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Mike Dean on a Man Utd match we only had him end of August for our match away at Wolves

General Discussion / Re: P Tierney - Tottenham v Chelsea
« on: Sun 19 Sep 2021 19:17 »
Couldnít agree more , by far the most improved and consistent referee in the PL for the past few months he finished last season superbly and has started this season even better

General Discussion / Martin Atkinson : West Ham vs Man Utd
« on: Sun 19 Sep 2021 16:11 »
No complaints from me about Atkinson or his ARís not impressed with Darren England on VAR didnít so much as suggest an OFR for a stonewall penalty after a clear foul on Ronaldo just before the West Ham penalty usual laid back performance by Atkinson , let the game flow and was always up with play got everything spot on once Darren England recommended the OFR for the West Ham Penalty it was inevitable so no blame attached to Atkinson

I think we are slowly starting to see VAR going back to its old ways after what Iíve seen in the last week or so

I think the Young boys challenge mentioned in the above post is because of the force in the challenge

 Paul Tierney once again gets a impressive appointment he seems to be up there with Taylor and Oliver looks like Oliver is having a hard earned rest and hopefully Taylor will sit out the next round of appointments Good to see Jones and Madley with games but very disappointing not to see any of the newbies yet , Coote and Bankes donít seem to be getting a successive run of PL middles despite both having decent seasons last year

For me Gavin Ward has been excellent tonight as have his assistants , Ward has been on top of proceedings showed cards where necessary and diffused the flashpoints with minimum fuss , around the 75th minute he used common sense and told Tom Lawrence to keep his head as he had already been booked a couple of minutes prior

Has the AR Simon Beck retired ?

Still no PL middle for the newbies and Rob Jones back to his PL middle one week then following week no PL match rather predictable appointments once again canít see how he will develop and improve when he isnít given a proper run

Tierney continues his run of impressive appointments

I only watched the first half but for me he doesnít strike me as a natural referee maybe Iím being harsh or maybe he had a bad night but there were several times when he took his eye off the play , he looked like a rabbit in headlights and didnt appear confident

General Discussion / Re: Damir Skomina
« on: Tue 31 Aug 2021 07:31 »
I agree I always liked his style aswell I presume the injury which has kept him out for a while has forced him to make this decision?

General Discussion / Re: A TAYLOR - Liverpool v Chelsea
« on: Sat 28 Aug 2021 18:32 »
Once he has determined that it was handball the RC and Penalty were inevitable
Dealt with swiftly and effectively
Sorry Dave26 but if he can see it at first glance why keep looking (which I believe we were trying to get away from)?

I am all for quick reviews but from what I saw Anthony Taylor did not seem to watch it close up for the real time replay , it was more like a still image of the ball hitting the hand and not how it came about

General Discussion / Re: A TAYLOR - Liverpool v Chelsea
« on: Sat 28 Aug 2021 18:23 »
For me Taylor has been very poor , 3 Liverpool players escaped blatant yellow cards, the penalty Iím not convinced as imo James was off balance and the ball hit his thigh then his arm Anthony Taylor barely watched the VAR replay in real time just seemed to see a still picture of the ball hitting the arm his leniency at the beginning is coming back to bite him as the game got closer to half time

General Discussion / Craig Pawson : Southampton vs Man Utd
« on: Sun 22 Aug 2021 16:35 »
I thought Pawson was excellent , let the game flow , cautioned Fernandes and Stephens for having too much to say to him ,as a Utd fan I  fully support the decision not to award Fernandes a FK in the build up to the Southampton goal

General Discussion / Re: Missing Officials
« on: Sun 22 Aug 2021 16:33 »
So after the first few weeks of the season what officials have not yet had games at PL/SG2/FL Level (Both Referee and ARís)

The referees I can think of are:

The ARís are:

If your referring to SG1 AR Adrian Holmes  he was running the line at Leeds yesterday in their match against Everton

General Discussion / Mike Dean : Liverpool vs Burnley
« on: Sat 21 Aug 2021 13:55 »
An hour gone imo itís not been one of Mike Deans better performances itís been ok he has not had a lot to do and been a easy game to referee but heís given to many soft fouls and has penalised Ashley Barnes on a couple of occasions when he has done nothing wrong , on the plus side he had played some good advantages 

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