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Re: The VAR thread
« Reply #1065 on: Mon 20 Jun 2022 05:05 »
I heard a bit of the IFAB Press Conference after the AGM last week. They spoke a bit about the semi-automated offside VAR and how the information would be fed directly to the VAR rather than the on-field officials. They have yet to make a final decision on if it will be used at the World Cup.

There's been some talk about what impact the system will have on the delayed flag process and I'm intrigued as to what it will be. It might work to have a system where the assistant communicates over the headset that they believe it to be offside and the VAR confirms this if so. It would be interesting as to how this worked in practice.

I am also wondering how they will deal with situations where there is ambiguity over whether a defender deflected the ball or deliberately played it. It might end up being the case that we still generally need to wait until the end of play before the decision is made so the delayed flag will still operate but the final decision will just be quicker? Not having to wait 3 or 4 minutes for lines to be drawn would certainly be a good thing.

The IFAB press conference also mentioned they would be looking at ways to deal with timekeeping. Perhaps the independent timekeeper concept or 60 minute games could be back on the table?
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