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Re: Final Games
« on: Wed 17 Apr 2019 17:42 »
m'learned friend, I too was at Highbury that evening. Sadly I was unable to be at Wembley for the Final against Arsenal at which,as the list states, Derek Nippard and Jim Bent made their swansong. I did watch the Final on TV though. Nippard had been a somewhat surprising choice for the Final but I recall he did well enough in a match which had an air of friendliness about it.

And now we return to 1957 and the third tier. Sic transit gloria mundi; and will gloria ever return or has she left us for a long, long time ?

Nearest we've had to glory of late is the underwhelming London Glory bitter on sale in the Fanzone !

I think Gloria has indeed done with Ipswich for the foreseeable (and beyond) future. What will happen is that the bar will be set lower for what constitutes glory.

Most seem to be commending Marcus Evans for dropping season ticket prices by around 15%. Anyone who has seen as much League One football as I have would be aware that a 25% drop to reflect the much lower standard should be a minimum !

PS  My memory places that excellent semi-final as in the afternoon. The evening was spent celebrating and wondering where my Final ticket would come from. In the event it came from Southend United - and was in the Arsenal end !!!