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Any thoughts on the penalty kick awarded to Spurs late on.
From my seat abt level with the penalty area line at the opposite end, i thought Bankes was correct to award a Corner, i was a long way away though.
Var intervened and Bankes awarded a penalty kick in favour of Kane.
Subsequent replays i have seen lead me to believe that Bankes should have been strong and stuck to his original decision of Corner Kick, in fact i dont think var should have intervened at all.
I being a Villa fan try to be fair in my assesment of refereeing decisions but feel Kane may have got to the ball first but initiated the contact with the goalkeeper.

General Discussion / Time wasting premier league.
« on: Thu 09 Mar 2023 22:16 »
Interesting piece on the bbc website with Collina.


General Discussion / Everton v Aston Villa - Anthony Taylor
« on: Sat 25 Feb 2023 23:15 »
I have only seen brief highlights, but i also saw a discussion involving Grandad, Fara Williams and Martin Keown with ref to the penalty given to Villa.
Grandad said it wouldnt be overturned, it was an optical illusion and the ref shouldnt be sent to the screen as per IFAB var rules.
I have seen only one angle on the sky sports mini highlights, from which as a Villa fan i would say Idrissa Gana Guye appeared to have played the ball, i am unsure if the attacker was fouled slightly before Guye appeared to play the ball. Thoughts?

Secondly i see mr hackett stated on his twitter feed Villa should have had a penalty in the first half when Pickford collided with Watkins as he forced a goalbound shot away for a corner.
A natural coming together?
I have seen it said Ederson was penalised for less in the game Arsenal?


So very sad to hear about the below.
It has no place in our game, hope the culprits are identified and dealt with accordingly by the clubs/Fa/Police, but somehow doubt it.


General Discussion / Grimsby Town v Crawley A Backhouse
« on: Sat 08 Oct 2022 21:43 »
Visited Blundell Park with a friend today. Not been there in many years, hardly anything changed.
Mr Backhouse had a calm measure to his performance, rarely noticed but when necessary he intervened with authority.
Stamped his mark on the game with a deserved yellow for Crawley 6, who maybe was lucky not to see another yellow and a red soon after as he seemed to hurl a volley of words at the referee, who took it in his stride, decided to calm the player down and manage the situation where others might not have.
Whether managing the situation was the right decision or not is open to opinion.
Like the fact he ushered Players away and then went to speak with his assistant prior to ruling a Crawley ‘goal’ out for offside. The assistant remained in situ and seemed to be unsure who played the ball to the ‘scorer’ whether it be a defender or attacker or if the defender deflected the ball into the ‘scorers’ path or made a play for the ball.
Goal was disallowed with minimum of fuss and the decision was respected without players surrounding the referee.
The Crawley manager left the field with the refereeing team at half time, no doubt asking why the goal was ruled out, but all seemed to be amicable.
Further Yellow cards issued later were nailed on.
Solid performance by Mr Backhouse,always up with play, confident and always in control, not a difficult afternoon for him.
As my friend, not from the refereeing fraternity but home supporter, said game well refereed in fact hardly noticed him.
Forgot to mention he played a good advantage for Grimsby third goal too.

Interesting event at Gillingham today were James Linnington sent two players off, one from each side, for the same crunching tackle.


Non-Footy Board / RIP Shane Warne the greatest spin bowler
« on: Fri 04 Mar 2022 16:20 »
Very sad to hear the passing of Shane Warne, a true genius and legend of the game of cricket.
Shane was a great cricketer, a brilliant tactician, a fantastic man,a great leader of men, and always had time for the public.
A fantastic commentator, not always authadox, a great listen to.
I was lucky enough to speak to him on many occasions during my visits around the county and test match venues.
Shane was a friendly guy with a passion for the game and loved to share his experiences and thoughts.
Shane RIP great man, i will treasure the moments i spent in your company and the excellent pic i have of us together at headingley during the Ben Stokes ashes test.

I wrote on the appointments thread that i was looking forward to seeing mr dean in action at villa park, unlike many villa fans and i wasnt disappointed.
An enthralling game, contributed to by all three teams in the positive.
City oozed class especially first half, villa competed better second half and mr dean was impressive throughout.

