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Bert Cross (Colchester)
« on: Wed 19 May 2021 18:14 »
Bert (sic) Charles Cross (Colchester)

not Bertley as given on some other sites

Born 11th March 1910 in Ipswich, Suffolk
the 7th child of Frederick James Cross (1873-1952) & Ellen Mary English (1873-1949)

Apr 1911 Ipswich (census)

15.07.1933 married Vera Gladys Miller (1908-89)

Spt 1939 Colchester (register)

1946-47 F.L. linesman of Sudbury
1947-48, 1948-49 and 1949-50 F.L. linesman of Colchester

In 1948 Argentinian F.A., aware that local officials were being bribed, approached the F.A. in London about employing English officials.
The F.A. issued a circular and about 50 referees applied, the F.A. drew up a short list and those were interviewed by the A.F.A. in London.
Throughout the 1950s there were up to ten English officials working there with their travel out and back paid for as well as a salary
and match fees. They usually officiated every Saturday and Sunday and found other paid jobs Monday to Friday.

1950s in Argentina, given as of Clacton

08.01.1950 Refereed third of the four Argentinian relegation play-off matches between Hurucan and Lanus
a notorious series of four matches and A.F.A. decisions, see -

Dec 1950 Bert sailed back to England from Aruba

14.02.1953 Linesman for Buenos Aires XI v F.A. XI (3-1, effectively an international played three days before the official waterlogged one)
Arthur Ellis refereed all the England/F.A. XI tour matches - see his articles in the Halifax Courier 13th, 20th & 27th June 1953

Mch 1953 Vera sailed to Rio de Janeiro

17.11.1953 Report of Bert being assaulted after the Estudiantes v River Plate match

14.02.1956 Argentinian contract renewed

05.08.1956 Referee of Brazil v Czechoslovakia (0-1) at Rio Maracana
08.08.1956 Referee of Brazil v Czechoslovakia (4-1) at Sao Paulo
19.08.1956 Referee of Argentina v Czechoslovakia (1-0) at Buenos Aires

15.12.1956 Contract extended again

Refereed 5 matches in the Copa America (South American Championship) in Lima, Peru
13.03.1957 Brazil v Chile
17.03.1957 Colombia v Uruguay
23.03.1957 Uruguay v Peru
24.03.1957 Brazil v Colombia
06.04.1957 Peru v Argentina

11.06.1957 Referee of Brazil v Portugal (2-1) at Rio Maracana
16.06.1957 Referee of Brazil v Portugal (3-0) at Sao Paulo

Mch 1958 Bert & Vera returned to England

1971 Colchester ('phone book)

1989 Colchester (Vera dies)

no report found of Bert's demise
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