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Re: The VAR thread
« Reply #60 on: Thu 17 Jan 2019 00:10 »
This keeps coming up.  Clear and obvious does NOT apply for offsides, it relates to when the decision could be in the opinion of the referee.

Offside is black and white, either the player was on or off, there is no opinion involved.

Whilst I agree in principle (although a goalkeeper is either on the line or off the line when saving a penalty but I doubt the same approach will be taken to that!), there is presumably some element of human involvement because I guess someone has to decide when exactly the ball is played and make some interpretation on the images provided (otherwise it would be much quicker!)

I do think one issue is the technology seems to lack a bit of credibility, such as the wonky lines at Huddersfield last season. Dermot Gallagher's explanation that VAR offside lines are only calibrated with the feet and ignores other parts of the body is concerning and clarity needs to be given.

The BBC stated tonight that there will be some form of tactical camera used by the Premier League next year which will improve matters - if that's the case, why isn't it being used now?