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Re: The VAR thread
« Reply #45 on: Mon 14 Jan 2019 00:55 »
I watch a fair few games in the Saudi league where VAR has already been used for a couple of seasons & they seem to have it in a good routine, the crowd know if it's being consulted either by monitor, which is very obvious, or just over the comms & don't seem to bat an eye over it or get confused. We will reach that stage but it takes time to get used to and for it to be accepted as the norm.
They should send a delegation to Australia as the referees in the A-League still are able to mess it up. You make a very good point bmb, about the clarity of the decisions and VAR being referenced. I think that's what is such an issue out here that some (not all) of the referees don't convey the fact that they are reviewing VAR clearly enough. It also doesn't help that replays are shown on screen in the stadiums, which often adds to the drama.  ;D
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