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« on: Mon 13 Aug 2018 20:20 »
Posted by Ben at the old site and will remain relevant here.

All RateTheRef members,

To the vast majority of RTR, I hope this not be relevant, however because of the actions of a very small number of members, this needs to be said.

Bullying on the internet is a problem which has been well documented.  However, on RTR we have a brilliant community who show a high-level respect to all its members….at least that is what I understood happened on here.

Recently it was brought to my attention that this is not the case, with a member of RTR feeling they could not remain on the board any longer due to the bullying they were receiving.

Bullying itself is pathetic, however I find the online element of it to be the lowest form.  People posting behind an online profile is how this board operates, but using this profile to give an individual abuse is genuinely sickening.  Unless you personally know people, you do not know the circumstances any of RTR members are experiencing at home and that for me is a good enough reason for every member on here to respect every other member.  This is something that RTR encourages and promotes. 

If I hear, witness or am told about anyone on this site bullying someone, then you’ll go.  Admin, Moderator, regular poster or you’ve just joined I couldn’t care less.  You will go.

Before you click ‘post’ or ‘send PM’, just think would you say what you are sending to that person in the street?  If not, you probably shouldn’t be sending it.

Members and staff all have lives outside of these cyber four walls.  People have stuff happening, family and work commitments.  Every single one of us come on here and post or maintain the board because we enjoy it (most of the time!). 

If anyone is bullying you, then please let me or any of the staff members know, (whoever you feel most comfortable talking to).  Where bullying is shown, I will back the victim 100% of the time, without exception.

If anyone would like to discuss any points I’ve made, or has any questions in general then my door (Inbox!) is always open.

Thanks for reading.


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