Author Topic: Robert Madley L2 Play-off Final Morecambe v Newport  (Read 1879 times)

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I think Bobby Madley will be back in the premier league very soon. As he use to get a lot of the big games when he  refereed in the premier league.
If you look at the select group referees like Mike Dean, Martin Atkinson, Jon Moss, Lee Mason, Andre Marriner and Graham Scott. They must be coming to an end to there refereeing career.
So that leaves Micheal Oliver, Stuart Attwell, Antony Taylor, Paul Tierney and Chris Kavanagh who will referee the bigger and majority of PL games.
I just think they will re-promote Bobby Madley because of his past PL experience and that is something they could lose a lot in the next coming seasons. As who in select group 2 will be seen as PL material in the coming seasons? Jarred Gillett?
As Andrew Madley, Robert Jones, Simon Hooper and Peter Banks never get a look in for PL games.
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In agreeing with what you say ECity77, ref your last line, I do believe that any of the four you mention will start to get games in greater numbers if they stand out from the crowd, and particularly if/when they gain their FIFA badges as I think A Madley and Bankes have already done. Slow beginnings seems to be the order of the day and some, like Hooper and Scott, stay that way on the fringes whilst others progress to bigger games and more frequent PL appointments. And I see no harm in that at all, particularly if it means the 'blue-eyed Attwell' scenario (first time around) can be avoided in the future.