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Author Topic: Promotions 2022  (Read 19283 times)

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Promotions 2022
« on: Sat 21 May 2022 12:02 »
I don’t know if this is usually done once the Play Offs are all completed but I just wondered when it is likely that we will hear who will have the interviews or promotions from National League to EFL, EFL to Championship and Championship to Premier League

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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #1 on: Sat 21 May 2022 12:51 »
Selection Days


2W -> 1W AND
3W > 2W

Tuesday 17th AND Wednesday 18th May 2022

Assistant Referees


Wednesday 1st June 2022


Step1R -> NGR (Monday 30th May 2022)

NGR -> SG2R (Tuesday 31st May 2022)

SG2R -> SG1R (Wednesday 1st June 2022)
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Mackem ref

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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #2 on: Sun 22 May 2022 09:09 »
Thanks for the info!

Aside from the 3 retirees in the PL, has anyone from SG2 or NL confirmed their retirements?


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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #3 on: Mon 23 May 2022 20:16 »
Hearing the news on various social media platforms that the Level 3 and 2b promotions are out...does anyone have the full list to congratulate?


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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #4 on: Mon 23 May 2022 20:19 »
Hearing the news on various social media platforms that the Level 3 and 2b promotions are out...does anyone have the full list to congratulate?

Also just seen on Twitter someone post their promotion email up to Level 4 so guess they are out too!


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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #5 on: Mon 23 May 2022 20:23 »
Selection Days


2W -> 1W AND
3W > 2W

Tuesday 17th AND Wednesday 18th May 2022

Is it possible someone could post these promotions please?


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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #6 on: Mon 23 May 2022 21:26 »
Officials got told directly from FA today.
The County FAs get sent the list 24 hours later


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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #7 on: Tue 24 May 2022 07:43 »
Hopefully when someone has access to the full list once they've been sent to the County FA they will be published.

Congrats to all those that got good news but also for those that have been reclassified, stay strong!


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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #8 on: Tue 24 May 2022 11:41 »
Hearing the news on various social media platforms that the Level 3 and 2b promotions are out...does anyone have the full list to congratulate?

Also just seen on Twitter someone post their promotion email up to Level 4 so guess they are out too!

Yeah my mate had his letter yesterday and has got 4-3 so all out


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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #9 on: Tue 24 May 2022 13:06 »
Indeed the news is out

They have annoucned in bulk:

2b to 2a (6 successsful applicants)
3 to 2b (19)
4 to 3 (85)
5 to 4 (253)

Panel line (old money) to FL AR (9)
Conf South/North (step 2)  to National League AR (33)
Level 4 (either on performance or specialist AR) to Step 2 AR (11)

This is on top of the mid-terms already announced in the Autumn.


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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #10 on: Tue 24 May 2022 13:10 »
2B to 2A

Bannister    Aaron    West Riding FA
Cartmel    Wayne    Bedfordshire FA
Corlett    Matt    Liverpool FA
Duckworth    Ed    Lancashire FA
Mulhall    Sam    Cheshire FA
Richardson    Jason    Berks & Bucks FA

3 to 2B

Ablitt    Robert    Hampshire FA
Benn    Lisa    Sussex FA
Bradley    Darius    West Riding FA
Byrne    Abigail    Cambridgeshire FA
Claussen   Robert   Essex FA
Conley    Helen    Durham FA
Corbett    Liam    Birmingham FA
Davis    William    Manchester FA
Elson    Shelby    Surrey FA
Laflin    George    Suffolk FA
Morland    Stuart    Liverpool FA
Pratt    Neil    Worcestershire FA
Read    Samuel    Wiltshire FA
Robertson-Tant    Michael    Army FA
Sandoe    Lewis    Army FA
Taylor    Shaun    Lancashire FA
Thomas    Gareth    Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Tomlinson    Benjamin    Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Wager    Harry    Kent FA

