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A trip to Dublin for bmb?

Hoping so! Have the flights but need 1 more negative covid test to come back in time!

General Discussion / Re: UEFA Referees Documentary
« on: Mon 23 Nov 2020 20:31 »
Hategan comes across as a really nice guy. Highly intelligent as well.  Wonder if he will go back to being a doctor post retirement? Very difficult listening to him talking about the day his Mum died. I've said before what immense courage he showed that day to carry on with that game. His Mum would have been so proud of him, even more than usual.

Enjoyed listening to Rocchi

Had to giggle at the first words we hear from Michael Oliver were "it's absolutely freezing" - Man up, you're supposed to be a hardy northerner!!

General Discussion / Re: UEFA Referees Documentary
« on: Mon 23 Nov 2020 19:51 »

Did anyone make out what was said for the penalty save with Hategan during Dortmund V Barcelona? Translation sub-titles went too quick for my eyes!

Was a bit too much on the outside.

Maybe a step and a half, please check.

I Spy Old Refs! / Re: English Division 1 Referee Database
« on: Mon 23 Nov 2020 19:32 »
Welcome to the forum LUFC_statistics ;D

Evidently Taylor must perform brilliantly in Europe, hence these very high profile appointments.

I have watched 4 games of his so far in Europe (this season) and he has performed excellently in all of them.  The latest match you could hear him speaking to the players and his communication with them was top notch. He seems to be very suited to International games, they bring out the very best in him.

I suspect it's not just the PL, but all the appointments he's had in Europe for the Nations League and the CL.  He's off to Italy today to referee Lazio tomorrow evening. A totally unnecessary appointment in my view when he was involved in R-1 and R-3.  Taylor was in R-2 and now R-4.  As we know, Taylor seems to be favoured in U.E.F.A circles ('anointed' as one poster suggested), so if Oliver's performances dip, he could well miss out on the Knock-Out stages.

I believe that PL could ease the pressure on Oliver a bit. With the Covid incidents on referees in Europe, UEFA is left with little choices. For example, I believe that Oliver was a replacement on MD4. More likely for Kovacs (who is positive on Covid).

Bognár has only just returned to the Hungarian domestic league after 6 weeks out after post match positive covid tests.  We are struggling to cover our league each week at the moment & we only have 6 games if it's a full schedule for the same reason.  We struggled with just 5 games this week. Vad is long term injured on top of that which isn't helping. Our top league is mostly being covered by our NBII referees - great experience for them mind you! There are a few of our Eastern/Central European domestic leagues with the same struggle.

Jobbulást István

General Discussion / Re: MLS chaos!
« on: Sun 22 Nov 2020 22:58 »
Now that is a day at the office you'd want to forget!  What a complete shambles.

Why are the MLS using the old LOTG & not the current ones?

Orlando's kit is lush!

Foreign League Appointments / Re: NBI Season 2020/21
« on: Sat 21 Nov 2020 18:14 »
Nice to see Mr Bognár back.  He has been out since the post match covid 19 positive tests when he was referee at Honvéd on 4th October!

Mol Fehérvár v DVTK
2020.11.22 - 17:00
Székesfehérvár, Mol Aréna Sóstó
Referee: Bognár Tamás
4O: Vígh-Tarsonyi Gergő
AR: Buzás Balázs, Szécsényi István
AAR: Iványi Zoltán, Takács János

Takács János, Vígh-Tarsonyi Gergő & Szécsényi István all out for a 2nd day running.

Wishing all those affected by covid full & speedy recoveries.

International Appointments / Women's World Cup 2023
« on: Sat 21 Nov 2020 18:01 »
Kulcsár Katalin has been named as one of the referees on the long term list for the tournament.  Her AR's named are Török Katalin and Vad Anita (sister of Vad II István).

Congratulations ladies

Translated from focibiro:

I consider it a recognition of my professional work in recent years and I am very pleased to be participating in the FIFA Women's World Cup preparation program for the third time.
It is a special pleasure for me that while I was alone representing the Hungarian referee at the World Cup in 2015, last summer we were able to work with Katalin Török in the French Vébet, and now we have the chance to participate in up to three Hungarian trios in Australia and New Zealand. tournament. The fact that all three of us can participate in the VAR project launched by the MLSZ in October can greatly increase our chances for the final nomination. Successful completion of the training and the subsequent practical use of the VAR system can be of great help in our preparations for the World Cup, as after the 2019 World Cup, FIFA will also use a video referee system in this tournament for effective refereeing.

It is a great honor and of course a huge challenge to have the opportunity in the 2023 World Cup project. I see the 2019 Women's World Championships in France as the culmination of my career so far, where Kati and I were able to represent Hungary after a similar, multi-year selection process. I am very happy that in addition to giving it to me for the second time, this time we can prepare for the competitions with Anita.

It came as a surprise to me with the news, great joy and honor of being selected by FIFA for the 2023 World Cup program. Under the auspices of UEFA, I have been assisting in international matches since 2017. In 2019, I had the opportunity to participate in the women’s U17 European Championships. My selection into the FIFA program could open new gates for me.

I stand with maximum determination for the next period. It is still a lot of framework, we have a lot of work to do. I will do my best to have our team there at the 2023 World Cup and to represent the Hungarian referee.

