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The ball barely flicked the hand of Grealish. Itís a shame Mr Coote decided to intervene. Itís a shame he didnít intervene when Casemero clear went over the top earlier with a nasty challenge. So inconsistent

Wow. Iíve always felt that Mr Coote is extremely poor in foul detection. In this game his decision making has been poor to say the least. So much so that it has enraged both teams and supporters. Itís an unbelievably poor performance from the official imho

General Discussion / Re: A MADLEY - Arsenal v Brighton.
« on: Sun 14 May 2023 16:46 »
Sadly this now appears to be the norm. Some challenges. Both stated are minimum YC. Mr Madley just smiles and ushers players away. If neither of those challenges warranted sanction. I dread to think what a player has to do to get one, probably something minor

General Discussion / Re: M. Oliver- Man City vs Arsenal
« on: Wed 26 Apr 2023 21:54 »
Not wanting to be critical but how on earth did Partey not get a second yellow for hauling Harland to the ground. Makes a mockery of other cards ie Grealish IMHO

General Discussion / Re: M. Oliver- Man City vs Arsenal
« on: Wed 26 Apr 2023 20:48 »
I agree he is now in control, however I canít recall seeing him so edgy in the opening 10 mins. He didnít look comfortable or as confident as normal in his early decisions.

General Discussion / Re: West brom v sunderland - John Busby
« on: Sun 23 Apr 2023 14:55 »
Given the competitiveness of the game where both sides were very competitive, I thought he did okay. Didnít seem overawed. Kept his calm. Neither side helped him much. A tough game for the official. 👏👏

I agree re the colour of the shirt. Black would have been better. As to the ref not being responsible for the playerís behaviour. Again of course I agree, however having watched the game live. It was no surprise that it boiled over. You could see the frustration of the players building, again no excuses but you could see it coming

General Discussion / Swansea v Preston. Ref Oliver Langford
« on: Wed 19 Apr 2023 21:38 »
I have to say that Mr Langford has caused most of the problems tonight with inconsistent decisions for both teams which has caused frustration. However there is no excuse for the bust up. It has then kicked off big time on the touchline which lead to two red cards for the Preston manager and Joe Allen of Swansea who had been subbed. This game needs to end asap all round

Very fair description of the game. I thought given the circumstances he had a very good game. I did feel his Assistants didnít quite match his performance with more than one questionable offside decision. Good game to watch especially the second half. Thought a draw would probably been fair but County missed that chance with Fosterís penalty save

Donít think the poster is the same person as the SG2 ref

Given the game. Itís 100mph. I think he has done well first half. Most if honest did not spot the handball in real time. Good use of var and the correct decision. I agree the old hindsight for an advantage. I also believe the non second yellow was correct. Probably the hardest of all the quarter finals to referee. A great cup tie. Hope the second half goes well

The penalty is soooo harsh. The challenge by Edison is reckless. A couple of poor and crucial decisions.

General Discussion / Re: Time wasting premier league.
« on: Fri 10 Mar 2023 09:19 »
Sadly the fault lies with the officials who do not enforce the laws of the game. Like most issues if itís approached by all in the same way. The players would adjust quickly. For example, the games I have watched this season, I have paid particular attention to the goalkeepers and when they have the ball in hand. The law still states 6 seconds. The ones I have counted the average time the keeper holds the ball in his hands is 24 seconds. Just start multiplying 24 seconds by the number of times the keepers have the ball in hand ( unless he is losing and running out of time of course). It will total a lot if time wasted in the game and time which is never added on. So the refs could have a big part to play in reducing the time wasting and very easily done. The Laws are there. They just need applying by those at the top which will make it a lot easier for those at a lower level.

I felt that the free kick for the first United goal was very soft

« on: Sun 26 Feb 2023 14:40 »
Classic example of letting too much go early on which has backfired massively. Half time couldnít have come at a better time for him. Might calm things down. Needs to be stronger with the cards from now on

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