4 to 3

Ahmad   Waqar   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Ahmed   Umar   West Riding FA
Aldred   Ryan   Lancashire FA
Anstice-Mitchell   Thomas   Devon FA
Baines   Thomas   Hampshire FA
Ball   Matthew   Hertfordshire FA
Bates   Mark   Manchester FA
Beard   Martin   Derbyshire FA
Billingham   Mark   Birmingham FA
Booth   William   Nottinghamshire FA
Boult   Ryan   Lincolnshire FA
Brooks   Jordan   Cheshire FA
Brown   Edgar   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Buckle   Joel   Cheshire FA
Burgess   Joe   Essex FA
Burton   Gareth   Middlesex FA
Butcher   Michael   Kent FA
Carter   Richard   Essex FA
Chadwick   Jonathan   Lancashire FA
Charles   Craig   Essex FA
Collins   Cain   Wiltshire FA
Copping   Thomas   Hampshire FA
Critchlow   David   Staffordshire FA
Darling   Christopher   Cambridgeshire FA
Dickens   Thomas   West Riding FA
Dunn   Andrew   Hampshire FA
Eaton   George   Cheshire FA
Elliott   Tom   Cheshire FA
Everard   Connor   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Fisk   Callum   Birmingham FA
Forrest   Keiran   Birmingham FA
Gibson   Macauley   North Riding FA
Goldup   Steven   Kent FA
Green   Ben   Norfolk FA
Gregory   Adam   Wiltshire FA
Hallam   Aaron   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Hetherington   Harley   Worcestershire FA
Hillier   Jake   Berks & Bucks FA
Hood   Thomas   Hertfordshire FA
Hooper   James   Gloucestershire FA
Impey   Lauren   RAF FA
Kaya   Oliver   Berks & Bucks FA
Keane   James   London FA
King   Mark   Cornwall FA
Lamping   Joel   Sussex FA
Langdon   Matthew   Gloucestershire FA
Langley-Fineing   Joshua   Sussex FA
Lee   Samuel   Northamptonshire FA
Long   James   Cornwall FA
Lynch   George   Wiltshire FA
Mansour   Fadi   Middlesex FA
Matthewson   Dario   Norfolk FA
Mayer   Elliott   Amateur Football Alliance
McDonald   Benjamin   Kent FA
Moss   Joe   West Riding FA
Mountain   Lewis   Birmingham FA
Murphy   Ross   Hampshire FA
Naisbett   James   Cheshire FA
Osborn   Teddy   Kent FA
Pinchback   Reece   Essex FA
Poole   Christopher   Hertfordshire FA
Ranson   Daniel   Durham FA
Scott   Michael   Essex FA
Shepherd   Jack   Birmingham FA
Sibley    Francis   Liverpool FA
Smith   Ryan   Essex FA
Spencer   Elliot   Somerset FA
Stetakovic   Mario   Bedfordshire FA
Terry   Mitchell   Wiltshire FA
Tewson   James   Nottinghamshire FA
Todua   Givi   Durham FA
Turnpenny   Joseph   London FA
Tyne   Ashley   Norfolk FA
Wall   Tom   Staffordshire FA
Whitfield   Nigel   Dorset FA
Wilks   Jonathon   Sussex FA
Williams   Arran   West Riding FA
Wilson   Adam   Gloucestershire FA
Wilson   Thomas   East Riding FA
Wood   Curtis   Lancashire FA
Woods   Billy   Kent FA
Woolley   Jake   Gloucestershire FA
Wormleighton   Nathanael   Dorset FA
Wright   Jacob   Hampshire FA
Wright   Michael   Worcestershire FA