A game refereed by the card shark, with no cards, first in a while you might think ( did he leave the cards at home? ).
Mr dean was in full control throughout, communicated well with the players both by mouth and by action.
The players respected the official.
Mr dean was impressive, allowed the game to breathe, flow, played some good advantages, read the game well, always seemed well placed without getting in the way of play, and always on hand to diffuse any confrontations to avoid things boiling over.
Allowed play to continue and didnt stop it when certain players were laying down apparently injured.
City actually had a player down when they broke away down the right, a long ball to jesus who crossed inch perfect for bernardo to volley home, as a home fan i could applaud a great goal and the officials.
Mr dean was ably assisted by messrs hussin and cann, not that there were many offsides.

The only slight downside was that the serial offenders messrs fernandinho and rodri could have seen yellow for
Persistent infringement, however most of their game management fouls tend to occur in the oppositions defending half and are rarely carded.
Also Targett lay flat out after neither he nor cancelo, i think, managed to head the ball in a midfield duel,  the game continued for a while, not sure if targett suffered concussion symptoms but he was substituted after receiving attention.
Villa were attacking as the above took place and to be fair if it was a head injury mr dean may not have been aware as it seemed to be an awkward landing from the jump that caused injury.

Overall a top class performance from a top class referee.

I am sure villa will be relieved the cards remained at home as they have 3 important players on 4 yellows at present.
City will be pleased to come away with a win, having two goalkeepers on the bench, messrs grealish and foden not fully fit and the rest academy players be it two who have premier league minutes under their belts in palmer and mactee.

Look for forward hopefully to a similar performance on sunday from the highest royalty of the refereeing fraternity
In england.

General Discussion / Anthony Taylor Aston Villa v Brighton
« on: Sat 20 Nov 2021 23:38 »
Mr Taylor was not very popular with the crowd at Villa Park today.
However i cant say i found too much wrong with his performance today.
He tried to manage the game without producing cards especially in the first half today.
Most players cautioned today hence would have been for persistent infingement rather than specific fouls.
Mr Taylor kept control of the game well throughout, though he did seem a little late with the whistle on quite a few occasions when giving fouls which seemed mystifying, especially on two occasions.
1) challenge, ball goes out of play, quite a few seconds later, whistle and arm pointing for free kick. The defender
Had nearly taken a throw it was that late. He couldnt have been playing advantage.
2) aerial challenge for the ball in the penalty area after a corner kick, play continued attacking team had an effort cleared off the line and booted up field and then the whistle goes for a free kick to the defending team. Could have
Lead to all hell being let loose if the ball had gone in from the effort then he disallowed it for a foul earlier in the build up. Defending him I guess in these var intervention days he may have let play continue for a while in case a goal was scored ie like that delayed flag for offside, but then again if thought it was a foul then give it.

Both incidents were in Mr Taylors diagonal and he was close by, in a good position.

The late whistle especially in the first example seemed puzzling.

Overall a reasonably good performance in my opinion without being totally convincing.


Villa v chelsea  Taylor
Leicester v spurs Oliver
Liverpool v palace Pawson

General Discussion / A.Madley Aston Villa v Wolves
« on: Sat 06 Mar 2021 22:22 »
Thought madley had a good game today at villa park, controlled well with little fuss.
Picked out a Villa player tugging a wolves players shirt first as the ar (west) was flagging for a free kick to villa
For a foul in the same incident.
Hopefully his performance today will encourage the powers that be to give him more top flight games.
Good to hear commentators praising him, but then don goodman is usually good at praising officials when they are doing well.

Interesting to see below new guidance issued on offside law, the premier league and efl have sought
To clarify a certain issue but the waters still appear muddy.


General Discussion / Best sg1 referee 2019/20
« on: Tue 28 Jul 2020 13:31 »
I would be interested to hear who people think has been the best performing referee this season.

I reckon mike dean has been the best overall, and hope he intends to carry on next season.

1. Mike dean
2. Michael oliver
3. Martin atkinson

Most improved sg1 official stuart attwell.

New Signings / Hello all
« on: Thu 20 Feb 2020 10:45 »
Hi my name is kev, 58yrs old from nth lincs.
Mainly refereed local league stuff, also was on the line in the county league, often assisted a colleague who went on to be a prem league ref.
Highest achievement being appointed 4th official in the fa county youth cup final arnd 1984
( cheshire v manchester at maine road ).
Been watching the villa for the last 15yrs, but still watch games thru a refs eyes, and usually first in the crowd to see the assistants flag.
Been a long time watcher of this great site.

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