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Author Topic: Promotions 2023  (Read 5840 times)

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Re: Promotions 2023
« Reply #30 on: Fri 26 May 2023 19:28 »
Aaron Farmer from Colchester, best known in East Anglia as Alan Young's accomplis in the debacle against Wycombe a couple of years or so back, has been promoted to Level 2A. Congratulations.
John Mulligan has also been promoted to Level 2A to referee in the National League Premier next season.


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Re: Promotions 2023
« Reply #31 on: Fri 26 May 2023 19:41 »
Surname   First Name   County
Aspinall   Richard   Lancashire FA
Baines   Dale   Liverpool FA
Cooper   Paul   Durham FA
Crusham   Michael   Lancashire FA
Farmer   Aaron   Essex FA
Humphries   Andrew   Northamptonshire FA
Mcnamara   David   Royal Navy FA
Morland   Stuart   Liverpool FA
Mulligan   John   Cumberland FA
Walchester   Callum   Suffolk FA
Westgate   James   Durham FA
Wyatt   Ben   Manchester FA

Surname   First Name   County
Bell   Elliot   Liverpool FA
Brown   Declan   Manchester FA
Clarke   Ashley   Birmingham FA
Conn   Morgan   London FA
Crofts   Joshua   Huntingdonshire FA
Dawson   Lewis   West Riding FA
Dunn   Nicholas   Kent FA
Eley   Richard   Derbyshire FA
Fisk   Callum   Birmingham FA
Freeth   Kirk   Northumberland FA
George   Adrian   Norfolk FA
Griffiths   Luis   Liverpool FA
Hall   Jack   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Hible   Lee   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Hursey   Ayrton   Essex FA
Impey   Lauren   RAF FA
Jackson   Matthew   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Jones   David   Lincolnshire FA
Kennard-Kettle   Zac   Northumberland FA
Martland   Charles   London FA
Noonan   Oliver   Manchester FA
Robinson   Eugene   Essex FA
Sawden   Alex   Lincolnshire FA
Warren   George   London FA
Wilson   Thomas   East Riding FA

First Name   Surname   County
Baines   Daniel   Essex FA
Biggin   Andrew   Shropshire FA
Bragg   Samuel   West Riding FA
Butler   Ashley   Essex FA
Cain   Matthew   Durham FA
Caley   Gary   Lincolnshire FA
Cartwright   Mitchell   Birmingham FA
Casey   Joseph   Middlesex FA
Chell   Kieran   Lancashire FA
Colley   James   Hampshire FA
Collier   Paul   Gloucestershire FA
Cornelius   Ryan   Devon FA
Cross   Anthony   Hampshire FA
Davenport   Craig   Berks & Bucks FA
Demetriades   Zak   Amateur Football Alliance
Egan   Redmond   Sussex FA
Evans   Joshua   Amateur Football Alliance
Friend   Matthew   Norfolk FA
Garsrud   James   Army FA
Graham   Kieran   Northumberland FA
Hamilton   Scott   Berks & Bucks FA
Hanson   Mark   Cheshire FA
Harland   Thomas   Cheshire FA
Howell   Joshua   Cheshire FA
Indyk   Marcin   Kent FA
Karram   Joseph   Cambridgeshire FA
Kerten   James   Sussex FA
King   Charles   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Lathan   Stuart   Northamptonshire FA
Ledgeway   Conor   North Riding FA
Madden   Aidan   Royal Navy FA
Markwick   Lee   Essex FA
Mayhew   Kyfer   Hertfordshire FA
McAnoy   Adam   Gloucestershire FA
McFarlane   Calum   Hampshire FA
Metcalf   Taylor   Lancashire FA
Morgan   Kai   Hampshire FA
Morton   Matthew   Durham FA
Murray   William   Derbyshire FA
Nixon   Patrick   Surrey FA
Payne   William   Somerset FA
Phillips   Harry   Kent FA
Potter   Christopher   Middlesex FA
Potter   Oliver   Huntingdonshire FA
Price   Harry   Northamptonshire FA
Ripton   Daniel   Essex FA
Roberts   Charlie   Essex FA
Robinson   Michael   East Riding FA
Rolfe   Alex   Staffordshire FA
Rowland   David   Kent FA
Sadd   Oliver   Norfolk FA
Schofield   Benjamin   Lancashire FA
Spain   David   Sussex FA
Stott   Benjamin   Staffordshire FA
Taylor   Steven   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Valko   Maros   London FA
Walker   Bailey   Devon FA
Whittington   Nicholas   Hampshire FA
Wright   Joe   Surrey FA
Wyatt   Thomas   Middlesex FA

