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General Discussion / Re: Shrewsbury v Gillingham SAM ALLISON
« on: Fri 03 Sep 2021 13:18 »
Three sent off including a Shrewsbury goalkeeper after a touchline bust up causing a melee- Paul Raynor, assistant manager of Gills Red Carded too.

Not seen it but would be interested in the views of those that did watch it

Afters for both clubs must be a possibility

Bell and Hicks with the TV games in this round - Hicks unlucky to miss out on SG2 in my opinion so I hope he has another strong year.

Also an all Championship clash for Barrott - decent appointments last season for a first year ref, could well be one to keep an eye on!

I noticed that Samuel and James Bell, both 2nd year EFL referees have good appointments. Both really have the ability, lets see if they can use it.

General Discussion / Re: Israeli Cup Final VAR AGAIN
« on: Mon 14 Jun 2021 13:01 »
Where was the fourth official to help the ref out in clearing the VAR area?!!

Hope the red team get a hefty punishment

For the managers actions to the opposition fans, he should have been arrested. I hope he gets a "year off" from football - anything lower is a disgrace.

General Discussion / Promotion - who goes up to SG1 & SG2
« on: Tue 11 May 2021 10:36 »
What changes do we expect to the SG1 & SG2 referees?

Are any of the SG1 likely to retire at the end of the season?


General Discussion / Oh dear - brilliant positioning?
« on: Mon 22 Feb 2021 09:52 »

Should be a drop-ball restart to the defending goal-keeper, but I don't know how the game was actually re-started. Bet the other team would be happy about that!  ;D

General Discussion / Re: MLS chaos!
« on: Mon 23 Nov 2020 10:48 »
OMG - so worrying..... Its almost like TRUMP is in charge of the MLS.

Make UK officiating over the weekend almost competent!

Oh dear, I think she will have a couple of weeks off. Not good.  :'(
But what was the 4O doing, they are meant to warn her that she has had done this.

General Discussion / Re: Pyramid Patrol 2020/21
« on: Tue 06 Oct 2020 16:05 »

One wonders what Mr Observer (Moore?) had to do with his report(s). The referee had looked very sharp indeed until his early departure, with accurate decision-making, sensibly restrained use of the whistle, good movement and plenty of vocal input. In best Lady Bracknell mode, however, JCFC might be inclined to say "To leave one game early, Mr Dawson ..."

As he had completed 45 minutes as referee, a normal report would be submitted to the FA. Unfortunately, Mr K does not get a referee report for his partial performance (nor a share of the referee's fee for the match  :o)

Average performance by Atkinson imo , no complaints about the result palace deserved it but the biggest decision was the poorest I’ve seen in many a year step forward VAR Jon Moss to have that penalty retaken for De Gea being the slightest margin off his line is really poor and embarrassing

And what allowance is made in cricket for a front foot no-ball? A fraction of an inch over and its a no-ball!
Same with GLT, a fraction of a inch over - its a goal.

While we may not like the new interpretation and the use of VAR on this matter, it is correct in Law and that what IFAB wants!

General Discussion / Re: K A FRIEND - Newcastle v Brighton
« on: Mon 21 Sep 2020 08:40 »
Personally think the RC is slightly harsh. Certainly no intent to hurt Lewis, attempting to play the ball and no excessive force for me just a genuine accident. I think Friends original YC  was right. I do feel when the referee is advised to go to the monitor there will only be one outcome

I think he was right for the RC because the action of raising his foot, whether intentional or deliberate, endangered the safety of Lewis. Lifting your foot to head height behind you will endanger anybody trying to challenge for the ball.


A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent...."

General Discussion / Re: Whole Game System
« on: Tue 08 Sep 2020 10:19 »
Since the CFA's have made it mandatory for all clubs this season, there are thousands of clubs trying to upload their players details onto the system.

Since most seasons start this weekend, the usage should drop off next week; but that doesn't help you now.

Cup Appointments / Re: 2020–21 EFL Trophy
« on: Thu 03 Sep 2020 17:09 »
Nice couple of games by the seaside for the Newbies - James Bell @ Grimsby v Harrogate and Sam Barrott @ Morecambe v Rochdale

Non-League / Re: NonLeague - PlayOffs 2020
« on: Mon 27 Jul 2020 15:00 »
While James has work for Sheffield FA and West Riding as RDO, he is an excellent referee and deserve the Final (and hopefully the NL).

yes, and I'd say also depends on situation with the final.

As discussed previously, if it's played behind closed doors, will they still appoint as they normally would and on a 'you can only do it once' policy? Or might we see someone who perhaps wouldn't normally be considered get a chance (perhaps a Graham Scott), or someone getting the chance to do it twice (whether Oliver/Dean/Taylor who've already done it or a Pawson/Tierney getting the chance to do it now and then potentially again in the future)?

If I was Pawson or Tierney, I think I'd rather wait for a more 'normal' FA Cup final then only be allowed to do it once without a crowd or your own family present and so on.
Only Dean is likely to get again, if he does retire at the end of the season. Otherwise, i suspect it will somebody how is not expected to get another chance - Scott or Pawson (I don't think he is good enough for FIFA) and with new referees coming on, this may be his chance.

Would you defer if you were offered it?

General Discussion / Re: 20/21 Season - when will we restart?
« on: Thu 04 Jun 2020 09:37 »
On a personal note I am not sure if it’s right to restart and, even as a City fan, would have been ok with Liverpool being awarded the title. However I do appreciate there are issues re relegation and promotion to sort out.
When it starts again any thoughts on appointments? City v Arsenal was down to be reffed by Jon Moss before lockdown. Do we feel that one of the biggies will now get the game to herald the restart, possibly Oliver or Dean?

I think travel distance may be a factor in appointing referees. As the current regulations stand, they would not be allowed to stay overnight either before or after the match - so would need to travel both ways on the same day. They should not be using public transport (train) and would not be allowed to share a car with somebody outside their household.

I don't think you will be seeing Oliver, Taylor or Dean in London or the south coast the rest of this season.  It would be interesting to see the geographical spread of the referees and what are their closest clubs. That will dictate a lot of the appointments!

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