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Jack Cooke
« on: Sun 21 Mar 2021 08:42 »
Does anyone else remember Jack Cooke from Waterbeach just outside Cambridge.  He was a league ref in the sixties and possibly early seventies.  He was a good ref but not quite in the top few.  I got to know him quite well and went with him to Highbury once and to an F A Cup (4th round I think) at West Brom v Arsenal.  Think his most controversial moment was at Norwich when he blew for time a few seconds before the ball entered the net and a goal would have been scored. 

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John Treleven

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Re: Jack Cooke
« Reply #1 on: Sun 21 Mar 2021 09:37 »
John "Jack" Edwin Cooke
Son of Herbert (1892-1961) & Mabel (1892-1997, aged 104)
Had a brother Thomas born 1921
Lived at 4 Station Road, Waterbeach during his F.L. years
Born 30th June 1920 (Chesterton Registration District)
Scientific Instrument Maker (Sept 1939)
Married Gladys Hardy Q3 1941 Cambridge
Two children - Susan 1942 and Leslie 1946
FL line from 1952-53 to 58-59
F.L. referee 1959-60 to 64-65 when he resigned mid season
Died 25th Nov 2008, aged 88 Cambridge

26.12.59 Watford v Northampton abandoned 47 mins - much made of him coming from Waterbeach as pitch was exactly that
13.12.60 Norwich v Brentford - blew for time just before Brentford "equalised"
17.10.61 Northampton v Crystal Palace - disallowed a goal and a strong penalty claim
25.11.61 Margate v Notts Co (F.A. Cup 1) - allowed dubious last minute equaliser by Notts Co
11.09.63 Norwich v Northampton - did not notice Norwich GK (Kevin Keelan) knock out opposition CF
25.01.64 W.B.A. v Arsenal (F.A.Cup 4) - criticised
29.01.64 Arsenal v W.B.A. (F.A. Cup 4 replay) - too strict
19.12.64 Coventry v Bolton - too lenient
16.01.65 Brighton v Crewe - possibly his last match
28.01.65 Alan Hardaker (F.L. Sec.) announced Cooke had resigned after receiving his mid season letter warning him that his marks from clubs were low
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Acme Thunderer

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Re: Jack Cooke
« Reply #2 on: Sun 21 Mar 2021 10:53 »
Thanks JT, I'll include Jack Cooke on my database of 'final games', as I don't suppose anybody is going to dispute Brighton v Crewe after over 55 years!
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