Level 5 → 4A (Step 5/6 Referee) & 4B (Step 3/4 Assistant Referee)
220 Promoted
Surname   Name   County FA
Abratanski   Jakub   Staffordshire FA
Agyei-Tabi   Paul   Kent FA
Ahmed   Imran   Birmingham FA
Airey   Richard   Essex FA
Alborough   Joe   Middlesex FA
Alldridge   Adam   Derbyshire FA
Allen   Callum   Hampshire FA
Allen   Katherine   Berks & Bucks FA
Allen   Paul   Devon FA
Andrew   Mawgan   Oxfordshire FA
Ansher   Ricky   Middlesex FA
Antwi   Leeford   Essex FA
Arshid   Mohsin   Derbyshire FA
Arslan   Emre   London FA
Ashworth-Sears   Jon   Lincolnshire FA
Baird   Matthew   Gloucestershire FA
Baxter   Mark   Amateur Football Alliance
Bayman   Philip   Manchester FA
Beer   Carl   Suffolk FA
Bell   Dominic   Manchester FA
Blaney   Matthew   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Boston   David   Lancashire FA
Botten   Nick   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Boubrahmi   Adam   Gloucestershire FA
Brennan   Phil   Liverpool FA
Brodie   William   Dorset FA
Buckle   Nathan   London FA
Burrough   Mark   Devon FA
Cairns   James   Worcestershire FA
Canavan   Anthony   Liverpool FA
Cass   Christopher   Hampshire FA
Celik   Sehhat   Oxfordshire FA
Chapman   Chandon   Kent FA
Chinnock   Spencer   Dorset FA
Chisnall   David   Lancashire FA
Chourakane   Abde   Birmingham FA
Churcher   Nicholas   Middlesex FA
Collins   Matthew   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Compton   Ben   Hertfordshire FA
Cook   Julian   Royal Navy FA
Cooper   Jackson   Manchester FA
Cope   Brad   Derbyshire FA
Corderoy   Michael   Kent FA
Crosby-Smith   Adam   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Cudlipp   Cameron   Dorset FA
Cunningham   Zach   Northamptonshire FA
Curran   James   Gloucestershire FA
Currey   Nathan   Bedfordshire FA
Cuthbertson   Jordan   Wiltshire FA
Damji   Gulam   Surrey FA
Danks   Cameron   Birmingham FA
Davies   Jacob   Manchester FA
Davis   Daniel   Kent FA
Davis   Julian   Hertfordshire FA
Dearden   Abby   Lancashire FA
Demirov   Belin   Amateur Football Alliance
Desroches   Andrew   Army FA
Dobrijevic   Mark   Devon FA
Dolphin   Jamie   Cheshire FA
Drummond   Jacob   North Riding FA
Dyson   Matthew   Sussex FA
Elliott   Jason   Kent FA
Ellis   Scott   Wiltshire FA
Evans   Tom   Hertfordshire FA
Farjadpour   Omid   Hampshire FA
Farlow   Tom   Hampshire FA
Fernandes   Silvio   Middlesex FA
Fletcher   Luke   Dorset FA
Fletcher   Samuel   Cheshire FA
Forbes   Daniel   Cumberland FA
Ford   Reiss   Lancashire FA
Franklin   Toby   Somerset FA
Froom   David   Northamptonshire FA
Funnell   Matthew   Surrey FA
Gardiner   Cliff   Worcestershire FA
Gater   Andrew   Manchester FA
Georgiou   Peter   Amateur Football Alliance
Goldsmith   Sean   Liverpool FA
Gordon   Jean-Paul   North Riding FA
Gorman   Steve   London FA
Green   James   Nottinghamshire FA
Green   Liam   Liverpool FA
Grewal   Karan   London FA
Griggs   Luke   Bedfordshire FA
Hale   Stuart   Staffordshire FA
Hallybone   Bradley   Bedfordshire FA
Halton   Daniel   Lancashire FA
Hambridge   Darryl   Birmingham FA
Hammond   Luke   Suffolk FA
Hanlon   Patrick   Bedfordshire FA
Hardstaff   Elora   Lincolnshire FA
Harvey   Daniel   Middlesex FA
Hatcliff   Adam   Essex FA
Hawkins   Brandon   Devon FA
Hennell   Jack   Lincolnshire FA
Hin   Yat   Lincolnshire FA
Holland   Craig   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Holland   Sam   Surrey FA
Holmes   Jamie   Cheshire FA
Horner   Darrell   Northamptonshire FA
Horner   Phoebe   Northamptonshire FA
Hosie   James   Shropshire FA
Howarth   Daniel   Manchester FA
Hughes   Stephen   Kent FA
Hulbert   Luke   Gloucestershire FA
Hunt   Lewis   Nottinghamshire FA
Insley   Andrew   Wiltshire FA
