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Re: The VAR thread
« Reply #45 on: Tue 08 Jan 2019 16:08 »

Why do VAR referees have to be actual referees?  Opening up the position to those who are way short of those fitness levels and may not have the man-management skills of referees, such as they are, will give a massively larger pool from which to source the very best at making VAR decisions. It's such a different skill that it's unlikely the best at one will also be the best at the other.

Agree, as long as the final decision remains with the on field official to retain their ability to interpret the Law as is required and appropriate.

Am I correct in thinking that none of the VAR decisions made this weekend were actually reviewed by the onfield official?
I was at Burnley on Saturday and the whole situation was farcical. Those of us who actually paid to go to the game had any idea what was happening because Simon Hooper just stood in the penalty area and then, after about 90 seconds, he blew the whistle which Vydra thought was the signal to take the penalty only then to be stopped in his tracks by Hooper's raised arm, quickly followed by the AR's raised flag and offside was given --not against Vydra but against Sam Vokes who had not interfered with play at all ---the ball having gone way over his head.
At no point did Simon Hooper go to look at the incident and, on viewing the other incidents, I don't think that any other onfield official reviewed a decision.

Is this going to be the normal procedure? 
Referee's decision used to be final!