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Non Footy Appointments / Re: Rugby League World Cup
« on: Fri 11 Nov 2022 21:33 »
Wow, what a 1st semi final, and Mr Klein showing why he is the world number one

Non Footy Appointments / Re: ICC Mens T20 World Cup 2022
« on: Fri 11 Nov 2022 19:50 »
Unknown tribes in the Peruvian rain forest knew they would be the on field umpires! *one for the teenagers there!*

Non Footy Appointments / Re: Rugby League World Cup
« on: Thu 10 Nov 2022 06:42 »
Good insight AFAref. I feel like Ben Thaler would have enough international experience to do a semi final but he has been mysteriously sidelined in this tournament for some reason!

There is an International panel of referees, just like the ICC cricket list, and England gets 3 nominations. This is then supplemented by additional Super League referees for lower ranked internationals. The England nominations are Hicks, Kendall and Moore, so Thaler was never in the equation to get a "big" Men's game at the tournament.

Stuart Cummins is in charge of the International list and appointments. 

Non Footy Appointments / Re: Rugby League World Cup
« on: Wed 09 Nov 2022 18:48 »
That was obviously the pay off for Moore refereeing England last week, so Australia could have the semi and Final referees.

Moore is England's number one, but he's not that experienced in international rugby, mainly due to the lack of it over the last 3 years, so they wouldn't want to take the risk in a semi final.

For me Klein gets his 2nd final whoever is in it. In my opinion he was fortunate to get it in 2008 when an Australia Vs New Zealand allowed for a neutral "English" referee for the final. It was him, Ganson or the Frenchman Alibert as neutral. But he is by far the top referee in the world and deserves the final.

As previously mentioned, his experience in England sort of helps with the neutrality argument should it be an England Vs Australia final, but having been at the 2000 WC opener when England played Australia in the first game at Twickenham which was refereed by the inexperienced Pakieto from New Zealand, you do need the best referee to do a World Cup Final.

If it was football, you wouldn't put a National League referee on a WC final and that would be the equivalent of using someone not English or Australian on this one.

I look forward to watching Mr Sutton in the flesh this Saturday and then Mr Klein in the final. Although I have met Mr Klein, and had a beer with him (I think he was on soft drinks to be fair) many many years ago when he was a London RL referee before he got on Super League

Non Footy Appointments / Re: Rudi Koertzen
« on: Thu 18 Aug 2022 22:53 »

William Bowden

Brent Bowden is his name, “Billy” is his moniker

Dean might well just be on holiday or something.

There is a Ladies team event this week on the European Golf Tour, he may well be carrying a bag around

If we are chiming in personal impressions: I recall well his performance in the Newport vs. Forest Green playoff semifinal in 2019 - he stepped from fourth officials duty to take charge (appointed ref was injured iirc) and unfortunately he made a big mess of the game. He 'bottled' (and this is a fair to term to use) an early RC to a Newport player for DOGSO, before later wrongly awarding them a penalty. He had other troubles too. Understandable to not be fully mentally ready for such a key fixture at short notice, but still, he was verrryyy poor on that evening (enough to stay very clearly in my mind!).

Would that match so clearly in your mind be Newport's semi-final with Mansfield or Forest Green's one with Tranmere ? ;)


General Discussion / Re: Retirement
« on: Thu 09 Jun 2022 18:47 »
National List Assistant
Darren Blunden has retired

Final game 30/04/22. Ipswich Town Vs Charlton Athletic

Tuesday 7th June
Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
21:00 local, 19:00 BST, 22:00 GST, 04:00 (Wednesday) AEST
AFC Final qualifying round
Australia Vs United Arab Emirates

Referee: TANTASHEV Ilgiz UZB
Assistant Referee 1:TSAPENKO Andrey UZB
Assistant Referee 2: Timur Gaynullin UZB
Fourth official: KO Hyung Jin KOR

Winners Play Peru next Monday evening in Intercontinental play off 1

Match available to watch online at or Channel 10 in Australia

General Discussion / Re: Son: very Fragile?
« on: Mon 21 Mar 2022 19:40 »
The fact is that no referee's will give a penalty unless 1) someone goes down and 2) there's an appeal, as the decision "cannot be sold". This is a rod that referee's have made for themselves I'm afraid.

There is no incentive for players to stay on their feet

Co - Commentator: "it looked high, it looked reckless, it looked dangerous, give me a replay"... sees replay "ridiculous decision". but with the one view the pundit had, he obviously thought it was red

Is it any wonder football referees are maligned every week.

Now go to rugby (co) commentators, they have training with referees every month about the laws of the game. never undermine them and almost always state what the sanction is going to be before the referee gives it. A couple of weeks ago they weren't happy with the ref or TMO on a decision and their words were "oh dear, that is just blatantly wrong, but we all have bad days at the office once in a while". 

We have Mr Gallagher on every Monday giving the referees viewpoint of decisions on Sky, but wally Wooten has to try and catch him out and we have to put up with Sue and Stephen's view on each incident "well I thought....". In the words of The Rock "It doesn't matter what you thought", that is what was given and that is the reasoning as to why it was given. Stop making out that the official is the bad guy/girl. Give me patience. Rant over

General Discussion / Re: Colchester Vs Swindon
« on: Mon 31 Jan 2022 18:26 »
sarginson dishing out the circle red card for the 1st time this season :)

The only other circle red I’ve seen this season is Harrington…

Who else uses it?

Me  :)

General Discussion / Re: P TIERNEY - Chelsea v Tottenham
« on: Sun 23 Jan 2022 20:01 »
Why was Kane's hand on Silva's back? He didn't need to put his hand there, and give the referee a decision to make.

I was watching with some Spurs fans and, for what it's worth, I said push straight away.

General Discussion / Re: Felix Brych
« on: Wed 08 Dec 2021 15:04 »
Is he staying on in the bundesliga?


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