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Re: The VAR thread
« Reply #45 on: Mon 14 Jan 2019 19:50 »
Dermot Gallagher said on Sky earlier that the lines for offsides are calibrated based on the feet of the players and don't take into account other parts of the body.

If so, this is surely a ludicrous and completely inaccurate way of implementing the system. FIFA used a 3D system during the World Cup - why is it not in place here?

Gallagher was quite dismissive about criticisms saying that people had wanted VAR so we couldn't criticise it now it was here but it does feel to me like the necessary investment hasn't been made to ensure the system is working as it should do.

Should he not have said that VAR was media driven and it was they that wanted something else to play with so that they could carp on even more about the officials?
It saddens me that the match between Spurs and Chelsea was a good game to watch for the neutral and the officials performed really well and enhanced the game as a spectacle, however, the talking point ever since has been VAR.
Referee's decision used to be final!
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