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Re: The VAR thread
« Reply #45 on: Mon 14 Jan 2019 16:40 »
but it is interesting that in Italy there have been more arguments over the use of VAR this season than last.

I do wonder how much of that stems from this seemingly widespread belief by fans/managers/players/media in particular that VAR is the holy grail to ensure that 100% of referee decisions are correct in every game. Something that most on here will agree on is an impossible to obtain figure yet anyone who has never picked up a whistle seems to believe is achievable!

I am sure that's right, though it seems to be made worse by commentators not knowing or understanding the protocols.  Most complaints in Italy have been about VAR not being used when commentators thought it should have been.  But there is another point: I suspect that there is starting to be an expectation that when a referee chooses or is invited to review an incident on the pitch-side monitor, this will automatically result in the decision being changed.   
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