Foreign League Appointments / Re: NBI Season 2020/21
« on: Sat 21 Nov 2020 14:20 »
I haven't seen Vad on the appointments lately. Injured?

He's only been involved in 1 game this season so far and we are now a third of the way through. It was the weekend that we struggled to put out 6 teams of match officials over the weekend and we had 8 match officials doing 2 games each across the weekend. 1st November - Round 9. He was AAR1 to the lovely Mr Solymosi in the Újpest v MTK Budapest match. Újpest had requested a postponement, MTK refused and therefore Mr Puhl had to find match officials for 6 games not 5. He may well be involved in tomorrow's game but I'm not expecting to see him out.

Mr Puhl said a few weeks ago that there are big changes coming to the NBI referee list in the near future with as many as 5 or 6 referees leaving the list and being replaced by younger referees. I would suspect the 5-6 leaving to be Solymosi Péter (48), Iványi Zoltán (45 in December), Erdős József (43), Pintér Csaba (43) and Andó-Szabó Sándor (42) possibly along with Vad II retiring through injury. This is the 3rd season now he has barely had a game, the only explanation is that he is struggling with a recurring injury.

Incoming I would expect to see Csonka Bence (28) & Pillók Ádám (32), who made their NBI debuts towards the end of 18/19 and are both establishing themselves very well. Last season we had debuts from Antal Péter (34), Káprály Mihály (30 in November) and  Zierkelbach Péter (32) has made his NBI debut this season. There are a few other NBII refs who could well be close to debuting on the NBI – Hanyecz Bence, Molnár Attila as 2 examples.

I have to accept it is the lovely Mr Solymosi's last season - I'm hoping for a May not December retirement!

Article on Mr Puhl's interview here!

Foreign League Appointments / Re: NBI Season 2020/21
« on: Fri 20 Nov 2020 19:20 »
Well I got the quickly part - thanks Mr Puhl!  :-* Won't get my preferred red shirt  :'( as he is on the Kispest game!

Puskás Akadémia  V Budafoki MTE
2020.11.21 - 14:45
Felcsút, Puskás Akadémia Pancho Aréna
Referee: Pillók Ádám
4O: Szécsényi István
AR: Márkus Tamás, Horváth Zoltán (F)
AAR: Antal Péter, Radványi Ádám

Mezőkövesd Zsóry V MTK Budapest
2020.11.21 - 17:00
Mezőkövesd, Mezőkövesd Városi Stadion
Referee: Erdős József <--- wore black
4O: Horváth Róbert
AR: Szalai Balázs, Farkas Balázs
AAR: Takács János, Hanyecz Bence

Budapest Honvéd V Ferencváros
2020.11.21 - 19:30
Budapest, Új Hidegkuti Nándor Stadion
Referee: Solymosi Péter
4O: Albert István
AR: Vígh-Tarsonyi Gergő, Király Krisztián
AAR: Bogár Gergő, Zierkelbach Péter

Foreign League Appointments / Re: NBI Season 2020/21
« on: Fri 20 Nov 2020 18:11 »
Kisvárda Master Good v Paks
2020.11.20 – 20:00
Kisvárda, Kisvárdai Várkerti Stadion
Referee: Káprály Mihály
4O: Medovarszki János
AR: Garai Péter, Bornemissza Norbert
AAR: Csonka Bence, Ducsai József

Újpest v ZTE – match postponed

Rest to follow

No #SolymosiWatch yet! Come on Mr Puhl - play nice it's been 12 whole days! Ok so Hungary have been promoted to the A division in the Nations League and qualified for the Euros 2021 in that time which is rather ace to say the least BUT priorities and all that! #SolyosiWatch quickly please and preferably redshirted #SolymosiWatch - please and thank you!  :-*

Szerbia 5-0 win!! So happy for my Serbian friends - they avoided relegation and helped Hungary finish top of the division.  Beating Turkey played a big part in that as well of course! Hungary promoted to the A division!


My beautiful Serbian man was happy with Taylor and team - he's been knocking back the pálinka! He's 4 shots ahead of me - scandalous! My Serb that is and not Mr Taylor!

The Slovak team on the Hungary game were fine. One absolutely dreadful offside call from AR2.  Ball played deep in one half and I mean literally just outside the penalty area where Dibz was, touches no-one and finally comes down about midway into the other half and he gave offside against Niko I think it was! He's going to be very embarrassed by that when he watches it back. That was really the only very poor decision though & wasn't a game changing one.  It was earlyish in the first half & he was fine for the rest of the game. Mr Glova was rather camera shy tonight though which was rather disappointing! Someone from the Federation was operating the board so didn't even see him for substitutions!

General Discussion / Re: C BREAKSPEAR - Plymouth v Portsmouth
« on: Wed 18 Nov 2020 14:02 »
Long time lurker, first time poster here. Evening all.

Welcome to RTR ;D

General Discussion / Re: C BREAKSPEAR - Plymouth v Portsmouth
« on: Tue 17 Nov 2020 13:42 »
Why would you jump at a ball with your arms in front of your face?

To protect that pretty boy face!  ::)

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