Iverson   Phil   Liverpool FA
Johnson   Thomas   Oxfordshire FA
Jones   Aidan   Cheshire FA
Jones   Carl   Hertfordshire FA
Jones   Michael   Birmingham FA
Kaminski   Konrad   Sussex FA
Keeble   Daniel   Suffolk FA
Kemmery   David   Wiltshire FA
Kempson   Darren   Kent FA
Kent   Martyn   Cheshire FA
Kikulwe   Kennedy   Kent FA
King   Simon   Birmingham FA
Kinghorn   Joel   Staffordshire FA
Kings   Julia   Birmingham FA
Knight   Matthew   Cheshire FA
Lambert   David   Kent FA
Latham   James   Essex FA
Laugharne   Daniel   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Leadbitter   Anthony   Huntingdonshire FA
Ling   Tom   Suffolk FA
Lister   Jaden   Norfolk FA
Lockley   Callum   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Lord   Kyle   Manchester FA
Mackay   Connor   Bedfordshire FA
Marchant   Joshua   Herefordshire FA
McIntyre   Andrew   Oxfordshire FA
McKeever   Sean   Manchester FA
McLaren   Daniel   Army FA
Mensah   Frederick   Manchester FA
Merrall   Daniel   Amateur Football Alliance
Middleton   Ryan   Suffolk FA
Miller   Adam   Essex FA
Molloy   Alexander   Middlesex FA
Mortiboys   Jamie   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Mottram   Jack   Kent FA
Murray   Thomas   Surrey FA
Naylor   Henry   Lancashire FA
Nazif   Kadir   Essex FA
Newman   Calum   Gloucestershire FA
Noble   Matthew   Cheshire FA
O'DONNELL   KEVIN   West Riding FA
Ogden   Gary   Berks & Bucks FA
Okamgba   Amarachi   Kent FA
Oldfield   Samuel   Lancashire FA
Orchiston   Adam   Liverpool FA
Owen   Andrew   Essex FA
Owen   Guy   Nottinghamshire FA
Parker   Louie   West Riding FA
Parry   Nathan   Birmingham FA
Payne   George   Liverpool FA
Payne   Jason   North Riding FA
Perry   Esther   London FA
Plumb   Joshua   Sussex FA
Pollington   Matthew   Kent FA
Prior   William   Amateur Football Alliance
Reid   Joshua   London FA
Rhodes   Aaron   Lancashire FA
Richards   Alex   Birmingham FA
Richards   Jake   Staffordshire FA
Roberts   Tom   Northamptonshire FA
Robinson   Alan   Herefordshire FA
Robinson   Arturo   Army FA
Robinson   Kevin   Hampshire FA
Robson   Matt   Manchester FA
Roff   Nathaniel   Dorset FA
Rowley   Joseph   Staffordshire FA
Sandham   Wayne   Cheshire FA
Sannerude   Kahlan   Suffolk FA
Sawmnadyen   Kovilen   Hertfordshire FA
Seddik   Daniel   Lancashire FA
Setchell   Alex   Gloucestershire FA
Shepherdson   Thomas   North Riding FA
Simpson   Jack   Derbyshire FA
Simpson   Keith   Wiltshire FA
Smith   David   London FA
Smith   Neil   Derbyshire FA
Spencer   Kriss   Cheshire FA
Stacey   Ethan   Berks & Bucks FA
Staddon   Paul   Suffolk FA
Stanford   Andrew   Amateur Football Alliance
Steele   Henry   Essex FA
Steele   Ross   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Stone   Louis   Dorset FA
Sutherland   Neil   Sussex FA
Symes   Jake   London FA
Tasker   Kyle   Lincolnshire FA
Teasdale   William   Northumberland FA
Tomlinson   Jamie   Cheshire FA
Tooth   Jack   Manchester FA
Treharne   Charlotte   Manchester FA
Tresidder   Titus   Manchester FA
Trevaskus   David   Somerset FA
Turner   Matthew   Cheshire FA
Turner-Allen   Matt   Lancashire FA
Vayro   Liam   Derbyshire FA
Waine   Archie   Essex FA
Walker   Harry   Jersey FA
Walters   Rohan   Hampshire FA
Warner   Harry   Hampshire FA
Warr   Albert   Oxfordshire FA
Warren   Carl   Devon FA
Waterhouse   Sam   Berks & Bucks FA
Wegrzynowski   Krzysztof   Devon FA
Whitfield   Jack   Northumberland FA
Whittick   Ben   Birmingham FA
Williams   Ciaran   Liverpool FA
Williamson   Kieran   Kent FA
Wilson   Megan   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Witting   Simon   Berks & Bucks FA
Wright   Michael   Lincolnshire FA
Yildiztepe   Tolga   Huntingdonshire FA
Zeigermaher   Grisha   Middlesex FA

