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Re: The VAR thread
« Reply #60 on: Fri 18 Jan 2019 14:17 »
Times today reports that English football is proposing to change its rules to allow replays of VAR decisions to be shown on big screens when the new technology is introduced full time in the PL next season. At present clubs are prohibited from replaying contentious decisions at grounds for public order reasons, but there is an awareness of the need to improve the fan experience at matches. In the current PL, only Liverpool and Man Utd don't have big screens and there are no plans to make them compulsory. Instead VAR decisions would be communicated to fans at these grounds via the scoreboard or stadium announcer, but without an accompanying explanation. There are no plans either to set a time limit for making VAR decisions, although it was noted and criticised that it took almost two minutes for Anthony Taylor to disallow Bryson's 'goal' for Derby v Southampton on Wednesday.

AT - at Selhurst Park, it is impossible for home fans in some of the 'posh' seats to see the sole stadium screen at the Whitehorse Lane end, and it could be a problem at grounds if some fans can see a VAR replay and others not.
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