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General Discussion / Re: C KAVANAGH - Preston v Fulham
« on: Today at 07:02 pm »
Plus, after dropping Mitrovic for most of last season, Mitrovic will be a beast on Friday aiming to settle a few scores I think.

Mitrovic is special.  I love watching him play for Szerbia.

General Discussion / Re: C KAVANAGH - Preston v Fulham
« on: Today at 07:01 pm »
The Preston goal should've been disallowed for handball (twice possibly) and maybe offside as well, but you cannot criticise the refereeing team for this one, much as it rankles as a Fulham fan. I think Rodak should've been stronger/could've done better and you cannot disallow a goal on the say so of the defending team if you haven't seen the incident. This is where VAR would've assisted them (and Fulham) and personally I feel its introduction has been of benefit to the game overall.

Agree (apart from I'm in 2 minds about VAR in general). Crowded box, several bodies obscuring view and it was on his blindside anyway. He doesn't have X-Ray vision, as far as I know anyway so he had zero chance with it.  His position was as expected so it wasn't a case of him being in the wrong place and missing it.  AR had no chance either, the post would have been obscuring his view along with all the players. Plus it was upper arm/shoulder right on the borderline of it being hand ball or not. One of those rare ones where they could have changed nothing to get it right - themselves I mean, VAR would have caught it.

General Discussion / Re: C KAVANAGH - Preston v Fulham
« on: Today at 06:23 pm »

Loving the Coventry equaliser on 90+5 at AFCB! 👍👍👍

Hadn't even looked at the score there yet!  I have been enjoying Kisvárda 5-0 MTK and Fehérvár 3-2 Gyirmót. 10 goals, 3 pens, 2 YYR so far! Big Budapest derby up next - probably be a dull 0-0 after the entertainment so far today! Hajrá Lilák. Csak a Kispest.

Sounds like Mr Coote was busy this afternoon too… Lerma binned for DOGSO and a two goal lead thrown away.

At least Coote won’t be at Fulham v Bournemouth Friday !

Lerma in red card shocker... Some things never change! AFCB not in the best of spells at the moment. It is what it is! What sort of reception is Parker likely to get from Fulham on Friday?  Hoping we get someone like Andre for that game.  It's normally quite a friendly fixture to be fair. Always enjoyed visits there, not that there has been many!! I'll be enjoying Paks v Honvéd!

General Discussion / Re: C KAVANAGH - Preston v Fulham
« on: Today at 06:12 pm »

Loving the Coventry equaliser on 90+5 at AFCB! 👍👍👍

Hadn't even looked at the score there yet!  I have been enjoying Kisvárda 5-0 MTK and Fehérvár 3-2 Gyirmót. 10 goals, 3 pens, 2 YYR so far! Big Budapest derby up next - probably be a dull 0-0 after the entertainment so far today! Hajrá Lilák. Csak a Kispest.

General Discussion / Re: C KAVANAGH - Preston v Fulham
« on: Today at 02:42 pm »
I didn't notice a foul in the build up but there was so much going on in the box in those few seconds I may have missed it. The handball was one they would never get - too many bodies in the box, it was on his blindsight & the AR would have been obscured by the post, as well as the sheer number of bodies. One where VAR would be the only way of getting it right.

He does look like he is a bit low on confidence but I thought he did well.

Loved the purple shirt!


This thread has been open for five days yet has only managed to attract three responses (other than the two OP's)


I guess some of that is that we don't have available a factual data sheet that we can pick apart - it's easier to dissect facts than it is to dissect personal accounts. Personal experience will vary, largely based on the pigmentation of your skin. Someone white is highly unlikely to have been subjected to racist abuse/profiling personally, at most they may have witnessed it happen to a friend or colleague. If you have officiated with just white colleagues then the chance of you personally witnessing it are vastly lowered to if you regularly work with someone non-white. I remember having a heated debate with a guy I have known for 30 odd years, post the Brexit referendum, who told me there was no evidence of racism locally & it simply didn't happen, despite me recounting several incidents towards my son, then one day we were having a coffee in town and he heard and witnessed racial abuse towards my son including a comment along the lines of 'we voted to get rid of people like you, why are you still here, eff off back to where you come from' - the shock on his face was huge! He now realises it does happen. The point there being it's easier to believe it doesn't happen if it's something you have never witnessed personally.

I think on here we are all of the mindset that we long for the day where colour, sexuality, sex etc no longer matters and live in hope every day that it's not still happening but it does. Those that tend to see it are those that are the targets of it - whether racist, sexist, homophobic or whatever other vile discrimination is out there. I will add not every BAME/female/gay official will be subjected to abuse or held back for being BAME/female/gay and there is a tiny minority who will try and blame their lack of progress on the fact they are held back because they are BAME/female/gay rather than just accepting that they quite simply are not good enough to progress beyond the level they are at.

It's a difficult one - those in the ivory towers like to bury their heads in the sand, they do the same in relation to the level of abuse & assaults at grassroots level to be honest let alone issues of discrimination from within.  No-one wants to talk about it, it's an uncomfortable subject, as Affy says a nervousness, no-one wants to be falsely accused of being racist because they don't word something quite right for example. It doesn't matter if it's a small minority of incidents or common place - 1 incident is 1 too many. The talk needs to happen at Ivory Tower level in particular. Some white people need to learn to open their ears and really listen, some BAME people need to calm down and talk calmly and openly instead of shouting. I get the anger, I'm not dismissing the anger but for productive talks to ever happen people need to talk and listen.

