Author Topic: Robert Madley L2 Play-off Final Morecambe v Newport  (Read 1880 times)

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I donít remember seeing a comment from Nemesis and Hendo when Mr Madley had a fine performance at Oxford in the semi finals and yet here they are today. It would almost seem like an agenda against this individual.

I felt some of the decisions were questionable, the early penalty decision with the challenge on the goalkeeper in slow motion is clear to see but in full speed I donít think is as clear.

As for the penalty, I may be in a minority here but there is clearly a push albeit the attacker makes the most of it. The contact begins outside the area and the push ends inside the area, Sky said exactly this point. That therefore makes it a penalty kick.

Throughout the game it was very clear that Mr Madley commanded the respect of the players and smiled a lot with them. No cautions in 90 minutes and I just find it very sad that none of the people on here have ever had the pressure of such a game to deal with so we cannot possibly understand how that must feel to referee. It just seems like the same names every week cannot wait to jump on certain referees at any opportunity.

On reflection, Iíd say a soft penalty to win the game but by no means incorrect and totally wrong to say it was outside as some have. As an observer I would be saying a well controlled game, a confident referee who moved well throughout, experience was clear to see to slow the game down when needed...but a referees life hinges on one or two big decisions. For me the first could be given on another day, the one that was is absolutely not incorrect. A push is a foul and it continued into the penalty area. Iím staggered to see how people can say that is such a bad decision. In my opinion that would never have been overturned by VAR which maybe says enough.

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(edited)if you think that was a penalty!!
You seem to be the only one who does............bad bit of observing that!
I thought he was poor throughout.......the players weren't respecting fact Newport were getting more and more frustrated with his odd decisions.......poor understanding of what a foul is or isn't etc
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