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Re: Final Games
« on: Tue 16 Apr 2019 22:42 »
Thank you AT, most interesting. In those days, ending one's career with a Wembley appearance at a Cup Final was not that uncommon. The FA Cup Final was sometimes seen as a retirement present.

All the big hitters get suitably big matches. Alex Lees, who I recall as a good toiler never hitting the heights, did well to finish with Arsenal v Manchester United. Don't know if there was much riding on that particular game but it's always a big fixture.

Not especially. Man United were mid-table and Arsenal were one of the clubs trailling in the wake of Nottingham Forest.

Exactly 7 days after that match, I was at Highbury watching Ipswich beat West Brom to earn their place in that final, mentioned twice elsewhere in that list !!  Happy days.