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General Discussion / klopp
« on: Fri 19 May 2023 18:39 »
I've just noticed in the news that Mr Klopp has said that he will only pay the fine if it goes to a 'a good cause' - surely he cannot be allowed to try and dictate like this - he also says it doesn't make a lot of difference where he watches the match on Saturday - what arrogance this - who does he think he is?
Perhaps he should be employed by FA!!!!!!!!
It seems completely pointless in giving any disciplinary action - he just seems to 'laughing' at the FA
How sad this is

General Discussion / rebecca welch
« on: Fri 14 Apr 2023 18:43 »
I see Ms Welch is at Carlisle on Saturday, womens semi-final on Sunday and  Harrogate on Tuesday - would this be an acceptable programe or likely to be replaced for one of yhe fixtures?

General Discussion / foreign refs/todays article in i paper
« on: Fri 14 Apr 2023 17:36 »
Has anyone seen this article in todays I Paper - I dont know if this link will work but basically about importing foreign
referees to help the current? crisis in refereeing here in Uk
I for one hopes this will never happen - far too much foreign influence already with owners.managers (many of whom are difficult to understand in interviews) and players

General Discussion / Progress?
« on: Mon 10 Apr 2023 07:23 »
I'm finding it increasingly depressing reading the reports of mainly premiership matches which seem to be about such things as 'was it offside,was it a penalty,did he handle,did he kick the opponent,did he abuse match official.and all the numerous other things thst crop up'
It seems to me  that the fun side of football is now missing - I used to go to a match and thoroughly enjoy the afternoon, more so if your team won - part of this fun included -comments about the referee performance etc. was quickly forgotten until the next match - and I suppose this still applies at lower level matches - but obviously the introduction of things such as VAR has meant that  it is now a different kind game at Premiership level than anywhere else - I know progress  is inevitable but if 2 matches were broadcast at the same time on free to watch TV - a Premiership  and a Conference game I know which one I would choose

General Discussion / Is this really true?
« on: Thu 23 Mar 2023 17:37 »
According to an article in yesterdays I Paper 'We're running out of referees because of the abuse that they take' - 'desensitisation of referee abuse' is turning young officials away from the job so that 'the pool of new referees coming into the game is almost dry'
Very sad and disturbing if true
Is this really the true picture?

General Discussion / Gareth Southgate
« on: Fri 17 Mar 2023 16:19 »
Sad report from Mr Southgate in todays news where he says he is increasingly worried about the decreaing number of English players in the Premier League - he quotes onlty 32% of players are eligiable for England selection and the numbers are going down
I have long thought that there should be a limit of foreign players allowed for clubs - there is so much money now involved this is extremely unlikely to happen (as I believe used to be the case -but I may be wrong)
The same applies to managers
Let's hope any pressure to import foreign referees continues to be opposed
I have nothing against any person from another country indeed some of my best friends have come from non uk people
Just thinking about the state of our national game

I have just watched this match on BBC 2 and I must say that I really enjoyed the match
As far as I am concerned the absence of presenter/pundits/interviews etc. made no difference to me in enjoying the match - perhaps we could easily do without them at all and in  mens matches
Cheryl Foster I think has a good match

News & Announcements / not displaying properly
« on: Thu 09 Mar 2023 07:43 »
Hello - has anyone else noticed that in pyramid patrol from page 13 it is not displaying  properly making it is imposible to read/reply etc  - I dont think it is me as everything else seems ok

News & Announcements / pyramid patrol
« on: Thu 09 Mar 2023 07:15 »
Hello = has anyone noticed that from page 13 there seems to be problem with the display -every  thing seems to have moved making it impossible to read properly and reply etc - all the emotons have gone etc

General Discussion / dates of matches
« on: Fri 24 Feb 2023 18:42 »
I may have missed any post but why have 5th round cup matches changed to midweek - just interested

General Discussion / womens arnold clark cup
« on: Wed 15 Feb 2023 18:11 »
This is taking place this weekend - I have never heard of this -anyone who the officials are?

General Discussion / the news today
« on: Tue 14 Feb 2023 03:58 »
The latest  news today about grass roots refereeing makes very depressing reading -assaults,abuse,threats etc., -Chris Sutton seen refereeing a junior match (obviously staged} is a bit of a joke - although he make some valid points
I despair about how things are going - the situation seems to be getting worse - much blame seems to be placed on the amount of football seen on TV and the behaviour of the grossly overpaid professional players
What is the answer - it seems that nobody really knows

General Discussion / Coventry v Luton Steve Martin
« on: Sat 11 Feb 2023 20:41 »
Being a life long Luton supporter I did not see this match but I have just being reading the comments on the match and I know one shouldn't take much notice  of these kind of comments but I couldn't help noting various comments about Mr Martin such as :a disgrace,worst I've seen in a long time,worst officials we've had all season, ref was an absolute joke,he had a shocker,ref needs removing from any level,ref say no more,shocking referee absolute disgrace,
Now I know these are typical comments expected from so called fans and should be ignored but it makes one wonder. As matter of interest is Steve Martin as bad as these comments would have one believe

Has anyone seen this article in todays I Paper - it is rather a long article which raises some concerns - it alleges that some referees in the EFL and Non league are using small audio devices to covertly record exchanges on the pitch and in their offices after   gam es to protect themselves from false allegations - there are some excerpts from these recordings
All a bit worrying

General Discussion / Memership of this forum
« on: Thu 02 Feb 2023 04:56 »
I often wonder how many of SG1/2 and other Div1/2 officials  are members of this forum and whether all the many comments etc have any effect on them at all
I know there is no way of  knowing this but I would find it interesting

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