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Author Topic: Play Off Referees 2000 to 2024 - dates updated  (Read 6519 times)

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Here is the list of Play Off referees, updated to the present, Admin - could you please update the subject header to '2024':

Play Off Referees 2000 to 2024
Div 1 Semi-finals – M Halsey, R Styles, B Knight, M Dean
          Final – T Heilbron
Div 2 Semi-finals – T Heilbron, M Dean, R Styles, D Laws
          Final – R Styles
Div 3 Semi-finals – D Laws, B Knight, M Halsey, T Heilbron
          Final – M Dean

Div 1 Semi-finals – D Laws, D Pugh, R Pearson, P Danson
          Final – U Rennie
Div 2 Semi-finals – U Rennie, R Pearson, D Laws, E Wolstenholme
          Final – E Wolstenholme
Div 3 Semi-finals – W Burns, E Wolstenholme, U Rennie, D Pugh
          Final – D Pugh

Div 1 Semi-finals – A Bates, R Furnandiz, A Leake, G Laws
           Final – G Barber
Div 2 Semi-finals – A Leake, G Laws, G Barber, M Dean
           Final – G Laws
Div 3 Semi-finals – M Dean, G Barber, A Hall, R Furnandiz
           Final – A Leake

Div 1 Semi-finals – M Clattenburg, A Kaye, H Webb, P Walton
          Final – S Bennett
Div 2 Semi-finals – H Webb, S Bennett, J Winter, M Clattenburg
          Final – H Webb
Div 3 Semi-finals – J Winter, P Walton, M Fletcher, S Bennett,
          Final – A Kaye

Div 1 Semi-finals – R Beeby, M Clattenburg, D Pugh, N Barry
          Final – G Poll
Div 2 Semi-finals – P Taylor, N Barry, G Poll, G Laws
          Final – R Beeby
Div 3 Semi-finals – G Laws, M Jones, M Pike, P Crossley
          Final – M Clattenburg

Championship Semi-finals – U Rennie, A Marriner, S Dunn, R Beeby
                           Final – M Riley
L1 Semi-finals – M Jones, B Curson, A Leake, M Atkinson
     Final – P Crossley
L2 Semi-finals – G Laws, L Mason, P Crossley, B Knight
     Final – M Atkinson

Championship Semi-finals – P Crossley, M Jones, M Thorpe, S Tanner
                           Final – M Dean
L1 Semi-finals – K Stroud, P Taylor, G Laws, C Foy
     Final – L Mason
L2 Semi-finals - L Mason, A Hall, M Dean, N Miller
     Final – P Taylor

Championship Semi-finals – M Jones, S Tanner, A D’Urso, M Halsey
                           Final – G Poll
L1 Semi-finals - N Miller, I Williamson, G Poll, L Probert
     Final – A D’Urso
L2 Semi-finals – R Beeby, K Stroud, G Laws, T Kettle
     Final – M Jones

Championship Semi-finals – M Jones, K Friend, H Webb, M Clattenburg
                           Final – A Wiley
L1 Semi-finals – P Taylor, A Bates, A Wiley, M Halsey
     Final – A D’Urso
L2 Semi-finals – P Armstrong, D Deadman, R Beeby, A D’Urso
     Final – S Attwell   

Championship Semi-finals – A Marriner, M Atkinson, A Wiley, M Riley
                           Final – M Dean
L1 Semi-finals – S Mathieson, C Oliver, M Halsey, N Swarbrick
      Final – M Oliver
L2 Semi-finals – G Laws, K Friend, C Webster, M Oliver
     Final – C Oliver

2009 -10
Championship Semi-finals – P Dowd, A Wiley, M Clattenburg, H Webb
                          Final – A Marriner
L1 Semi-finals – J Linington, D Deadman, N Swarbrick, A Bates
      Final – C Webster
L2 Semi-finals – A D’Urso, C Webster, F Graham, E Ilderton
     Final – J Linington           

Championship Semi-finals – M Dean, A Marriner, M Halsey, H Webb
                           Final – P Dowd
L1 Semi-finals – M Russell, J Moss, N Swarbrick, C Webster
     Final – S Tanner
L2 Semi-finals – S Mathieson, R East, K Wright, R Booth
     Final – D Deadman