5 to 4

Abdel Rasoul   Adel   Berks & Bucks FA
Adeyemi   Adekola   Essex FA
Adeyemi   Adedotun   Essex FA
Agboola   Peter   London FA
Aguilar   Pablo   Sussex FA
Albutt   Jonathan   Staffordshire FA
Alliband   James   Worcestershire FA
Angell   Zak   Hampshire FA
Annear   Will   Cornwall FA
Antell   Macaulay   Army FA
Attoh   Lawrence   London FA
Austin   Jack   Manchester FA
Baker   Aaron   Berks & Bucks FA
Banks   Archie   Lancashire FA
Barker   Shane   Devon FA
Barley   Christopher   North Riding FA
Barrett   Matthew   Berks & Bucks FA
Bartlam   David   Royal Navy FA
Bartlam   David   Royal Navy FA
Bartlett   Thomas   Birmingham FA
Batchelor   Daniel   Hampshire FA
Baylis   Dylan   Somerset FA
Begbie-Dilks   Alex   Gloucestershire FA
Bennett   William   Devon FA
Bierman   Oliver   Amateur Football Alliance
Birch-Ford   James   Lancashire FA
Blomfield   Bart   Dorset FA
Boardman   Ben   Gloucestershire FA
Botten   Liam   Suffolk FA
Bourner   Alex   North Riding FA
Bradley   Mark   Hampshire FA
Brothwell   Peter   Lincolnshire FA
Bunting   Rob   Norfolk FA
Burford   Luke   Amateur Football Alliance
Burton   Jacob   Cheshire FA
Cadwallader   Lee   Lancashire FA
Cairns   Melissa   West Riding FA
Calarasu   Stefan   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Campbell   Phil   Derbyshire FA
Campbell   Royan   Essex FA
Carlisle   Toby   Northamptonshire FA
Caskey   Chris   East Riding FA
Catchpole   Lorraine   Norfolk FA
Cattanach-Chell   Ceredig   Cambridgeshire FA
Cera   Ali   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Charles   Nathan   Birmingham FA
Chawner-Bowers   Stephen   Staffordshire FA
Childs   Matthew   Berks & Bucks FA
Clark   Jak   Suffolk FA
Cliffe   Joshua   Cheshire FA
Coles   Matthew   West Riding FA
Contursi   Gennaro   Manchester FA
Cowens   Elliot   Northumberland FA
Critchlow   Ashley   Staffordshire FA
Crossland   Thomas   West Riding FA
Cummings   William   Cheshire FA
Curry   Ben   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Curtis   Simon   Cambridgeshire FA
Davies   Scott   Shropshire FA
Davies   Ryan   Staffordshire FA
Dear   Josh   Hertfordshire FA
Demetriades   Zak   Amateur Football Alliance
Demosthenous   Harry   Amateur Football Alliance
Dennington   Sophie   Berks & Bucks FA
Distin   Andrew   Devon FA
Dixon-Walker   Jordan   Essex FA
Dobson   Ryan   Derbyshire FA
Drew   Joe   Gloucestershire FA
Dutton   Simon   Bedfordshire FA
Dutton   Tyler   Durham FA
East   Joshua   Birmingham FA
Everatt   Callum   Lincolnshire FA
Everett   Adam   Cambridgeshire FA
Eyre   Josh   Cornwall FA
Fall   Stephen   Dorset FA
Farr   Thomas   Hampshire FA
Farthing   Lee   Derbyshire FA
Fiterman   Haim   West Riding FA
Fletcher   Lewis   Cambridgeshire FA
Forbes   Craig   Lincolnshire FA
Foster   Daniel   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Frostick   Ralph   Hampshire FA
Fuller   Chris   Norfolk FA
Garsrud   James   Army FA
Gascoigne   Dillon   Devon FA
Gerrard   Lewis   Cheshire FA
Gibbons   Adam   West Riding FA
Graham   Kieran   Northumberland FA
Grainger   Ethan   Hampshire FA
Greenbank   Benjamin   Suffolk FA
Griffiths   Ryan   Oxfordshire FA
Halford   Rebecca   Gloucestershire FA
Hall   Samuel   Kent FA
Hall   James   RAF FA
Hardingham   Charlie   Hampshire FA
Harland   Thomas   Cheshire FA
Harris   Matthew   Northumberland FA
Hayler   Gareth   Suffolk FA
Haywood   Daniel   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Hazelton   Peter   North Riding FA
Healy   Jack   London FA
Herrett   Robert   Wiltshire FA
Hewitt   Aiden   Durham FA
Hodgetts   Garrath   Worcestershire FA
Hodgson   Jonathon   Staffordshire FA
Holland   Oliver   Lancashire FA
Hollins   Daniel   Birmingham FA
Hood   Luke   West Riding FA
Hopton   Ben   Nottinghamshire FA
Horwood   Joanne   Hertfordshire FA
Hubbard   Gary   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Hudson   Harry   Birmingham FA
Hughes   Daniel   Durham FA
Humphrey   Christopher   Suffolk FA
Hussey   Jack   Hampshire FA
Iles   Luke   Gloucestershire FA
Jallow   Gibril   Army FA
Jeffery   Rhys   Kent FA
Jeffery   Tom   Somerset FA
Jessop   Stuart   Norfolk FA
Johnston   Nik   Suffolk FA
Joliffe   Patrick   Surrey FA
Jones   Sam   Cambridgeshire FA
