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Re: Final Games
« on: Wed 17 Apr 2019 17:33 »
Thanks for these. I have included Walter in the above list and will include Gary Aplin in my burgeoning list from 1980 to the present.

I remember Alex Lees from Arsenal v Man Utd in 1978 because he apparently failed to send off a player for a clear DOGSO foul and was in danger of being summoned to the Head's office to explain himself. As it was his last game, I imagine Alex was not too concerned. There is a 5 minute YouTube clip of the game, with the dark haired Alex blowing the final whistle at the end, however the DOGSO incident is not included. The game was played on 1st April 1978 which was a few weeks before the end of the season and quite early to retire. However Easter was v early that year and, as Alex was a school Head (like his Bridgwater colleague Peter Walters), he may have decided to call it a day early to prepare for the summer exam season at his school.
A red card for DOGSO wasn't introduced until later than 1978 - Willie Young's cynical one on Paul Allen in an FA Cup Final that caused such consternation was in 1980.  If memory serves me correctly it came in around 1990.