The FA don't help though.  David Elleray should 100% have been fired for his comments back in 2014, and if you don't lead from the top you are always going to leave yourselves open to accusations of not leading the fight.

Completely agree.

David Elleray really disappointed me, to put it mildly! He had taken an interest in bmb jr when he was just 10/11 (jr not DE), he'd arranged training for him, set him learning opportunities, spent time with him teaching him the LOTG, countless advice regarding knowing them & implementing them etc. He often commented on what a polite, respectful young man he was. When jr was racially abused he was on the phone within 48 hours offering support and wanting to know how he could help. Troy Townsend was already involved by then but he still phoned me every few days to check up on jr.  Jr adored him so when that all came out it was devastating for him. Among others of course!


bmb will be off to Northern Ireland methinks!!!

Whereas I had thought she had been allowed to hand-pick Hungary's referee herself for totty-watch purposes, based on her previous comments.

Just as purely random no-one wants to know but I'm going to tell you anyway fact... Filip Glova is from Košice in Slovakia - pre Trianon that would have been Kassa, Hungary! Yes Kassa as in Kassai!! That explains it!

Absolute masterclass from my boy in Rome. Goals 1 & 3 he played advantages that led to the goals. Positioning was decent, he's improved so much there. 1 occasion where I grimaced slightly but he didn't get in the way. 2 yellow cards - 90th min for late tackle, 90+1 for USB. Excellent pen shout around 43, gave himself a couple of seconds think time & got it spot on.

I'm beaming with pride right now. Absolutely beaming.

10 yellows and a red from Nobre in Slovenia this evening…. 😳

Has it been a bad tempered game?

Foreign League Appointments / Re: NBI season 2021/22
« on: Tue 23 Nov 2021 21:17 »
Disciplinary committee met today.

Ferencváros 3-0 Mol Fehérvár
Final incident of note – 90+3, Tokmac pulled back Funsho, Funsho responded by deliberately elbowing Tokmac in the face. Referee Berke having no hesitation with showing him a red. Funsho responded by trying to go for the referee, credit to his team mates for dragging him away, several times before getting him off the pitch – he can expect an extra ban for that disgraceful conduct. Tokmac was rightly shown a yellow for the original pull.

4 match ban for Funsho

Budapest Honvéd 3-0 MTK Budapest
Not the most thrilling of first halves. It came alive in injury time for the wrong reasons, Baráth holding Haraszti, Haraszti holding Baráth in a head lock at waist level. Bit of pushing and shoving followed before Haraszti grabbed Baráth around the throat briefly with 1 hand. Correct red card for Haraszti and an equally correct yellow for Baráth. I am still trying to decide if Haraszti was brave or foolish, I love Baráth, he's my favourite thug, I'm surprised Haraszti is still alive!!

2 match ban for Haraszti

Újpest 3-1 DVSC
Loki had barely finished celebrating and Nikolic decided for some unknown reason to just push a Lilák player over, no attempt to play the ball. No reason for it, it was stupid and unnecessary and off he went for an early bath.

1 match ban for Nikolic

ZTE 1-1 Mezőkövesd Zsóry
Katanec managed to get himself booked twice in the space of 3 mins – early bath for him!

1 match ban for Katanec


So I think we should post the following colours for the appointments 👍

England - red
Scotland - blue
Ireland (Rep and Northern) - green
Wales - orange
Hungary - yellow purple.

There was another country we agreed to add to the highlight list but I can never remember who it was!

The Hungary list extends to István Kovács & FC DAC! Probably more as well when I think of them!!

Are these all 2nd group refs? No third group?

Istvan Kovacs (ROU)

Mattias Gestranius (FIN)
Jérôme Brisard (FRA)
Manuel Schüttengruber (AUT)

Robert Harvey (IRL)
Goga Kikacheishvili (GEO)
Yigal Frid (ISR)
Donald Robertson (SCO)
Espen Eskĺs (NOR)
Dennis Higler (NED)

Bram Van Driessche (BEL)
Helgi Mikael Jónasson (ISL)
Morten Krogh (DEN)
Urs Schnyder (SUI)
Michal Ocenas (SVK)

For crying out loud...

I’ve lost count how many games Haines has had at Spotland….

15 this season alone I think!

Select Group 2 / Re: Fri 26th – Mon 29th NOV 2021
« on: Mon 22 Nov 2021 18:18 »
Royalty for Fulham and Bournemouth… Both Coote and Kavanagh seem to be out of favour.

And I suspect it’ll be a SG1 appointment for the top of the table clash a week on Friday…

Coote can buy the coffee!

Kav has 3 games over the weekend having flitted off to Nyon midweek for VAR duties - PNE middle - Saturday, VAR on the Chelsea game Sunday & then WHU v BHA Tue or Wed so he's a busy boy. 2 middles as well giving him the chance to work off all those bourbon biscuits he's been scoffing on VAR duty! He's going to be awesome

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