Level 3F → 3E (Step 1 AR)
37 Promoted
Surname   First Name   County
Aldred   Ryan   Lancashire FA
Archibald   Matt   Lancashire FA
Bloor   Martin   Hampshire FA
Burgess   Adam   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Carter   Richard   Essex FA
Cavanagh   William   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Chadwick   Jonathan   Lancashire FA
Chalkley   Mark   Norfolk FA
Clayton   Samuel   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Darling   Christopher   Cambridgeshire FA
Fidler   Ciaran   Sussex FA
Gough   Callum   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Graham   Jacob   Manchester FA
Hayden   Michael   Amateur Football Alliance FA
Hillier   Jake   Berks & Bucks FA
Lawson   Steven   Durham FA
Mansfield-King   Lewis   Worcestershire FA
Mansour   Fadi   Middlesex FA
Mingay   Bradley   Suffolk FA
Murphy   Ross   Hampshire FA
O'Meara   Colman   London FA
Pilling   David   Berks & Bucks FA
Roberts   Jason   Shropshire FA
Robinson   Simon   Lancashire FA
Rushworth   Stephen   West Riding FA
Ryder   Mark   Liverpool FA
Saward   Ryan   Gloucestershire FA
Senior   Mark   Devon FA
Sibley   Francis   Liverpool FA
Smith   Antony   Hampshire FA
Swanton   Graham   Hertfordshire FA
Wall   Tom   Staffordshire FA
Waters   Jamie   West Riding FA
Wesson   Sam   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Wharton   Richard   Hertfordshire FA
Whay   Thomas   Essex FA
Wood   Curtis   Lancashire FA