Jones   Gareth   Royal Navy FA
Kaymaz   Murat   Devon FA
Kendrick   Lee   Suffolk FA
Kennedy   Thomas   Cheshire FA
Kennedy   David   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Kettlety   Lloyd   Wiltshire FA
Knowles   James   Somerset FA
Kwak   Peter   Bedfordshire FA
Landau   Matthew   Devon FA
Lane   Ian   Sussex FA
Laws   Patrick   Northumberland FA
Lawson   Christopher   RAF FA
Leach   Keiran   Manchester FA
Leigh   Adam   Devon FA
Lindsay   Phillip   Birmingham FA
Livingston   Jonathan   Oxfordshire FA
Lloyd   Aaron   Northamptonshire FA
Lowe   Grace   Nottinghamshire FA
Ludlam   James   Norfolk FA
Markwick   Lee   Essex FA
Marshall   Benjamin   Kent FA
Maskery   Ben   Surrey FA
Maynard   Kornilus   Lincolnshire FA
Mcculloch   Des   Hampshire FA
Mcdonald   Rob   Somerset FA
McKee   Daniel   West Riding FA
Meadows   John   West Riding FA
Meckaniuk   Karl   Devon FA
Miller   Jacob   Kent FA
Miller   Daniel   Northamptonshire FA
Milosevic   Paul   West Riding FA
Moore   Ryan   Durham FA
Moore   Lewis   Essex FA
Moore   Callum   Kent FA
Moreton   Owen   Birmingham FA
Morford   Josh   Cornwall FA
Morgan   Billy   Hertfordshire FA
Mrozek   Lee   Staffordshire FA
Mukachana   Nyasha   Hampshire FA
Murray   Ethan   Lancashire FA
Nelson   Jamie   Cheshire FA
Newby   Adrian   Cheshire FA
Nicholls   Charles   Essex FA
Nicholson   Jordan   Durham FA
Nunn   Robert   Lincolnshire FA
Own   Shemakay   Lincolnshire FA
Patrick   Craig   Birmingham FA
Patrick   Ewan   Cheshire FA
Pauley   Max   Cambridgeshire FA
Perkins   Christopher   Suffolk FA
Perry   James   Essex FA
Philbin   Andrew   Cheshire FA
Phillips   Jack   London FA
Poole   Robert   Amateur Football Alliance
Pritchard   Iwan   Hertfordshire FA
Rant   Jordan   Kent FA
Rayment   Cameron   Cambridgeshire FA
Raymond   Mackenzie   Berks & Bucks FA
Reece   Nick   London FA
Rodi   Ashley   Kent FA
Rogerson   Matthew   Cumberland FA
Roper   Tom   Cornwall FA
Rowles   Christopher   Cheshire FA
Rowling   Matthew   Essex FA
Rumsby   William   Army FA
Russell   Brian   Army FA
Ryan   Stephen   Kent FA
Sahin   Mehmet   Hampshire FA
Samways   James   Berks & Bucks FA
Sangster   Paul   Hertfordshire FA
Scott   Gavin   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Shallcross   Tom   Somerset FA
Shkurta   Klajdi   Birmingham FA
Skoutis   Fotois   West Riding FA
Slater   Ryan   Shropshire FA
Smith   Luke   Essex FA
Smith   George   North Riding FA
Smith   Luke   Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Smith   Thomas   West Riding FA
Sneddon   James   Norfolk FA
Staddon   Rian   Suffolk FA
Stamp   Duncan   Devon FA
Standley   David   Durham FA
Stephens   Nick   Devon FA
Stoichitoiu   Marian   Kent FA
Strumidlo   James   Birmingham FA
Summons   Adrian   Norfolk FA
Tan   Chaolun   Bedfordshire FA
Taylor   Rhys   Cambridgeshire FA
Taylor   Thomas   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Taylor   Andrew   Staffordshire FA
Taylor   Andrew   Staffordshire FA
Thompson   Bradley   Cheshire FA
Thomson   Connor   Cheshire FA
Thorne   Luke   Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Thornhill   Oliver   Derbyshire FA
Tilmouth   Joel   Northumberland FA
Tingey   Marcus   Berks & Bucks FA
Todd   Danny   North Riding FA
Tooley   Andrew   Middlesex FA
Tornbom   Dan   Kent FA
Trout   Daniel   Surrey FA
Truman   James   Lincolnshire FA
Turner   Jamie   Kent FA
Underwood   Max   Derbyshire FA
Urban   Mark   Devon FA
Uylett   Dwayne   Amateur Football Alliance
Van   Laura   Lincolnshire FA
Viles   Thomas   Derbyshire FA
Waldron   Harold   Hampshire FA
Walker   Jonathan   Lincolnshire FA
Walsh   Brendan   Surrey FA
Warren   Ben   Bedfordshire FA
Websdale   Harvey   North Riding FA
Wells   Thomas   Hampshire FA
Wertheim   Andrew   Oxfordshire FA
Whale   Daniel   Surrey FA
Whiteman   Liam   West Riding FA
Whitworth   Danielle   West Riding FA
Williams   Joshua   Kent FA
Wiltshire   Adrian   Dorset FA
Winter   Max   Derbyshire FA
Wood   Richard   Gloucestershire FA
Woodley   Coby   Oxfordshire FA
Woodward   Ben   Lincolnshire FA
Wordsworth   Mark   Lincolnshire FA
Wright   Michael   Essex FA
Wrightam   Phil   RAF FA
Yellen   Harry   Surrey FA
Young   Freddie   Kent FA

