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FL & PL referees by season (1992-2019) spreadsheet
« on: Thu 26 Sep 2019 11:35 »
The attached spreadsheet shows the referees who have been on the FL and PL since 1992. The format is very similar to the Gilbert Upton book that many of you will have. If you have worked with spreadsheets you will be able to sort and filter the data, e.g. to find out quickly who was on the list for a particular season. However even if you aren't so familiar with spreadsheets you can still view and peruse the data. The spreadsheet is colour-coded to highlight Premier League, FIFA and Championship referees and also has start and end dates for each referee with total seasons on the List.

Some may wonder if the records starting in 1992 is because of a belief that "football only started with the Premier League". That is certainly not the case. This is part of a long-term project to cover all the FL seasons in this way. 1992 is used as the current start date for two reasons. One is practicality - the season-span from 1992 to date fits most computer screens. Secondly whether we like it or not 1992 brought a major change in refereeing with the introduction of Premier League referees and an end to the days when all (or almost all) referees officiated in the top Division.

Some further notes about the spreadsheet are in the next post.
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Here are some notes about codes, etc, in the spreadsheet. I've also attached them to this post if anyone prefers them in the form of a document. Hopefully the information is clear but let me know if anything needs to be clarified or any other comments.

Referees spreadsheet – notes and guidance
•   The years on the top row refer to year in which a season stated, e.g. “1992” refers to the 1992-1993 season, “2019” to the 2019-2020 season.
•   “r” = Football League referee
•   “cr” = Championship referee
•   “pr” = Premier League referee
•   “fr” = FIFA referee; fr* indicates a FIFA referee who was not a Premier League referee.
•   These classifications are based on membership of the various lists / classification at the start of the season on official lists. Sometimes referees are appointed or leave or are given trial games at a higher level during the season. These changes aren’t included here.
•   The exception to this is for the first two seasons of the Premier League (1992-1994). There was no official list of Premier referees for those seasons so every referee who took charge of a Premier League game is classed as a Premier League referee though some only handled a few games.
•   Where a referee’s entry is in italics, e.g. r, this indicates he was on the official list but had no matches that season.
•   Start and end dates and total season statistics refer to when referees joined and left the lists officially. In some instances (usually due to injury or resignation) their final game may have been earlier.

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Brilliant LF (as always), thanks, I shall peruse this with interest. Suggest you contact Upton's and sell them the rights to publish, you could make a fortune!  ;D
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Thanks AT. Alas I think very few people get rich from research on referees and refereeing - too niche a market I fear - but it's good to put the information out there. I've just started to add data from before 1992-1993 and it's much more straightforward as almost all the referees are standard officials with seven FIFA referees each time. George Courtney, Neil Midgley and Lester Shapter were three top referees who retired in 1992 just before "the big change".

The principle reason for me working on the spreadsheet was to make it easier to produce the list for a specific season which can be done by filtering the spreadsheet. For reference this is the list for 1992-1993 but it's possible to do this for any season it covers:

Alcock, Paul
Allison, David
Ashby, Gerald
Axcell, David
Bailey, Mike
Barratt, Keren
Bell, Stephen
Bigger, Ray
Bodenham, Martin
Borrett, Jim
Brandwood, John
Breen, Kevin
Buksh, Alf
Burge, Keith
Burns, Bill
Callow, Vic
Carter, John
Coddington, Brian 1
Cooper, Keith (P) 2
Cooper, Keith Arthur
Cruikshanks, I
Danson, Paul
Dawson, Alan
Dilkes, Roger
Don, Philip
Dunn, Steve
Durkin, Paul
Elleray, David
Fitzharris, Tom
Flood, Allan
Foakes, Peter
Frampton, David
Gallagher, Dermot
Gifford, Rodger
Groves, Ron
Gunn, Allan
Hackett, Keith
Hamer, Bob
Harrison, Paul
Hart, Robbie
Hemley, Ian
Hendrick, Ian
Hill, Brian
Holbrook, Terry
James, Mike
Jones, Peter
Key, John
King, Howard
Kirkby, John
Leach, Ken
Lewis, Ray
Lloyd, John
Lodge, Steve
Lunt, Terry
Lupton, Ken
Lynch, Kevin
Martin, John
Milford, Roger
Morton, Kelvin
Moules, John
Nixon, Bob
Parker, Jim
Pawley, Roger
Peck, Mike
Pierce, Mick
Poll, Graham
Pooley, Graham
Poulain, Richard
Redfern, Ken
Reed, Mike
Rushton, Jim
Scoble, Paul
Shadwell, David
Shepherd, Ray
Singh, Gurnam
Smith, Arthur
(Smith, Jeff)
Taylor, Paul 1
Trussell, Colin
Vanes, Paul
Ward, Tony
Watson, John
West, Trevor
Wilkes, Clive
Wilkie, Alan
Willard, Gary
Winter, Jeff
Wiseman, Roger
Wolstenholme, Eddie
Worrall, Joe
Wright, Philip

Jeff Smith (Stafford) was named on an initial list for 1992-1993 but not included in the season's Football League Handbook. He refereed no games in 1991-1992 (his first season), apparently due to injury. Presumably he hadn't sufficiently recovered and provides a rare case of a referee being appointed to the List but making no appearances.