Author Topic: Robert Madley L2 Play-off Final Morecambe v Newport  (Read 1880 times)

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I've watched Mr Madley a couple of times this season via ifollow and I thought his self confidence at times moved into the realm of arrogance as mentioned by a previous did seem at times it was all about him and league 1 was a bit below him... A shame because when he just concentrated on the refereeing he was very good

Yet in contrast, I saw him referee Rochdale twice in League 1 and once in the EFL Trophy and didn't see anything whatsoever of this perceived arrogance and the games being beneath him.

I did see him make some poor decisions that weren't befitting someone of his (previous) status and ability, but he seemed to have full respect of all the players and they of him.
I too saw him referee in league one and thought him very good , in fact I felt his big positive was his attitude towards and relationship with the players , like I said earlier the performance in the final was below par and Iím sure he will be disappointed but letís not hang him out to dry as Iím certain he didnít do it on purpose.
My views are my own and not that of rate the ref .