Step 1 AR to FL AR

Antrobus    Blake    Manchester FA
Clench    Jack    Gloucestershire FA
Cresswell    Alan    Berks & Bucks FA
Durnall    Steve    Birmingham FA
Gray    Alex    Manchester FA
Jarvis    Daniel    Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Myatt    Christopher    Kent FA
Oxenham    Jack    Surrey FA
Topp    Jake    Manchester FA

Step 2 to Step 1 AR

Allen    Ashley    Army FA
Allsopp    Jake    Birmingham FA
Anekwe    Valentine    London FA
Bacon    Matthew    Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Bailey    Kieran    Berks & Bucks FA
Buckley    Karl    Cheshire FA
Conn    Aaron    Kent FA
Cutts    Richard    Birmingham FA
Edet    Emmanuel    Lancashire FA
Gibson    Jorden    Hertfordshire FA
Hantea    Laurentiu    Bedfordshire FA
Head    Ryan    Norfolk FA
Hickman    Andrew    Middlesex FA
Hurst    James    London FA
Johnson    Micheal    Manchester FA
Jones    Callum    Liverpool FA
Kelly    Thomas    Cambridgeshire FA
Martin    Luis    Birmingham FA
Martland    Charles    London FA
Mathieson    Alex    London FA
Mcilravey    Ryan    Worcestershire FA
Mckittrick    Harley    Birmingham FA
Mitchell    Martyn    RAF FA
Nicholson    David    Oxfordshire FA
Nolan    Oliver    Cheshire FA
Peters    Carl    Somerset FA
Richardson    Stuart    Nottinghamshire FA
Royston    Ashley    Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Scott    Steven    Surrey FA
Smith    Daniel    Army FA
Staten    Thomas    Gloucestershire FA
Williams    Ryan    Birmingham FA
Wilson    Peter    Essex FA

Level 4 AR to Step 2 AR

Blogg   Nick   Sussex FA
Clarke   Matthew   Lancashire FA
Dawson   Louis   Suffolk FA
Ellis    David    Sussex FA
Felton   Niall   Birmingham FA
Mansfield-King    Lewis    Worcestershire FA
Mosley    Paul    Northumberland FA
Parbery    Simon    Berks & Bucks FA
Pilling    David    Berks & Bucks FA
Rees    Rob    Derbyshire FA
Roberts    Jason    Shropshire FA

Apologies if the format is all over the place as copying from Excel.

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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #11 on: Tue 24 May 2022 14:37 »
Thank you, sir, for this information and congratulations to all who have received good news.

There are a number of pleasing, hoped for names on the list and several others that seemed likely candidates. There are even one or two complete surprises - which says everything about my lack of insight. Maybe I just caught them on their less good days, or they may have improved in the intervening seasons. That's my story anyway. Sadly, a number of expected or hoped-for names do not appear this time. I hope the guys will keep working hard and be rewarded eventually.

I hope that the appearance of Darling Christopher and Dear Josh on the list does not suggest favouritism. (having seen the former some years ago, his promotion does not come as a surprise.)


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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #12 on: Tue 24 May 2022 14:50 »
Congratulations to all.  There were handful of double-jump (mid-season and now).


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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #13 on: Tue 24 May 2022 18:34 »
Congratulations to all of them
Hajrá Lilák. Csak a Kispest. Hajrá Magyarok! Hajrá játékvezetői csapat! Soha ne add fel. Nincs sárga kérem!!!


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Re: Promotions 2022
« Reply #14 on: Tue 24 May 2022 21:12 »
Well done to all, great achievements. Have a week off, recharge, train well, nag appointments officers for games and bring on next season