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Author Topic: Viktor Kassai M/C City v Shakhtar  (Read 1219 times)

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Re: Viktor Kassai M/C City v Shakhtar
« Reply #30 on: Sat 10 Nov 2018 18:56 »

Hackett pouring his thoughts out once again.... he refers to the Ashby/Fowler debacle.


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Re: Viktor Kassai M/C City v Shakhtar
« Reply #31 on: Sun 11 Nov 2018 04:05 »

Hackett pouring his thoughts out once again.... he refers to the Ashby/Fowler debacle.

This: Kassai, who is one of the best refs around, singularly failed to do this yesterday. His vision of the incident was impeded by players in front of him, and then he did something that referees are told never to do: he guessed.

When he realised he didn't have a good enough view he should have consulted the rest of his team. But then the official stood behind the goal is a waste of time and this underlines that. While he's not allowed to make a signal visually, he has got a communication link and I'm amazed he couldn't help the referee here.

When you're operating with additional assistant referees, you're looking for the official behind the goal to step up. But between him and the referee they made a complete mess of it.

I agree with the 1st 9 words but he has that completely wrong about the AAR because Bognár was quite clearly shown on the replay speaking into his comms and pointing to the spot with his baton so he does make a visual signal & either backs up Kassai's decision or is the one who actually called it!!! I believe it to be the latter due to the fact that he makes the signal - he wouldn't need to if he was just backing up Kassai and saying yeah mate you called it right. As we all know I watch the NB1 obsessively, where they use AAR's as a matter of course and they always use signals with the baton. When the ball goes over the line, not between the goal posts obviously, they either point to the corner flag or towards the goal depending on whether they are saying corner or goal kick and if they have seen something that the ref hasn't or they are in a better position to judge and either call a pen, when they point towards the pen spot or a defensive free kick where they point towards the goalie. It's not a huge signal like you see from the AR sticking his flag up, their arm stays still and it's a flick of the wrist movement. It happens in every game, every week in their domestic league. I first noticed it when Solymosi Péter (bmb's fav NB1 ref) was AAR in a match maybe 2/3 seasons ago and saw him signalling a couple of times and it threw me as to why, I wondered at the time if the comms had gone down so he was signaling as there were no comms in use, so the next few games I watched the AARs a bit more and noticed they all do it, it's standard practice there. I saw it happen a dozen or more times today from various AAR's across the 5 games that I watched. As soon as I was able to see the replays I've been of the firm belief that it was Bognár that called it, not Kassai. The fact Bognár did make the signal has been noted in the Hungarian press, who of course are used to AAR's using signals and the general consensus is that it was him who made the call & has let Kassai down, like Vad did in the Euros 2012 & a lot of surprise was expressed that Bognár was on a game this weekend (as AAR) but Kassai wasn't because as I say the consensus in Hungary is that Kassai was not the one who called it. Bear in mind with that also the fact that one of the media outlets defending Kassai and putting the blame at Bognár door is one who have a historical dislike of Kassai and take any opportunity they can to have a swipe at him & they are actively defending him on this call. I'm anti betting personally, but I would lay money on if an audio recording was played of the comms at the time, Bognár will be heard saying "büntetőrúgás" or "büntetőrúgó" (penalty kick) or a shortened version of that, büntető or büntetés. I haven't yet worked out which the grammatically correct version is and when a penalty has been scored it just shows as (bü) after the scorers name. Kassai of course would take the blame either way, as he did with the Vad error in 2012, his view is that as team leader he is responsible for every call whether made directly by him or indirectly via one of his team. He'd never hang one of his team out to dry like that & I've personally had the conversation with him over Vad's error & no matter how many times he was asked and in how many different ways his response was the same, "I was the referee, I am responsible for any decision made" so I know he would say exactly the same here if asked.
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