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Re: The VAR thread
« Reply #45 on: Tue 08 Jan 2019 20:21 »
If they are not going to go to the monitor to do a review themselves then they need to signal very clearly that they are taking advice from the VAR over the headset. Clear enough for it to be recognised right back as far as row z & beyond! I know the majority of us hate the over dramatic signalling that can occur but perhaps this is a situation where it needs that type of signal.  If fans/managers & players see a very clear signal then they will at least know VAR is being consulted, even if they don't understand why & will know a decision may be overturned. I do agree with Readingfan that it seems to generally help if the referee goes to the monitor, not least because at least everyone knows there is a degree of VAR intervention.

VAR is still new though and the kinks are gradually being ironed out, in theory.  It's not something we are used to yet, whatever our role in the game. As it is used more widely it will become more understood, pauses will be recognised better etc.  Our referees will also settle into a routine that works better with it, they are still also finding their feet with it.  Give it a couple of years and we will all wonder what the early fuss was about.  I watch a fair few games in the Saudi league where VAR has already been used for a couple of seasons & they seem to have it in a good routine, the crowd know if it's being consulted either by monitor, which is very obvious, or just over the comms & don't seem to bat an eye over it or get confused. We will reach that stage but it takes time to get used to and for it to be accepted as the norm.
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