good view sees the issue and says no foul.
VAR says Obvious error and RC.
I pose this question... If the referee sees the incident and says no FOUL how can we go to a red card and keep the authority and confidence of the referee on the field. If it was a RC in my humble opinion then the VAR needs to stay out and let the referee carry the can.
I see a difference between going from Yellow to Red and Red to Yellow but from nothing to RC the referee on the field needs to be 100% accountable..... Please discuss.

Non Footy Appointments / Re: Six Nations 2024
« on: Wed 06 Dec 2023 06:44 »
Surprised no Mike Adamson but great appointment for Hollie Davidson.   

Non Footy Appointments / Re: ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
« on: Fri 17 Nov 2023 11:17 »
Wow.  Appointments based on performance and not reputation… not the previous ICC way.  Glad for the change. 

Non Footy Appointments / Re: ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
« on: Mon 13 Nov 2023 08:57 »
ICC breaking with tradition and leaving KD and ME for the final providing South Africa don’t make it?

International Appointments / Re: international friendlies?
« on: Tue 17 Oct 2023 09:26 »
Anyone know who has Australia v New Zealand. I would love to Jarred Gillett get it. He represents England and would have refereed most of the players as they made their way through the A-League.

First game for Coolum for a while. Can’t believe he is still on the elite panel. No appointments of note for seasons.

For me this is a good decision by the VAR and the reason we have it. Gillett made a good call with what he saw and at the speed of the incident. VAR has the time and ability to have a second look and that sets the review in motion. Once it is reviewed and the considerations are applied- it is a red card.
I would like to think that the marking system does not mark Gillett down for this as it's not a howler, took at least 3 views before the lay man goes Red Card.

Non Footy Appointments / Re: ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
« on: Wed 27 Sep 2023 01:03 »
Reiffel and Tucker umpiring Pakistan v Australia in Pakistan….. surely there are better options than this?

International Appointments / Re: international friendlies?
« on: Tue 12 Sep 2023 22:54 »
Can someone post the refereeing team for Scotland v England.

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