Championship Semi-finals – N Swarbrick, M Halsey, M Dean, C Foy
                           Final – H Webb
L1 Semi-finals – A Bates, D Deadman, N Miller, S Mathieson
     Final – R East
L2 Semi-finals – M Naylor, J Adcock, D Drysdale, A D’Urso
     Final – C Pawson

Championship Semi-finals – N Swarbrick, M Oliver x 2, M Clattenburg
                           Final – M Atkinson
 L1 Semi-finals – S Attwell, G Eltringham, P Gibbs, N Miller
       Final – A D’Urso
L2 Semi-finals – J Adcock, M Russell, G Scott, A Madley
     Final – K Stroud

Championship Semi-finals – R East, M Jones, M Clattenburg, C Pawson
                           Final – L Mason
L1 Semi-finals – G Salisbury, I Williamson, M Russell, K Stroud
     Final – D Coote
L2 Semi-finals – O Langford, C Boyeson, S Duncan, P Tierney
     Final – M Naylor

Championship Semi-finals – J Moss, A Taylor, L Mason, R East
                           Final – M Dean
L1 Semi-finals – M Haywood, D Bond, A D’Urso, K Hill
      Final – A Madley
L2 Semi-finals – P Bankes, N Miller, K Stroud, G Scott
     Final – S Hooper

Championship Semi-finals – A Marriner, N Swarbrick, R East, M Oliver
                           Final – R Madley
L1 Semi-finals – P Bankes, D Whitestone, D Deadman, T Robinson
      Final – S Attwell
L2 Semi-finals – O Langford, S Martin, P Tierney, E Ilderton
     Final – I Williamson

Championship Semi-finals – S Attwell, P Tierney, M Atkinson, A Marriner
                           Final – N Swarbrick
L1 Semi-finals – A Madley, O Langford, C Kavanagh, D Coote
     Final – S Hooper
L2 Semi-finals – N Miller, D Webb, D Deadman, D Whitestone
     Final – D England

Championship Semi-finals – R East, R Madley, C Kavanagh, M Dean
                           Final – A Taylor
L1 Semi-finals – S Hooper, T Robinson, J Simpson, S Duncan
     Final – R Jones
L2 Semi-finals – B Toner, D England, G Ward, D Drysdale
     Final - D Webb

Championship Semi-finals – G Scott, C Pawson, C Kavanagh, A Taylor
                           Final - P Tierney
L1 Semi-finals – A Woolmer, O Langford, P Bankes, G Ward
     Final – A Madley
L2 Semi-Finals – C Breakspear, J Busby, M Salisbury, E Ilderton
     Final – R Joyce

Championship Semi-finals – K Stroud, G Eltringham, C Kavanagh, P Tierney
                           Final – M Atkinson
L1 Semi-finals – A Harrington, G Ward, D England, D Bond
     Final – R Jones
L2 Semi-finals – J Smith, M Edwards, L Doughty, C Breakspear
     Final – M Salisbury

Championship Semi-finals – T Robinson, G Eltringham, J Gillett, J Brooks
                                  Final – C Kavanagh
League 1 Semi-finals – R Madley, C Hicks, K Stroud, M Salisbury
                                  Final – A Harrington
League 2 Semi-finals – C Breakspear, D Drysdale, M Coy, T Bramhall
                                  Final – R Madley

Championship Semi-Finals – R Jones, A Marriner, P Bankes, M Oliver
                                       Final – J Moss
League 1 Semi-finals – D Bond, M Donohue, T Bramall, J Linington
                                      Final – S Hooper
League 2 Semi-finals – A Backhouse, R Joyce, B Toner, S Stockbridge
                                       Final - J Gillett     

Championship Semi-Finals - T Robinson, R Madley, S Hooper, D Coote
                                             Final – M Oliver
League 1 Semi-Finals – A Backhouse, A Kitchen, D Webb, M Salisbury
                                            Final – T Robinson
League 2 Semi-Finals – T Nield, R Joyce, S Mather, B Toner
                                            Final -  T Nield

Championship Semi-Finals - J Smith, S Barrott, J Gillett, T Robinson
                                            Final - J Brooks
League 1 Semi-Finals - W Finnie, L Smith, O Langford, A Kitchen
                                            Final - S Barrott
League 2 Semi-Finals - S Singh Gill, R Joyce, S Oldham, S Stockbridge
                                            Final - B Toner
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