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Been recently turning my hand to a little side project - to catalogue each World Cup Finals Fixture ever played - and the full officiating details for each game.

This was inspired by finding out that Concetto Lo Bello refereed at a World Cup Finals (to which I was unaware).

I've started building the site here: - and have all the details in for the 1930 Finals.

Clicking on each Official in the match page (where they are highlighted in blue) - will take you through to a profile page - detailing, amongst other things, how many games they did, who played and in what capacity they officiated that fixture.

On each Referee profile page (eg. ) - next to their name is a number.

This is the order in which they refereed their first game (a bit like Test Match Cricketers have on their shirts to denote in which order they debuted for their country - so Langenus was the 8th different referee to referee a World Cup Finals game.

I'll hopefully be able to pull that numbering through to 2018 eventually - which will be interesting to see the results.

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Much appreciated.

I have loaded in all of 1930 and 1934 - going to try to get one tournament a day done.

I will also possibly build some pages listing each nation and the officials they sent to the tournament - have already discovered that the first official from an African FA was all the way back in 1934 - when the Egyptian Youssuf Mohamed was one of the Linesmen for the Czechoslovakia vs. Switzerland Quarter Final in Turin.
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So - the full list of Referees in the order they refereed their first World Cup game is now up on the site.

Up until the end of the 2018 tournament - there have been 381 different ones.

A few milestones:

#1 - Domingo Lombardi - Uruguay - 1930
#50 - Bill Ling - England - 1954
#100 - Jim Finney - England - 1966
#150 - Sergio Gonella - Italy - 1978
#200 - Valeri Butenko - Soviet Union - 1986
#250 - Rodrigo Badilla - Costa Rica - 1994
#300 - Óscar Ruiz - Colombia - 2002
#350 - Björn Kuipers - 2014
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