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Author Topic: Quantity of Match Officials at the World Cup  (Read 1532 times)

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Re: Quantity of Match Officials at the World Cup
« on: Wed 30 Nov 2022 18:09 »
How Jack Taylor, Joe Worrall, George Courtney et al managed to referee so efficiently and well despite not having this as huge cadre of support officials is nothing short of a miracle. Perhaps it was something to do with their abundant talent.

And the fact players did not spend 90 mins using any and every form of the dark arts to try and con them. You can't compare then & now, the game itself is so different. Back then many players would have a cigarette at half time, some probably accompanied by a pint.  These days players, and the top top referees, are super fit athletes, not even an ounce of fat on them. There's a whole department dedicated to getting the right nutrition. The game is played at probably double the speed and is much more technical. Red card then was only given if multiple bones were broken or the fire brigade had to be called out to rescue said player on the wrong end of the tackle from the top of the floodlights. The LOTG were simple and understandable, these days you need a degree in contortionism to understand the handball law and degrees in maths and science to understand offside!! It was a lot more simpler, players got on and played, referees got on and refereed. 1 shaky camera in the middle of the main stand unlike the 24+ uber HD cameras of today, that can have zoomed right in slo mo replays onto social media within seconds. No social media... Managers didn't spend their entire post match interview blaming the ref for a blade of grass being 0.000001mm longer than the one next to it, WWI, WWII and probably WWIII and anything else that the ref is guilty of. A global audience of millions and a media who join the managers in blaming refs for all and sundry, whilst ignoring the bad behaviour and unsportmenlike conduct of players. Top flight games have literally millions riding on the result. I'd wager they were no more accurate in decision making than their counterparts of today but back then no-one took any notice, ref error was no different to player error, a quick shrug and it was forgotten, unlike these days where you still hear how terrible x ref is because they made a poor game changing decision 10 years ago and football still hasn't moved on from it!
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