Level 4SAR/4B → 3F (Step 2 AR)
17 Promoted
Last Name   First Name   County
Ball   Georgia   Derbyshire FA
Briggs   Nathan   Middlesex FA
Clenton   Daniel   Staffordshire FA
Dutton   Drew   Sheffield & Hallamshire
Griffiths   Jordan   Birmingham FA
Hardy   Lewis   Durham FA
Johnston   Dane   Surrey FA
Larkin   Joseph   Birmingham FA
Malton   Matthew   Manchester FA
Payne   David   Surrey FA
Spyer   Daniel   Wiltshire FA
Stobart   Christopher   Sussex FA
Thompson   Craig   Worcestershire FA
Tregoning   Andrew   Hertfordshire FA
Wetherall   James   Northamptonshire FA
Williams   Ceri   Derbyshire FA
Williams   Stephen   Berks & Bucks FA
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Re: Promotions 2023
« Reply #32 on: Fri 26 May 2023 19:43 »
My final predictions before I log out for the summer

SG1 retirement: Andre Marriner
SG2 to SG1: Tim Robinson, Darren Bond (at least as a VAR capacity), Akil Howson, Samuel Lewis, B Singh Gill
NL to SG2: Rebecca Welch, Sam Allison, Anthony Backhouse

You're certainly ticking the diversity boxes. Not sure I'd consider them to be the best three to go up with Ipswich.


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Re: Promotions 2023
« Reply #33 on: Fri 26 May 2023 20:53 »
12 promoted to 2A along with the 4 promoted mid season. Is that around the usual number. Seems to indicate a sizeable number of referees must be leaving the 2A list either via promotion or retirement unless there will be increased pool to allow more 4O appointments in the FL.


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Re: Promotions 2023
« Reply #34 on: Sat 27 May 2023 12:44 »
Apparently an email went out last week that there will be no promotions from the SG2 AR list to the SG1 AR list.
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Mackem ref

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Re: Promotions 2023
« Reply #35 on: Sat 27 May 2023 13:04 »
Congratulations to all promoted - I have worked with a few of those names over my many years as a level 5. Mulligan and Westgate are both exceptional referees. Pleased to see them go up and hope we may even see them on the EFL before long!
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Re: Promotions 2023
« Reply #36 on: Sun 28 May 2023 15:04 »
Indeed, congratulations to all those promoted - and commiserations to all those who just missed out this time. Looking at the lists, there are no cases among those I have seen, either this season or in the past, that cause a flicker of a raised eyebrow. I am pleased that the two newcomers (to me at least) who impressed the most have both received promotion - one to Level 3 and one to 2B. I am glad to see, too, that Lee Hible has shown sufficient resilience after enduring a horrid match at Brighouse some years ago to be upwardly mobile this time.


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Re: Promotions 2023
« Reply #37 on: Sun 28 May 2023 19:37 »
I have only seen Mr Kennard-Kettle on the line - at Melton Town, in an ill-fated match - but was very impressed by how well his shorts were pressed. Possibly not as daft a comment as it might sound. Or maybe it is!
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Re: Promotions 2023
« Reply #38 on: Sun 28 May 2023 20:43 »
I have only seen Mr Kennard-Kettle on the line - at Melton Town, in an ill-fated match - but was very impressed by how well his shorts were pressed. Possibly not as daft a comment as it might sound. Or maybe it is!

Clearly following in the footsteps of his father…


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Re: Promotions 2023
« Reply #39 on: Sun 28 May 2023 21:21 »
Know 4 people on the list so huge congrats to them.