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RateTheRef - Message Board Rules
« on: Fri 03 Aug 2018 14:40 »
RateTheRef - Message Board Rules

1. On registering, you are asked to provide a valid email address. Please keep this updated, so that the site Admin can keep you up to date with any important news about the forum. The use of VPNs is not allowed however if you have a valid reason for needing to use a vpn on here please speak with one of the admin team.

2. Please do not post your contact information on the boards. This is for your own safety. Please use the Private Message or Email buttons to communicate this information to members that require it privately.

3. Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Xenophobic or any other insulting or discriminatory comments will not be tolerated. Any such comments will be deleted by the site Admin, and the poster dealt with accordingly. The same goes for posts of a libellous/defamatory nature. This is an all inclusive forum, we welcome members regardless of their age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ability, disability and anything else that some may find a 'reason' to bully or discriminate against another.

4. Please refrain from posting pornographic material. Any such material will be deleted. Linking to such material either in posts or through your member profile is also forbidden. If you feel the need to link to something of an "adult" nature (not pornography), please make this clear at the time of posting.

5. RTR is not a place for personally abusing referees. Discussion on performances is encouraged, but praise or criticism should be reasoned. Similarly, abuse of other members will not be tolerated, and offenders will be dealt with by the Admin team accordingly. Please respect other members. Keep your language clean - there is no need for swearing. Questioning the integrity of any match official, official body, players, managers or coaches is STRICTLY forbidden. Posts will be removed and the user responsible dealt with accordingly.

6. There is an extensive RTR staff team in place, made up of Admins and Moderators. If you have any issues, comments or suggestions, please get in touch by emailing or Private Messaging them. Please also bear in mind that they all have lives to live, and may not be available immediately or at all times. Please respect the staff, and the rule against personal abuse applies to them also. The forum owners are Ben and bmb, admin staff are Edy (currently on extended leave), aaa, CharlieBoy, HertsRef123Mackem Ref & Flipmode.  Please note that Ben is regularly unavailable due to the nature of his work so all site owner related queries should be referred to bmb in the first instance.

7. Please refrain from posting entirely in bold/italics/capital letters. This looks untidy and takes away from the effect these format options have. Also, please refrain from using text speak. Should you require being able to post in all capitals for example due to eyesight issues then please let one of the admin team know.

8. Avatars and Signatures should comply to all these rules. Similarly, any posted images should also be in keeping with the rules. All signatures are limited to 400x80 pixels - allowing for either three "userbars" or a larger image, but not both. This is to keep the site tidy and means that the site dimensions will not be changed.

9. Spam - the linking to an external website to advertise your product or website to increase the number of "hits" to your website is not allowed. Offending threads will be edited or deleted as the moderators/admins feel is appropriate. Spam Private Messages are also forbidden, and any reported acts of such will result in action against the offender.

10. Continued pointless posting will see action taken against the poster. Please consider whether you have anything new to contribute to the thread, as one-liners that restate the obvious only serve to clog up the message boards. You don't need to feel compelled to respond to every new message posted, if you do not have anything new to add to the thread. Your assent is implied without having to respond. Hijacking threads is also discouraged, and may lead to the closure of the thread or posts being deleted.

11. FIFA & UEFA have very strict guidelines regarding the release of information regarding appointments to FIFA/UEFA sanctioned matches. No information is to be posted publicly regarding appointments until it has been released by FIFA/UEFA or a country FA. They have these rules in place partially to protect referees so they do not receive threats/abuse/attempts to bribe them pre-match but also as a measure in their fight against match fixing in general.  By posting the appointments early (some of us know them 10-14 days before publication is allowed) you can cause a referee to be taken off of a match, they would not thank you for it and you could also see this board heavily fined or closed down.  This site is monitored by the legal departments of both FIFA & UEFA as well as various country FA's & we have agreements in place with them allowing us to reproduce the postings, without having to pay a lot of money to do so, as long as we ensure their guidelines are followed to the full.

12. Please refrain from discussing decisions made by the Admin Team regarding the editing, deleting, closing of threads, or punishments handed out, on the forums. If you have any issues, please PM one of the admins who will be happy to discuss your issue with you.

13. Members who have been suspended or banned and who continue to post on the forums under a different alias, will be severely sanctioned.

14. Multiple user accounts are not allowed. Any accounts that are found to be multiple user accounts will be banned, this includes the ip address they post from.  Should you require a 2nd account, or there is more than one of you living at an address so will potentially show as the same ip address contact bmb by pm to discuss the issue. If she agrees to the 2nd account, she will mark your account in the admin area accordingly to prevent any member of the admin team from subsequently issuing a ban.

15. If you are placed on moderated posts the admin team will review this on a regular basis and remove you from moderated posts if you consistently follow the rules.  Any further breach of the rules and you will go onto moderated posts indefinitely.

If you have a problem with any other member, wish to report something you feel needs looking into, or have any questions about the boards, please PM one of the Administrators.

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