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General Discussion / Re: You're the ref - what do you do?
« on: Sat 16 Sep 2023 16:49 »
By stopping and starting and freezing he ball positions, I  think we find the match ball is in the net (the roof of the net bulges) before the non-match ball is inside the field of play. So the goal should count. The second ball is therefore irrelevant. Perhaps the goalkeeper earns a yellow card for what used to be called "ungentlemanly conduct". A PC phrase (more apt in this match) is used these days.

General Discussion / Re: Gavin Ward Sunderland v Rotherham
« on: Sun 20 Aug 2023 22:23 »
Thanks for the extras. I am afraid this member is getting on in years and I do find I struggle  at times to remember all that has gone before (if I've read it!). Another of the other things I often find difficult is when people use abbreviations. One such is OFR which I guess is On/Off(?) field review. But there are quite a few others.

General Discussion / Re: Gavin Ward Sunderland v Rotherham
« on: Sun 20 Aug 2023 12:00 »
to YCFC54
Need you say more? If you want your comment to be meaningful,  of course you need to amplify your remarks. I don't know what his usual standard is - or what you think his usual standard is!

My appointment list shows Sat 17 April.1975 Stoke City v Newcastle United  R (Bob) Matthewson.
However the other date 27 11 74 was a Wednesday and no fixtures are shown for that date - presumably a rearranged match. So I looked at preceding months and found:
 Wednesday 16 October 1974 Stoke City v QPR  Referee T D Spencer.
I seem to remember that it was the usual policy to appoint the original referee to re-arranged matches. So it could have been Spencer you need.
I have retained all my appointment booklets from August 1974 to May 1978. So should you want any from this period I may well be able to supply them. This presumes that appointments were not changed after the booklet was printed!

Looking at my old (very) fixture lists I found no appointment for:
132​   1976-7   Tue   11​   1​   1977​   Queens Park Rangers   Tottenham Hotspur
This was a rearranged fixture I think from 29 December 1976 so too soon to appear in the printed booklet. The original referee ln December was RC Challis. It was usual to appoint the original officials to subsequent rearranged matches. Whether he did or not I am sorry i cannot say.

General Discussion / Re: Final Games
« on: Sat 10 Jun 2023 22:54 »
I can't add to your list unfortunately. I would however point out that some names are omitted  from your updated lists. Local to me were Kevin McNally, Derek Owen and Alan Hughes. I ran the line to each of these in the1970's but can't tell you when they retired.

Comes as a bit of a surprise to find my own name on a list here.
I can add a few first names from Cheshire.
190 Mike Darby
207 Lou Ensor
260 Gerry Jones
359 Frank Thomas (became Aux Ref and later I think was Cheshire FA ref sec)
381 Tony Woodhead

159 Bill Brown

I am less certain of these:
348 John Ireland
292 Dave Mitchell
333 Norman Saul

Select Group 2 / Re: Fri 17th Tue 21st FEB 2023
« on: Sat 18 Feb 2023 13:31 »
Thanks for widening my knowledge. Didn't realise the football world was so erudite. My love of crosswords initially led me to think it might be Colin from Newark! But since he is a Yorkie I have had to have second thoughts!!!

Select Group 2 / Re: Fri 17th Tue 21st FEB 2023
« on: Fri 17 Feb 2023 22:16 »
Pardon my ignorance but may I ask who is Colin?     I would have guessed that the pain in the neck might be Neil Warnock. Why Colin?


"Only let down is that Simon Bennett will be disappointed with missing the offside. One of the best assistants in the world should really be calling that"

From memory the offside was "a big toe". This is exactly the sort of decision where VAR will get it right. A human being can only guess. I don't believe Bennett will have any concerns knowing that VAR is there to correct any wrong guess!

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Sat 7th Tue 10th JAN 2023
« on: Fri 06 Jan 2023 15:51 »
How many what is what?
Answer -too many.  So somebody understood this abbreviated question!

Thanks to both. Apology accepted. This is one of my favourite web sites. I find some of the exchanges fascinating.
 People are often calling for consistency in referees. My own view is that consistency is well nigh impossible for HUMAN beings. All sorts of factors come into play for many decisions. Errors by referees should be expected and accepted (not unlimited!) in the same way that we accept missed penalties by players. I used to think I had had a good game if I made fewer than three mistakes. Of course some mistakes are more significant than others!
How about that to get people talking!?

I am sorry if my reply to the statistical remark was taken seriously. It was meant to be OTT. Perhaps it should have included a yellow smiley! Or  (perish the thought!) a LOL.
As for not belonging here, I do think that suggestion is uncalled for after 50 years as referee and assessor who never had the opportunity to wear yellow!!!

 ??? I am surprised at this amplfication of your reply. Another joke? If not I shall not take ANYTHING you say seriously ever again!!!!!   
For statistical proof there needs to be a CAUSAL relationship. Have you heard "You can prove anything with statistics"?

I have been mystified by all the talk about yellow. Surely to query its use is just personal taste? Am I missing something?  Surely there more important things for this website to worry about!

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