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« on: Fri 17 Sep 2021 18:49 »
Just a (not so) friendly reminder that if any of the posters on here have a problem with a referee due to the colour of their skin, what country they come from, their sex, or sexuality, their religion, any disability they may have or any other such nonsense that people can and do use to discriminate against anther then kindly request that I close your account and get out of here. This includes any issues you may have with BAME/homophobic/xenophobic/anti-Semitic/anti-sexism/anti-racism/equal opportunities advocacy that any referee is involved with away from the football pitch.

This is an equal opportunity forum - we accept you regardless of race/sexuality/sex/religion, whether you are able bodied or disabled, strong mental health or mental health issues, fat/skinny, tall/short and anything else that can fall under the equality umbrella and we expect our posters to treat each other with respect and without discrimination.

You can have your view points and there are many, many things we can disagree on. Making discriminatory comments about anyone is not one of those things - they are something we will simply not tolerate under any circumstances.

The admin team.

Gayle, Ben, Edy, aaa, Charlie, Mackem, Flipmode & Hants Ref.
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