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Title: Champions Cup Final
Post by: RCG on Sat 17 Oct 2020 20:43
First of all - yyyyyyeeeeeessssss!!!!
Quite the emotional rollercoaster, held out in the end, to complete a very good couple of days for English club rugby.
Onto Nigel Owens, who, I like, respect but have to question his interpretation of a number of things.
He was lenient from the start, sealing off rarely penalised, extra time given to ball carrier to place ball, players not maintaining their own body weights.
Henry Slade should have seen yellow. His high, dangerous tackle was mitigated by his arm bouncing up off the shoulder but as it was high/illegal from the start as (the excellent) Ben Kay pointed out, should only have dropped to yellow.
Racing committed 9 offences in a row, warned, reminded but as tries resulted on 2 occassions, no yellow card was forth coming.
The uncertainity at the breakdown added to the excitement, if not to my high pulse.
A game full of grit, determination and pockets of brilliance, ended in slight farce with the clock issue, resolved correctly.

I hope that Exeter can repeat this in years to come so the fans can witness it first hand
Title: Re: Champions Cup Final
Post by: reflector on Sun 18 Oct 2020 10:00
I agree with most of what RCG has said but I didn't think Owens seemed quite his usual ebullient self yesterday.  He did nearly lose his temper though with the TMO  over the problem at the end about the apparent non stopping of the clock ("I am not interested in what happened 'technically' - was the clock stopped or not?").

I also found interesting the conversation with the TMO near the end about the high tackle by the Exeter player.  Owens seemed to be exploring reasons why he need not card the player, an attitude I found quite refreshing and one I would like to see more of by some referees who sometimes are too quick on the draw to produce a card in the round ball game.
Title: Re: Champions Cup Final
Post by: Readingfan on Mon 19 Oct 2020 14:03
I thought the TMO did well at the end because it seemed like Owens was going to misinterpret what he'd been told.

But equally I guess from Owens' perspective it was a pressurised moment and it might be hard to hear clearly, so you probably just want a 'yes/no' rather than a long story about what happened.
Title: Re: Champions Cup Final
Post by: anje-roo on Mon 19 Oct 2020 15:56
Probably one of the most difficult recent finals to referee: Racing were always playing catch-up & their fly-half made too many critical errors leading directly to Exeter scores. That written, Racing matched Exeter & towards the end of the 2nd half Racing missed their chances to take advantage of Exeter having a player sin-binned. Had Racing won, I don't think Exeter could have quibbled. Racing will probably argue about a couple of Nigel's decisions but nobody can accuse Nigel of not being crystal-clear (although his French speaking skills could be improved!).

It's quite interesting to see how quickly the professional rugby union players complain about deliberate knock-ons but, generally, accept that head/neck collisions around tackles & breakdowns (especially collapsed rucks & mauls) are part of their game. Sometimes slow motion replays make things look worse. There were times in both halves when I wished RU would follow RL and turn the clock off between a scrum being awarded and the scrum-half putting the ball in - too many resets. 

C4's commentators were very good, especially as they were usually silent whilst Nigel was explaining. The best referees are usually the best communicators (which includes listening!).